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Intelligent Bayesian spam email filter.

... Outlook, Live Mail, Outlook Express Bayesian spam filter. Allow or block email addresses, IP ... Report spammers. Auto delete spam. Forward only good emails to your phone. Send challenge emails to unfamiliar ...

Shareware | Sep 21, 2018 | downloaded 122 times | 0.13MB

PC Privacy Shield 2.2.5

PC Privacy Shield is your privacy solution.

... PC Privacy Shield is ... one-stop-shop for all your privacy and identity security needs. PC Privacy Shield will wipe out all ... dummy information embedding within the history files. PC Privacy Shield is ...

Shareware | Nov 3, 2014 | downloaded 26 times | 4.14MB

PC Cleanup Scheduler 1.5

PC Cleanup Scheduler -system,registry cleaner

PC Cleanup Scheduler - complete solution to keep your computer privacy. It cleans system registry, totally erase browsing info and even monitors PC for badware and spyware activities.

Shareware | May 21, 2013 | downloaded 29 times | 0MB

Belkasoft RAM Capturer 1.0

Kernel-mode forensic memory dumping tool

Capture the content of the computer's volatile memory in a forensically sound way. This free kernel-mode tool comes with 32-bit and 64-bit drivers to overcome active anti-debugging and anti-dumping protection systems.

Freeware | Apr 10, 2013 | downloaded 41 times | 0.07MB

SysPatrol Server 2.2.12

SysPatrol is a server security monitor.

... unauthorized system changes, automatically save reports and send notifications.SysPatrol is ...

Shareware | Sep 3, 2013 | downloaded 38 times | 5.2MB

Download SpamSit 2.2.3
SpamSit 2.2.3

The occupy spam protest tool.

... SpamSit is the occupy spam protest tool. You can end spam with windows software to ... of thousands can disrupt the spammer economy and end spam.Windows software to protest at the websites that advertise ...

Shareware | Aug 6, 2013 | downloaded 34 times | 27.93MB

Best Antispyware Tool

Best antispyware tool for Windows PC

... Best antispyware tool provide 360 protection against Spyware, Malware and Adware ... protect your system with advanced and innovative features. Best antispyware tool is very low on system resources and ... interfere in working of other applications. Best antispyware is very easy-to-use utility.So download Best antispyware tool ...

Shareware | Aug 9, 2012 | downloaded 44 times | 0.35MB

Spyware Cleaner

Spyware Cleaner Tool for Windows PC

... hijacked by spyware programs and other malicious threats. Spyware Cleaner Tool has many innovative features such as Browser home ... hijacked by spyware programs and other malicious threats. Spyware Cleaner Tool has many innovative features such as Browser home ...

Shareware | Aug 5, 2012 | downloaded 17 times | 0.35MB

Spyware Remover Tool for Windows 19.11

The most advanced spyware reover tool

The most advanced spyware reover tool for Windows that can clean all Spyware and all other types of malicious programs from your Windows PC. The software has an added PC optimization software and a free Anti-Virus software bundled with the software.

Shareware | Aug 1, 2012 | downloaded 18 times | 0.35MB

Easy Ad Block v1.4

Block Ads, Malware, Spyware and Boost Speed

Block Advertisements, Banners, Malware, Spyware Sites and Sites that Track you. Speed up your internet speed instantly and block 99.9% of ads!

Shareware | Jul 18, 2012 | downloaded 36 times | 1.42MB

SpyShelter Firewall 1.0

Firewall software. Protect your privacy

... getting screenshots, opening files, and visiting sites.Two-way Internet Firewall helps provide protection from hackers, blocks intrusions, Provides ...

Shareware | Apr 24, 2012 | downloaded 41 times | 7.11MB

Applesw SpyNoMore AntiSpyware 5.0

SpyNoMore Ultimate Antispyware Solution

... Applesw SpyNoMore solution protects from Spyware, backdoors, BHO, dialers, hijackers, ... ANSI Bombs, AOL Pest, droppers and nukers. Huge AntiSpyware Database ... manual solving by our technical staff, no other antispyware software offers such feature ...

Shareware | Apr 6, 2012 | downloaded 40 times | 4.49MB


It's an anti-spyware software.

It's an anti-spyware software.

Shareware | May 15, 2013 | downloaded 27 times | 6.1MB


Powerful, real-time anti-spyware protection.

... Certification System and designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats. ... and ongoing protection. As malware continues to evolve an...SpyHunter is an adaptive spyware detection ...

Shareware | Mar 22, 2012 | downloaded 38 times | 25.91MB

SmartIMF Manager for Exchange

Exchange IMF and Content Filter Spam Solution

... Easily manage Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) Content Filter Agent Spam Archive. With the SmartIMF ... forward to recipients filtered messages caught by the IMF. Automatically release messages based on ... set of Whitelist rules. Full message search, filter, decode and display. ...

