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AutoRun Disable

Disable autorun to protect your Windows PC

... it you can easily disable the possibly dangerous AutoRun feature of Windows ... protect your PC against auto-run based malware like Stuxnet, Conficker, Downadup and others threats. ...

Freeware | Dec 21, 2010 | downloaded 65 times | 2.91MB

USB Security 2.6

USB Security helps secure your computers.

... Using USB Security, network administrators can place an essential extra safeguard ... over their computers and networks. USB Security allows you to block off access to potentially ...

Shareware | Apr 24, 2012 | downloaded 78 times | 3.52MB

KinderGate Parental Control 1.4

KinderGate provides parental Internet control

... With KinderGate Parental Control, parents can deny access to web sites with ... database of 500M web sites.KinderGate Parental Control is ...

Shareware | Oct 26, 2012 | downloaded 50 times | 35.97MB

I Folder Locker 1.4

I Folder Locker a simplest & strongest Locker

... strongest portable and fast folder locking software that can password ... fast folder locking software that can password protect folders, encrypt or lock files, protect USB Drives. The ...

Freeware | Aug 1, 2012 | downloaded 52 times | 0.04MB

HSLAB Access Control NESB 4.0.829.2010

Solution for the logging the working time

HSLAB Access Control is a powerful and flexible system for the control of the employees working time usage in a corporate networn or on a terminal servers

Freeware | Feb 5, 2011 | downloaded 56 times | 51.25MB

3D EQSecure 4.2

EQSecure is a new way to surf internet!

... 22 features to make sure you will be safe when browsing internet. It use program called Hips, ...

Shareware | Aug 7, 2009 | downloaded 68 times | 0MB

DownloadRoute excellent awarduHook USB Disk Security 2.5.3

Secure your files from unauthorized USB Drive

... uHook USB Disk Security is ... uHook USB Disk Security is ...

Shareware | Oct 1, 2012 | downloaded 121 times | 2.13MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardRecoveryCop 1.0

Anti-Theft and Security for Windows Mobile

... Install RecoveryCop to your compatible Windows Mobile device and it will run at every startup. ... your device is ever stolen or lost, this software will help you get it back. Now you ... can monitor your device ... data upon command. Includes GPS tracking, SIM change notifications, Stealth Listening, SMS recording and more. ...

Shareware | Mar 19, 2009 | downloaded 96 times | 0.69MB

DownloadRoute good awardCybSecure 1.3.300

Internet, Application & Device Security.

... CybSecure is an Internet Filtering, Application Blocking, Device Security Tool. CybSecure blocks access to illegal ... sensitive internal data.CybSecure is an Internet Filtering, Application Blocking, Email Filtering,Device Security ...

Shareware | Aug 20, 2009 | downloaded 102 times | 41.63MB

USB Locker 1.1.5

USB Locker Lock usb and all portable drives!

... if your USB drive is stolen or lost. USB Locker is ... who keep private or restricted data on portable devices.USB Locker can password protect any portable drives including USB ...

Shareware | Aug 25, 2012 | downloaded 47 times | 0.11MB

Password Generator Trial 3.0.34

Generate strong passwords, codes, usernames

... Easily generate millions of unique strong random passwords, numbers, masked codes, pronounceable passwords, usernames, and more. Control ... Allow or disallow duplicate, consecutive, repeating, and similar characters. Use words, sequential parts, random numbers, and non-ASCII ... Unicode characters in generation. Avoid weak passwords using filters. Save results to Excel, file, or ...

Comercial | Oct 1, 2017 | downloaded 88 times | 3.59MB

DownloadRoute cool awardFast Windows Hider 5.9.2

Hide any windows at one moment

Fast Windows Hider is designed to help you hide your private activities at one moment. Use it any time need privacy and do not want others to see what you are doing on your computer.

Shareware | Aug 15, 2017 | downloaded 139 times | 279.02MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAdragon Firewall 7.5

no copy/open/modify/run/find/prin t any file

... full access control of your files and registry keys. you can ... deny any program running,disable copy/open/modify/find any specified files.with Adragon Firewall,you can prevent any ... file from being run/opened/modified/copied/fou nd ...

Shareware | Aug 30, 2009 | downloaded 153 times | 6.29MB

SW package protects PDF files.

SL.DPK; SW package,protects data files formats: *Images (BMP,DIB,GIF,JPG,TIF,J2K,JP2,PCX,PNG,TGA,EMF,WMF,ICO), PDF, MP3, Video. Data can be protected with Activation Code or Password Protection. Protected data viewed with SL special viewers.

Comercial | Apr 26, 2007 | downloaded 71 times | 3.83MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMy Lockbox 3.8.1

Hide and lock your private folder

... My Lockbox is ... privacy application, enabling you to hide and lock folders on your computer and protect them with password. ... The protected folder (lockbox) is hidden and locked from any user and ... locally or from the net. To open the protected folder you must input ...

