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DownloadRoute excellent awardPC Security Tweaker 10.0

Security tweaking software to tweak Windows.

... PC Security tweaking software to tweak Windows-based computers. Tweak access to lots of Control Panel applet functions, ... enforce users to use separate system profile folders, disable selected Start Menu items, lock and protect disk ... drives in My Computer, disable the DOS and command prompt, interruption boot keys, real DOS ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2013 | downloaded 99 times | 1.89MB


With the influx of portable storage devices ...

... computer. AccessPatrol will safely keep confidential files and protect computers ... leakage and system infection from devices such as USB, CD, DVD, FireWire, Bluetooth, WiFi, External harddrive and ...

Shareware | Nov 27, 2012 | downloaded 43 times | 68.49MB

KDT Site Blocker 2.1

Fully functional website blocker.

... With KDT Site Blocker, you can easily filter and modify access to specific websites. KDT Site ... and unblocks access to an unlimited number of websites. Works with all browsers, and can ultimately protect ...

Shareware | Jan 30, 2011 | downloaded 48 times | 0.52MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFalcove Web Vulnerability Scanner 2.4

Falcove Web Vulnerability Scanner

... take the necessary precautions to implement the corrective actions.Falcove gives you the opportunity of auditing your web ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 65 times | 4.17MB

Make your PC safe for children n employees

Ensure your child has a safe browsing experience even if you are not around. Give your employees and children access to selected programs so they do not waste their valuable time. Block Instant Messengers, Games, and Adult sites.

Shareware | Jul 5, 2007 | downloaded 100 times | 3.6MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardProtect Folder 98 3.0.1

Protect your important data with a password.

... the program window and the rest is done automatically.Protect Folder 98 is ...

Shareware | Nov 19, 2010 | downloaded 99 times | 0.75MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAdvanced Desktop Shield 10.02

Protect public access PCs, stop users from

... Advanced Desktop Shield ... protect public access PCs, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, deleting, creating and renaming ... desktop icons, changing display settings and so on. Backup, restore and manage desktop layouts, which include desktop ... files and folders, placement of desktop icons, wallpaper and screen saver. If you choose to lock ...

Shareware | Apr 16, 2015 | downloaded 108 times | 1.89MB

Powerful kernel security system for Windows

... groundbreaking new security system that protects Windows and its processes from attacks by other ... without the users consent, stops malicious worms and trojans from being executed silently in the background, as ...

Shareware | Jun 27, 2007 | downloaded 55 times | 1.88MB

Advanced Computer Protection - Home Edition 1.3

Most effective and easy to use

... unique parental control software which is quick and stable. It also ...

Shareware | Feb 6, 2010 | downloaded 27 times | 8.17MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAccess Administrator 5.104

Protect your files, folders, data

... Protect your files and restrict other users from being able to start, see, ... change or delete them. File protection activates automatically according to the current user ... is defined for it. You can disable Internet access, games and the other entertainment during the working ...

Shareware | Nov 17, 2013 | downloaded 81 times | 0.73MB

Lockix PRO 1.6.0

Anti tampering system for computer.

... or doing any other task online or offline, Lockix protects it from unauthorized use while you are ... afk. No need to use passwords or to be loged off. It also protects ... the computer during transport or storage. Very secure, uses any flash device such ... cell phone, memory stick or ipod as ...

Shareware | Mar 18, 2012 | downloaded 42 times | 6.04MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPersonal Firewall 2.01

Shield your computer against unwanted access.

... to the Internet your computer is at risk. Personal Firewall protects you from threats external and internal ...

Shareware | Feb 8, 2008 | downloaded 98 times | 2.14MB

InfoArmor User Security Manager 3.2

limit & monitor windows user`s activity

protect and hide private files / folders. prevent other users from using your private software. prevent other users from using / installing new software. prevent other users from changing system settings. record all users` screen shot silently.

Shareware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 54 times | 1.47MB

SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.6

Generate strong secure passwords in a second!

... SoftFuse Password Generator Std generates difficult-to-crack passwords in ... symbols, as well as their combinations. You can generate extremely strong passwords up to 128-character length and ... lists up to 100 unique passwords at once ... hash generator, hex passwords output, mask support, export ...

Shareware | Dec 9, 2011 | downloaded 49 times | 0.8MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPublic Access Desktop 6.1

Make an Internet kiosk or a public access PC.

... foolproof public access workstation, protect the critical files, and manage applications to be ... for cybercafe, library information terminal, in-store terminal or restrict children activities on home PC, etc. Set the ... proper type of access to ... locked desktop such as user-name and password authentication, time-locked code ...

Shareware | Jul 9, 2008 | downloaded 78 times | 2.83MB

SecretsSaver 3.05

Protect sensitive data from insiders

... SecretsSaver allows grouping data stored on workstations and servers by information security ... level and define users that may access that information by users access level. SecretsSaver will help you ... prevent both accidental data leakage and intentional data theft caused by employees that have access to such ...

