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Sendblaster 3.1.6 changelog from December 27, 2013

Sendblaster 3.1.0 from October 19, 2013

SendBlaster new features :. . 1) One-click unsubscribe. Let your recipients unsubscribe with one click using an easy to install PHP script to upload on your web site. . 2) List merging and moving. You can now easily and quickly merge two or more lists or move a subset of contacts from a list to a different one using . powerful rules. . 3) ReturnPath address. SendBlaster 3 now supports ReturnPath header, allowing you to have bounces sent back to a dedicated email address . (instead of the sender's or ReplyTo address). . 4) Database backup. Save and protect your data with just one click. . 5) Layout editor. Creating a new message from scratch is a breeze with the new layout editor: choose the email structure, add header, footer . or side columns, select colors and variations in a few clicks. . 6) Image Crop and replace. Select an image and replace it with a different one: SendBlaster 3 automatically resizes and crops it (without stretching it) so . that it fits the original layout. . 7) Programmable tags. SendBlaster Pro 3 includes a powerful scripting engine for tags, which can now be programmed using either Vbscript (familiar . to Office users) or Javascript (familiar to web developers and designers). Tags can contain calculated or conditional output, . random variations, custom attachments, and much more. .

Sendblaster 2.0.138 changelog from December 21, 2012

Sendblaster 2.0.126 from March 11, 2011

This new version of SendBlaster 2 comes bundled with turboSMTP, one of the most reliable SMTP professional providers on . the Internet in order to offer all SendBlaster users a free, limited account, which will allow them to send up to 100 messages, . either with a single or multiple mailings, without having to manually configure it.

Sendblaster 2.0.1 changelog from February 2, 2010

Along with 100 professional html templates SendBlaster 2 offers dozens of feature enhancements based on users requests, . including:. . * Email campaign scheduling - to send mailings later at a given day and time. * Spam checking - before sending emails. * Advanced analysis tools - through the integration with Google Analytics and Track Reports. * New, easier-to-edit templates. * Snapshots - to save different configurations of settings (e.g. for different mailings, different smtp settings or different email . sender). * More speed - supporting up to 50 connections. * New, powerful data filters - to send out emails to a precise target. * Support for external plug-ins.

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