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Windows Firewall Console 23

Take control of your Windows Firewall!

... Windows Firewall Console is ... aimed to serve as an interface for your Firewall, enabling you to decide which are the utilities ...

Freeware | Apr 21, 2015 | downloaded 202 times | 0.44MB

Download TekSIP 3.4.7
TekSIP 3.4.7

Registrar and Stateless SIP Proxy for Windows

TekSIP complies with RFC 3261, RFC 3263, RFC 3311, RFC 3581 and RFC 3891. It supports NAT traversal, UPnP and ENUM.

Freeware | Aug 30, 2013 | downloaded 453 times | 0.98MB

Super Network Tunnel

=(SocksCap+Http Tunnel+Remote Control)*2

... professional http tunnel solution,include client and server,equal SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel ... network tunnel between the home and office computer,it ... real privately owned bidirectional virtual data connection tunnelled in HTTP requests or Tcp connection,and easy bypass ...

Shareware | Feb 17, 2017 | downloaded 261 times | 4.12MB

Proxy Auto Checker 1.0

Solution for autoload and check proxies.

... autoload proxy list, autocheck proxy list, load and combine proxies without checking, multithreaded, ...

Freeware | Mar 12, 2014 | downloaded 56 times | 2.72MB

Download CCProxy 7.3
CCProxy 7.3

Easy Windows proxy server and proxy software.

... CCProxy, from, is an easy-to-use proxy server for windows, many people use this proxy software ... controlling and sharing. It helps building your own proxy server and share Internet connection within the LAN efficiently ... and easily. This proxy server software features functions of account management, web caching, ...

Shareware | Dec 16, 2013 | downloaded 51 times | 3.39MB

Hide ALL IP 2018.12.05

Hide ALL IP is the best IP hide software

... Hide ALL IP is the worlds best IP hide software, hide all your applications and games IP from ... is unique hide ip software support UDP and http tunnel.Hide ALL IP is the worlds best IP hide ...

Shareware | Dec 10, 2018 | downloaded 430 times | 4.12MB

UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.5

Internet sharing and traffic control solution

UTM (Unified Threat Management) class solution for sharing and monitoring employees' access to the local and Internet resources, for filtering FTP and HTTP traffic, as well as for administrating the network in your Company.

Shareware | Apr 15, 2015 | downloaded 121 times | 77.99MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardProxy Switcher Standard 6.5.0

Provides flexible proxy settings management

... pain to change them manually. Proxy Switcher provides proxy settings management solution and anonymous surfing capabilities. This includes ... server tester and anonymous proxy server list downloader.Provides proxy settings management solution and anonymous surfing capabilities. This includes ...

Shareware | Nov 20, 2018 | downloaded 390 times | 5.76MB

Download HiProxy 3.0
HiProxy 3.0

proxy support utility for Internet programs

... easily change browser proxy settings in IE,Firefox,Opera,Mozilla ... import proxy lists from web pages or text files, exclusion list ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 126 times | 3.21MB

DownloadRoute cool awardSoftPerfect Personal Firewall 1.4.1

A free firewall designed to protect your PC

... SoftPerfect Personal Firewall is ... free network firewall designed to protect your PC against attacks from ... local area network. It offers customizable security using user-defined rules for packet filtering. The program ... learning mode, multiple network adapter configurations, non-IP protocol filtering and comes with ...

Freeware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 120 times | 0.88MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardUserGate Proxy and Firewall 5.3

Internet sharing and traffic control solution

... software, such as hacker attacks, viruses and Trojans. UserGate is ... relying on large and expensive hardware or software alternatives.UserGate Proxy ... for network and user access control, equipped with VPN support, application control, anti-virus modules, categorized URL filtering, ...

Shareware | Jul 12, 2010 | downloaded 117 times | 35.48MB

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.6.0

Comprehensive network firewall

... Kerio WinRoute Firewall is an ICSA certified corporate gateway firewall for ... to medium organizations. Equipped with unified security, web content filter, employee monitoring, bandwidth controls and VPN server, Kerio ... WinRoute Firewall provides ...

Comercial | Apr 14, 2009 | downloaded 195 times | 37.9MB

Download MyProxy 5.5
MyProxy 5.5

MyProxy manages credentials.

... security credentials (certificates and private keys ... obtain credentials when and where needed. Users run myproxy-logon to authenticate and obtain credentials, including trusted CA ...

Open source | Sep 9, 2011 | downloaded 140 times | 0.52MB

DownloadRoute good awardSuper Socks5Cap

proxy finder checker and tunnel software

... Super Socks5Cap like 'sockscap' and socks finder, is ... network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through ... HTTPS or SOCKS4/SOCKS5/SSH proxy server and Super Network Tunnel proxy ... Super Network Tunnel Proxy is ...

Shareware | Feb 17, 2017 | downloaded 202 times | 3.04MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardITC Server 2.0

ITC Server - proxy server

... proxy server with traffic control. Built in mail server, VPN server, Firewall. ... minutes and you get real internet server with traffic control, firewall, AD integration and much more ...