Shareware | Dec 31, 2012 | downloaded 30 times | 4.06MB

The Protector: Unified Threat Management 6.2.7

Unified threat management for your business.

... Protector is one of the industry leaders in unified threat management, offering ... spam, then administrators should certainly start looking for unified threat management solutions such as the Protector. ...

Shareware | Sep 12, 2011 | downloaded 28 times | 86.02MB

Anti NetCut 3 1.0

Anti NetCut3 protects your online privacy

... protect your network connection from NetCut, Arp Spoofer or any other ARP spoofing tools that could ...

Freeware | Jun 29, 2011 | downloaded 58 times | 2.58MB

ChicaPC Shield

ChicaPC-Shield gives PC's Critical Protection

ChicaPC-Shield protects your PC against viruses and other malicious software so you can bank, email and shop safely. ChicaPC-Shield performs quick or full scans on your PC that finds and kills threats that can do harm to your PC.

Freeware | Jun 10, 2011 | downloaded 28 times | 7.38MB

SL Antispam

SL Antispam stops spam incoming to your PC.

SL Antispam is a system utility aimed at preventing you from junk emails incoming by the POP3 protocol to your computer. SL Antispam is a free application intended for home use only.

Freeware | May 20, 2011 | downloaded 48 times | 11.64MB

SafeMule 1.3.2


... The only working anty-spam solution for emule. No more viruses, spyware or adware. Your emule ... is safe again. SafeMule is ... very powerful program. It works right inside your eMule. No need to run any additional applications ... just use eMule as usual and you are protected by SafeMule. ...

Freeware | Apr 3, 2012 | downloaded 31 times | 1.3MB

Keeps spam and viruses out of your Inbox

... next-generation consumer spamblocker for Windows. It blocks spam, phishing, and email-borne viruses quickly and accurately for all ... types of email accounts ... even Webmail accounts. Cloudmark DesktopOne provides standalone spam blocking that ... filters email automatically around the clock, while providing ...

Comercial | Nov 24, 2015 | downloaded 63 times | 2411.88MB

OPG NoTrace 2.0

OPG NoTrace deletes traces from your computer

... your computer from sensitive information about your software history. All programs leave traces on your computer and ... OPG NoTrace deletes them all. It also takes care of all ... your Internet traces like your browsing history and supports all common browsers. Unsupported software can ...

Shareware | Mar 16, 2011 | downloaded 23 times | 2.92MB

PC Spyware Protection 2011.3.1

Defends your PC from spyware and malware.

... edge technology to defend your PC from dangerous spyware and malware. Monitors and protects you in real-time. ... Browser Shield.Protects your PC in real-time and eliminates spyware and malware threats. Uses advanced artificial intelligence ...

Shareware | Feb 23, 2011 | downloaded 66 times | 17.72MB

WGA Remover 1.0

Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

... If WGA authentication finds out that the key installed in ... the system is not genuine, then ... it but can kill with the help of WGA Remover utility in five seconds. ...

Freeware | Mar 10, 2017 | downloaded 98 times | 1.12MB

Dll Hijack Auditor 3.5

Smart Tool to Audit the DLL Hijack Vuln

... smart tool to Audit any Windows application for DLL Hijacking VulnerabilityDllHijackAuditor is the smart tool to Audit any Windows ...

Freeware | Apr 14, 2014 | downloaded 37 times | 1.2MB

Anti-Phishing Domain Advisor

Anti-Phishing Domain Advisor

... list of reported phishing and malware sites. The list is provided by Panda Security ... or "malware sites ...

Freeware | Dec 13, 2010 | downloaded 39 times | 0.7MB

EMCO Malware Destroyer 8.0.10

Free antivirus with ultra-fast scan engine

... antivirus solution aimed to protect you from viruses, trojans and other type of malware. It can effectively ... antivirus solution aimed to protect you from viruses, trojans and other type of malware. It can effectively ...

Freeware | Jan 7, 2018 | downloaded 97 times | 13.12MB

GateWall Antispam 2.0

Corporate antispam server

... mail gateway solution with integrated spam filtering and antivirus tools. The product is built from multiple modules, ... distributed system. GateWall Antispam supports all the leading spam filtering technologies and ... features Cloud Antispam and Bayesian statistical spam filtering solution designed by ...

Shareware | Mar 23, 2011 | downloaded 31 times | 31.56MB

Spyware Remover 1.0

Spyware Removers 2010

... Remove Spyware With Free Spyware Remover software for your browser. Find exclusive information on ... releated problems. Every computer must have this free spyware remover software installed inorder to be safe from spyware ...

Freeware | Aug 22, 2010 | downloaded 23 times | 1.74MB

eWall SMTP Proxy 4.0

A proxy between your mail server and Internet

... gateway between the Internet and your mail server. It monitors the SMTP traffic in real-time, catching ... unwanted emails out of the box, dropping the mail server load by more than 90 ...

Freeware | Sep 10, 2010 | downloaded 41 times | 5.32MB

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