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UVK - Ultra Virus Killer

Virus removal and Windows repair multi-tool

... to Windows reapir, optimization, maintenance and info retrieval. UVK is very light in resource usage, and it ... since Xp, including Windows 8.With user friendly interface, UVK allows users to easily remove all kinds of ... malware, and perform all tasks related to Windows optimization, maintenance, repair and info retrieval. Compatible with Windows ...

Shareware | Oct 5, 2014 | downloaded 104 times | 5.23MB

Steganos AntiVirus 2009 8.0

Full virus protection.

... Steganos AntiVirus watches over all interfaces of your computers. Any ... chance either.Steganos AntiVirus protects you against script, macro, file and boot ...

Shareware | Nov 10, 2009 | downloaded 72 times | 51MB

Avira Internet Security

All-round Internet protection

... make purchases, then you need maximum security. Avira Internet Security not only offers you comprehensive protection from viruses ... suite also blocks nuisance spam mail, while the backup function creates ...

Shareware | May 30, 2012 | downloaded 0 times | 94MB

Total Security 10.0

Protect your system in the best possible way.

Safeguard your PC from New emerging threats like network viruses, Spam emails, Inappropriate content and Spyware that can compromise your Privacy

Shareware | Oct 2, 2009 | downloaded 64 times | 41.1MB

Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus-1Yr1Pc 2009.08.25.17

Antivirus, Firewall, Spyware detection for pc

... Strong Basic Protection Antivirus,Antispyware Protection, customizable personal firewall service.Kingsoft Internet Security is ...

Shareware | Sep 22, 2009 | downloaded 35 times | 55.36MB

Antivirus-AntiSpyware-Firewall Protection

... Detects and removes viruses, worms and Trojans automatically. Protects your files, scans and cleans infection ... and external network based attacks.Detects and removes viruses, worms, malware and Trojans automatically.Blocks spywares before they get ...

Shareware | Sep 12, 2009 | downloaded 42 times | 50.92MB

Norton AntiVirus 2010

Winning protection against viruses.

... Norton AntiVirus blocks viruses and spyware with advanced protection. It helps protect your entire computer by stopping ... viruses, spyware, and other security risks. Norton AntiVirus works in the background so you can surf ... the Internet, read the news, play games, and download software ...

Shareware | Sep 19, 2009 | downloaded 73 times | 73.2MB

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 10.51 Build 106

Easy-to-use protection.

... Internet Security™ 2009 provides ... complete and easy- to- use protection against all Internet threats, whether they are known ... or previously unidentified. It includes an award-winning antivirus, powerful antispyware, and an easy-to-use personal firewall. F-Secure ...

Shareware | Dec 19, 2010 | downloaded 64 times | 70.2MB

Norton Internet Security for Macintosh 4.00016

Norton Internet Security for Macintosh

Norton Internet Security for Mac delivers fast, comprehensive protection against online threats. It safeguards your computer, identity, and network connections without slowing it down.

Shareware | Jun 18, 2010 | downloaded 58 times | 21.15MB

AntiMalware Plus 5.4

AntiMalware Plus cleans your computer!

... Cleaner removes internet surfing traces protecting your privacy. AntiMalware Plus is designed for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista ...

Shareware | May 16, 2012 | downloaded 12 times | 5.54MB

Advanced Spy BHO Explorer & Removal Software

... from the system.SpyBHORemover is the advanced tool to explore and eliminate ...

Freeware | Jul 10, 2018 | downloaded 56 times | 4.32MB

SecureIT Free 20091020

SecureIT Free provides free Internet security

... completely free Internet security suite that provides protection from virus, spyware, hackers, ... completely free Internet security suite that provides protection from virus, spyware, hackers, ...

Freeware | Nov 9, 2009 | downloaded 50 times | 33.68MB

Norman Security Suite 8.00 R07

A complete protection for your computer .

... set of security programs to guard you against Internet threats such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and ... hackers. The different programs will protect you against inappropriate content, rootkits and ... other hostile activity against you and your computer, whether you are using online banking, chatting, emailing, ...

Shareware | Sep 22, 2010 | downloaded 62 times | 42.3MB

VirusBuster for Windows Servers, 64-bit 6.2.51

Resident protection optimized for Win servers

VirusBuster for Windows Servers provides resident protection for data and systems, optimized for the increased traffic of Windows servers. Features task oriented operation, flexible settings, and advanced user interface.

Shareware | Nov 20, 2010 | downloaded 20 times | 54.36MB

ERNT System Antivirus (RC) 2009

ERNT Antivirus provides excellent protection

... ERNT System Antivirus 2009 provides excellent protection for personal computers and corporate systems running Microsoft ... Windows. The main advantage ERNT System Antivirus 2009 is its quick work and have repeatedly ... ERNT System Antivirus 2009 has built artificial intelligence is able to ...

Shareware | Jul 26, 2009 | downloaded 29 times | 54.87MB

ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010

ERNT Flash provides excellent protection

... ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is the most recent virus protection developed ... more viruses, spyware and other threats from your USB-Flash than any other program. The main feature of ... ERNT Flash Antivirus 2010 is the fact that there is no ... need to launch Antivirus with ...

Shareware | Jul 26, 2009 | downloaded 46 times | 48.41MB

W32/XPACK Trojan Removal Tool. 1.0

W32/XPACK Trojan removal tool.