Comercial | Jul 16, 2009 | downloaded 192 times | 252.2MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardIRC Proxy Search 1.0

Fast Fresh IRC Proxy Server Search Leech Tool

... IRC Proxy Search: Fast fresh IRC proxy server leech tool. Automatically ... forums to leech fresh IRC proxy server fast ... IRC Proxy Search just connects to dozens of forums and webs ... that publish public free IRC proxy list, then automatically picks up IRC proxy servers. Fast ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 332 times | 0.47MB

DownloadRoute cool award.::Anonymous Guest - Proxy Checker, SOCKS Manager::. 4.20

Anonymous Guest - Proxy Checker Proxy Manager

... Anonymous Guest is the software, that gives ... full spectrum of opportunities to work with proxy servers. It allows you to be connected to the ... Internet and work with the remote server through ... chain of SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy servers. You can test proxies on serviceability, determine their ...

Freeware | Mar 26, 2009 | downloaded 303 times | 6.87MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardActive Wall Professional 5.0

Professional network filtering software.

... Professional network filtering software, provides Internet surf control for LAN.The main features include ... web filter,port filter,smtp filter,pop3 filter,p2p filter,im filter,ftp filter,dns filter,https filter,ip filter,mac filter,msn filter,time filter,traffic monitor,bandwidth control,protocol statistics,connection ...

Shareware | May 19, 2013 | downloaded 264 times | 2.87MB

DownloadRoute cool awardCC Proxy Server 6.641

Proxy server and Internet sharing software.

... is easy-to-use proxy server software for Windows. CC Proxy Server can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, ... news and telnet proxy server. It features powerful account management functions, including Internet ... access control, bandwidth control, Internet web filtering, content filtering and time control. ...

Shareware | Feb 15, 2009 | downloaded 213 times | 1MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardZelune Proxy Script 2

A free proxy script availible at

Zelune, free web proxy script availible to download at This is the worlds fastest web proxy script! is aimed to be the worlds largest zelune proxy community. Zelune offers free Zelune proxy templates so anyone can download

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 449 times | 0.05MB


Proxee manages proxie settings

... are YES, then you definetly must check what Proxee has to offer. Proxee is an application which ... browsing clients, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.Proxee is ...

Freeware | May 27, 2009 | downloaded 0 times | 1.02MB

Cyan Secure Web Proxy Server is a HTTP Proxy.

Cyan Secure Web Proxy Server is a carrier grade, high performance filtering proxy server for Linux. It includes scalable (user/group/host) Web filter and virus scan utilities for blocking malicious applications at the gateway.

Comercial | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 138 times | 48.19MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardIP Relay Server 4.0

Port Address Translation Tool.

... IP Relay Server is ... IP Relay Server is ...

Shareware | Mar 28, 2012 | downloaded 191 times | 8.07MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSocksChain 4.217

Anonymizer. Hides IP, connecting thru proxies

... chain of TOR proxies to hide the actual IP address. It ... programs that are not designed to support SOCKS protocol directly. ...

Shareware | Nov 20, 2018 | downloaded 360 times | 2.93MB

WinProxy Secure Suite 6.0

WinProxy 6.0 Internet Security Suite

... WinProxy 6.0 Ultimate Internet Security Suite Provides ... Complete Internet Security Solution with Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall, and Web Filtering in one easy to ... Connect the entire office or home to the Internet while keeping your network safe. WinProxy makes it ...

Comercial | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 172 times | 17.6MB

DownloadRoute cool awardProxifier 3.21

Bypass firewall, tunnel connections, hide IP.

... chain of proxy servers. With Proxifier you can work with any Internet clients from ... Besides, Proxifier will help secure your privacy, send and receive ...

Shareware | Dec 8, 2012 | downloaded 353 times | 3.65MB

DownloadRoute cool awardVISCOM Sound Volume ActiveX OCX SDK 4.0

Sound Volume Control ActiveX

... Sound Volumeis tiny control sound volume ActiveX control that support control Master Volume, Wave, ... CD Audio, Line In, Microphone, Phone Line, PC Speaker, SW Synth volume.Control Sound ... Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, LineIn, Microphone, Phone Line, PC Speaker, SW Synth ...

Shareware | Feb 4, 2019 | downloaded 340 times | 3.87MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

proxy server HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4/4a/5, FTP

... Universal proxy server with HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5, FTP, POP3, UDP and TCP ... portmapping, access control, bandwith control, traffic limitation and accounting based on username, client IP, target ... of any format for compatibility with log analizers. Proxy chaining support for any type of parent proxy. ...

Freeware | Feb 23, 2015 | downloaded 408 times | 0.58MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardProxy Finder Pro 2.5

Leech 6000 fresh proxy list server daily

... Automatically search and leech free proxy list server addresses from hundreds of web sites ... that provides new fresh proxy list updated daily. Just in 30 seconds, Proxy Finder ... free public proxies servers addresses. Automatically remove duplicate proxy, government, military ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 527 times | 0.41MB


Free Anonymous Surfing with WiFi Protection.

... Surf anonymously, hide your IP address, and unblock websites, all ... for free with SafeIP. Select your preferred proxy IP location and change your IP address at ... is protected at all times, even before your Internet connection starts. Stop ads, cookies, and malware, while ...

Shareware | Nov 2, 2013 | downloaded 85 times | 2.26MB

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