Freeware | May 28, 2015 | downloaded 150 times | 6.93MB

Protect your data against access!

... You want secure files, applications or your system against unauthorized access, block Viruses, Trojans, make your ... You want secure files, applications or your system against unauthorized access, block Viruses, Trojans, make your ...

Shareware | Dec 1, 2006 | downloaded 104 times | 3.54MB

Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0

PC reservation and time-limit management

... time limit management and PC reservation system. Includes both client and server components. This ... automatically once their time is up.An Open Source time limit management and PC reservation client that retrieves remaining ...

Freeware | Dec 4, 2006 | downloaded 142 times | 0.27MB

security tool that lets you lock your files

... new security tool that lets you lock your files and ... new security tool that lets you lock your files and ...

Freeware | Dec 23, 2007 | downloaded 147 times | 1.37MB

DownloadRoute good awardDekart Logon 2.21

Protect access to your computer.

Protect access to notebook and desktop computers running Microsot Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Dekart Logon allows to store all passwords to Windows machines on one removable storage device (USB flash drive or CD disk), a smart card or USB token.

Shareware | Jun 19, 2010 | downloaded 102 times | 2.07MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardElecKey 2.0 R7

Software-based and USB Dongle-based License

... ElecKey is the complete solution for software copy protection, software licensing, and secure software distribution. ElecKey provides ... protect your software applications against piracy. ElecKey provides software licensing capability that enables you to create ... time-limited evaluation version, computer specific license, floating license, USB dongle license key, etc. ...

Shareware | Jan 19, 2011 | downloaded 71 times | 22.96MB

DownloadRoute good awardStop Software Installation Tool

Prevent Users from Installing Programs

... programs, play games, and tinker with computers. The Stop Software Installation Tool allows you to prevent users ... of your computer from installing unwanted software with password protection. You can specify rules according files masks ... to block software installers execution. ...

Shareware | Mar 3, 2014 | downloaded 94 times | 1.46MB

Download HideFlash 1.2
HideFlash 1.2

hides files and folders on USB flash drive

... security software to protect files and folders on USB flash drive from viewing them without your permission. ... Your files and folders are hidden and remain invisible on any computer to which ... you connect your USB flash drive. It is useful for anyone who wants ...

Shareware | Jun 25, 2009 | downloaded 69 times | 0.1MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPC Usage Viewer 1.0

Shows computer usage without any setup

... PC Usage Viewer shows the times your computer has been active ... by default, and the program analyses it.PC Usage Viewer shows the times your computer has been active ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 99 times | 0.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSecurity Center Lite 4.2

Network security detection and prevention.

... Security Center is network security software for real-time intrusion detection IDS and prevention IPS that helps to ... protect networks from potential intruders, unauthorized connections and malicious activities. ... The unique network monitoring engine provide real-time threats and vulnerabilities discovery. The ...

Shareware | Apr 17, 2018 | downloaded 178 times | 1.15MB

DownloadRoute good awardInstall-Block 2.0.6

Install-Block prevents software installation.

... be installed on your computer. You can also prevent users from accessing any currently-installed programs that you ... choose, such as system tools, chat programs, games, and file-sharing applications. Access to specific websites, ...

Shareware | Jul 9, 2008 | downloaded 115 times | 3.55MB

DownloadRoute good awardCerberus Security Guard 4.1.0

Cerberus Security is a security tool

... and reliable Windows experience is pretty much requisite. Cerberus Security Guard is ... kinds of system hacks, including various types of spyware.Cerberus Security Guard is ...

Freeware | Apr 18, 2014 | downloaded 206 times | 0.67MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHide Files & Folders 3.597

Hide Files & Folders from viewing and search

... an easy-to-use password-protected security utility you can use to password-protect certain files ... to hide them from viewing and searching. Upon accessing any protected file or folder, dialog box querying ... password appears on the screen, and by entering ... valid password, user gets access to the selected file or folder. ...

Shareware | Apr 16, 2015 | downloaded 118 times | 0.76MB

DownloadRoute good awardInternet Password Lock 9.2.0

Password protect Internet access

... Password protect all access to the Internet (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc. ... Once Internet Password Lock is installed, all Internet access is blocked when Windows starts. Input ... password to access the Internet. You can then access the Internet freely until you lock the Internet ...

Shareware | May 19, 2013 | downloaded 89 times | 0.83MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardInTouch Lock 3.7

Restricts access to PC, private data, sites.

... Award-winning software to restrict access to your PC and private data. Allows you ... to block access to Internet, web sites, files, folders, disks, applications, ...

Shareware | Feb 28, 2013 | downloaded 119 times | 3.1MB

WinStart Manager 3.4.0

WinStart Manager makes Windows boot faster

... 360 degrees vision on what programs and applications run at windows start time. There are many ... look for when trying to clean up the windows startup. WinStart Manager covers all these sources ...

Freeware | Apr 18, 2014 | downloaded 124 times | 0.96MB

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