... cleanxpack.exe will detect and remove W32/XPACK Trojan completely, from your system.This virus removal tool will ... detect and remove W32/XPACK Trojan and its variants from your computer. ...

Shareware | Jul 26, 2009 | downloaded 39 times | 0.37MB

Naevius USB Antivirus 2.2

Protection against any virus via USB storage

... know, almost viruses, trojans, worms is spreaded from USB storage devices. Beside the common antivirus, there is ... another antivirus that is designed for USB Flash drive and other media based on USB. And ... easy to use and small memory usage. Naevius USB Antivirus gives you full freedom for securely using ...

Shareware | Jun 2, 2013 | downloaded 81 times | 1.18MB

Solo Antivirus Software for Windows 11.0

Solo Antivirus Sofware

... Solo antivirus software not only scans for all viruses, it ... System Integrity Checker to protect you from new Spyware, Internet Worms, Backdoor programs, malicious VB and Java ... scripts. It also effectively removes all existing Internet Worms, File infecting viruses, malicious VB and Java scripts, ...

Shareware | Oct 22, 2011 | downloaded 51 times | 4.01MB

CyberDefender Internet Security 2012.09.33

Internet Security Suite from CyberDefender

... CyberDefender Internet Security effective against Spyware, Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware, Phishing ... scams, Spam and Backdoors. This is complete Internet security software solution, combining an easy to use program ... with effective tools. CyberDefender Internet Security takes ...

Freeware | Feb 28, 2012 | downloaded 90 times | 16.21MB

USB Threat Defender 1.0

The Ultimate USB Anti-Virus solution.

... USB Threat Defender is the ultimate USB Anti-Virus solution, its unique Proactive and Definition scan Technology ... new security stronghold level. USB Threat Defender is not just another autorun.inf virus remover, it ... takes more than that to provide maximum protection guarantee. This new protection level gives maximum protection against ...

Shareware | Jun 26, 2009 | downloaded 37 times | 1.03MB

AppGuard 4.2.8

Stops What Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Misses

... AppGuard stops malware and phishing attacks, zero-day attacks, watering hole attacks, drive-by-downloads, ransomware, weaponized documents, and ... other undetectable advanced threats by preventing exploits. AppGuard is the next generation of comprehensive endpoint ... other undetectable advanced threats by preventing exploits. AppGuard is the next generation of comprehensive endpoint ...

Shareware | Jul 24, 2015 | downloaded 59 times | 20.47MB

Norton Anti Virus 2010.16.9.14

Norton Anti Virus,top-rated antivirus defence

... It secures your PC without slowing it down. Norton Anti Virus updates every ... re secured from the latest threats.Norton Anti Virus 2010 offers quick, responsive protection against all types ... secures your PC without slowing it down. Get Norton Anti Virus 2010 to defend your PC ...

Shareware | Jun 24, 2010 | downloaded 84 times | 24.51MB

Acronis Backup and Security 2010 build 4050

Protection for your home PCs

... Acronis Backup and Security 2010 is ... local backup, online backup and Internet security. ...

Shareware | May 1, 2010 | downloaded 20 times | 354.8MB

Protector Plus Professional Antivirus 9.1.008

Protector Plus Professional

... Protector Plus Professional is an Antivirus software designed for Windows Desktops and Servers. Protector Plus ... scan engine. It includes features like Real-time scan, Email scan, Firewall, Intrusion protection, Automated virus signature update. ... 30 day evaluation copy for free of cost. ...

Shareware | Sep 5, 2011 | downloaded 50 times | 4.36MB

Avira WinRollBack

Protects PCs from any kind of manipulation

... integrity of your system and offers security against undetected infections, unauthorised program installations and other undesirable system changes.Avira ...

Shareware | Jun 10, 2009 | downloaded 0 times | 0.51MB

TrustPort U3 Antivirus 2010 5.0.

Reliable protection for portable memory media

... Antivirus and antispyware protection for your data and applications on the ... U3 smart drive. The program will not allow malicious codes to ... be copied to your smart drive, and also enables you to scan any host ... data from unauthorized reading in case of your smart drive being lost or stolen. The product is fully ...

Shareware | Apr 15, 2010 | downloaded 73 times | 63.97MB

DownloadRoute good awardTrustPort USB Antivirus 2010 5.0

Reliable protection for portable memory media

... TrustPort USB Antivirus is ... require hard drive installation.TrustPort USB Antivirus is designed specifically for users working on multiple ...

Shareware | Apr 15, 2010 | downloaded 102 times | 79.2MB

Free Spyware Remover 1.0

Scans your system for spyware and remove it.

... frequently updated database of thousands of known spyware, adware, trojans and other malware. It uses advanced ... to find, detect and remove the most dangerous spyware. Our antispyware program provides the maximum spyware protection ...

Freeware | Apr 28, 2009 | downloaded 45 times | 1.18MB

Handy Antivirus 2.0

Protect your PC with Handy Antivirus

... Handy Antivirus is ... This antivirus solution has ... of detection as well as daily updates. Handy Antivirus has ... simple and reliable solution, and download the free antivirus solution now ...

Freeware | Apr 23, 2009 | downloaded 76 times | 10.94MB

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