Comercial | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 33 times | 1.31MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSecretsSaver Personal Pro 2.0

Protect sensitive data from theft.

... use spyware in order to steal various private information. The traditional protection systems ... are not able to provide effective protection. SecretsSaver Personal can prevent the theft of any ... personal information including bank details to payment systems access as well as internet payment systems such ...

Comercial | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 28 times | 1.36MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPhishing Sweeper

Anti Phishing utility to blcok "spoofed"

... Phishing Sweeper is an Anti Phishing utility to block forged or ... your personal or financial informationPhishing Sweeper is an Anti Phishing utility to block orged or ...

Shareware | Feb 24, 2010 | downloaded 75 times | 2.96MB

Download FFGuard 2.0
FFGuard 2.0

FGuard protect your privacy on PC

... and easy to use program that lets you password-protect and easily prevent access to your important files ... and folders that may be your privacy. It can lets you specify which programs are ... protected folder and its contents will be prevented from being ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 31 times | 0.92MB

Active System Locker 3.2

Restrict access to your computer.

... Active System Locker is ... that allows you to protect your PC by blocking desktop, keyboard and mouse. Use System Locker to ... restrict access to your computer from unauthorized access when you are away. It is fast, secure, ... and easy to use. System Locker offer flexible configuration options, reminder, scheduler, audit and ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 40 times | 0.71MB

DownloadRoute good awardAdvanced Internet Kiosk 7.7526

Build public access PCs or internet kiosk

... Advanced Internet Kiosk is intended for building Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals. It lets ... you disable access to files installed on your PC and prevent ... users from changing PC settings while gives full access to all necessary applications you specify including Internet ...

Shareware | Apr 16, 2015 | downloaded 120 times | 9.24MB

Download WinVac 1.0
WinVac 1.0

Clean your tracks in Windows.

... WinVac is the best Windows Cleaner, privacy protection software available because you can pick what ... need to login to forumWinVac is the best Windows Cleaner, privacy protection software available because you can ...

Comercial | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 40 times | 3.2MB

Deskman 7.0.6857.35216

Advanced Desktop Security

... and administrators.Deskman is the most advanced, yet accessible, desktop security manager for Windows. ...

Shareware | Oct 23, 2018 | downloaded 70 times | 9.77MB

KidsWatch Time Control 3.0

Limit Computer, Program and Internet Access

... Time Control allows you to limit Internet surfing, chatting and game playing to ... time among siblings.Time Control allows you to limit Internet surfing, chatting and game playing to ...

Comercial | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 42 times | 5.62MB

Protection! Licensing Toolkit 3

Protect Your Applications and Revenue!

Protection! is a licensing toolkit that ensures that users adhere to the terms of your applications` licensing agreements. Protection! locks out unlicensed users, and ensures that licensed users can only access those features that they`ve paid for.

Comercial | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 24.62MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardUser Time Control

Specify the time when users can work on PC

... User Time Control Center lets you specify when exactly and how ... be allowed to use the computer without any limits. You can schedule time intervals and the number ... week. It automatically logs your child out of their computer when it ...

Shareware | Oct 31, 2018 | downloaded 162 times | 1.81MB

DownloadRoute excellent award1st Desktop Guard 10.0

Protect, backup, restore your desktop layout.

... Tired to lose your desktop icons and get them rearranged ... Tired to roll back your desktop wallpaper and screen saver after other users you share your PC ... Want to secure your public access computers ... 1st Desktop Guard lets you save, restore, manage and lock ...

Shareware | Feb 3, 2013 | downloaded 77 times | 1.89MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardInternet Trace Destroyer 10.0

Erase all traces of your online activity.

... Erase all traces of your online activity before it ... online history, delete cookies, temporary Internet files, index.dat files, recent document lists, recently typed information, search history ... use an advanced data erasing technique to totally erase unnecessary information. ...

Shareware | Feb 1, 2013 | downloaded 97 times | 1.89MB

Intertraff Parking Manager 1.0

Automatic Number Plater Recognition

Intertraff Parking Manager is an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software which allows keeping track of vehicles entering and exiting a Parking. Once installed and running Operator has the ability to monitor each vehicle registration plate

Demo | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 44 times | 4.57MB

Link Logger - Linksys Protocol

Professional firewall logging software.

... LINK LOGGER allows you to monitor your firewall traffic in real time so you can track your ... for both internal and external abuses. Affordable professional logging tool with all the features including remote notification, ... custom alarms, hostname and whois lookups, network messaging, automatic data management, historical searches, description of ...

Shareware | Jan 9, 2009 | downloaded 47 times | 3.18MB

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