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Anzeigen-Manager Pro 2.7

Professional advertisement system.

Professional advertisement system.

Anzeigen-Manager Pro MAC - Anzeigen-Manager Pro 64bit

Other Shareware, On November 13, 2013 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Super Tell A Friend PRO 7.0

Friend Inviter. Contact Importer Script.

Tell a friend referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.Let your visitors can promote your websites for FREE!!!

Super Tell A Friend PRO MAC - Super Tell A Friend PRO OS2 - Super Tell A Friend PRO 64bit

Mail Shareware, On September 18, 2011 updated, downloaded 67 times.

IIS Mod-Rewrite Standard 4.0

URL manipulation module for IIS

With IIS Mod-Rewrite Standard 4.0 you can manipulate URLs on the fly, make your website search engine friendly, make redirects, block specific URLs, block annoying robots and a lot more. IIS Mod-Rewrite is rule based and supports regular expressions. It is 100% compatible with apache mod_rewrite implementing all its features.

IIS Mod-Rewrite Standard 64bit

Other Shareware, On June 27, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Day Moon Browser 1.2

Surf the web with tools always visible.

Portable web browser that allows you to surf the web in comfort with history, favorites, chronology and other tools always visible. It is a portable application, installation is not required.

Web Freeware, On July 1, 2009 updated, downloaded 70 times.

IM2001Server 1

IM2001Server is a server instant messaging

IM2001Server 1 is a freeware instant messaging software for Windows that works in your LAN on Internet. This software is under developing from a community of developers so it's totally freeware (at least the beta version).

Other Freeware, On June 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Email Follow Up Outlook Addin 1.0.83

Automatically follow up emails in Outlook

Auto Follow Up is an Outlook add-in designed to help you stay in touch with your contacts by automatically sending them follow up email messages if they don't reply to your email in a timely manner. Auto Follow Up saves you from the time consumming task of checking a crowded mailbox to see if you received a reply on a given email and emailing your contact to nofity him that you did not receive a reply.

Email Follow Up Outlook Addin 64bit

Mail Shareware, On October 22, 2013 updated, downloaded 50 times.

SoftLAN(EASY VPN TOOL)-50 users 3.7

An easy VPN system for enterprises

SoftLAN is a software system (Server/Secondary Server/Client)that helps enterprises to build secure virtual LANs through internet. With SoftLAN, computers in different locations can communicate as if they were in an LAN by cable. SoftLAN can improve network speed between different ISPs or different regions by deploying multiple secondary servers. It has built-in secure chat, group-chat, and file sharing. It supports all versions of Windows.

SoftLAN(EASY VPN TOOL)-50 users 64bit

Other Shareware, On September 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 77 times.

ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control

ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form! ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control is highly scalable email validator solution. Capable of handling large volumes of addresses and it can be easily integrated into your website to check addresses on-the-fly !

Mail Demo, On July 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 43 times.

TVTrigger 8.66MB
TVTrigger 1.4.2

TVTrigger brings you everything about TV show

TVTrigger 1.4.2 brings you everything about TV shows, and a bit more. TVTrigger 1.4.2 is a resource for 3000+ shows, with all the information you need. Here you can listen to shows’ official soundtrack, and watch episodes’ trailer. Also you can find information about a show’s cast, crew, episodes, and network.

Other Freeware, On September 4, 2011 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Vietspider Web Data Extractor 3.19

Software extract data from website

Vietspider Web Data Extractor 3.19 (VDER) implement the website parse template concept, a web 3.0 crawling technology that is based on human-machine clever associations. The new web crawler model allows the admin to define the the regions of a site that have the valuable data as well as the block or field of data that the crawler should extract from a webpage.

Vietspider Web Data Extractor MAC

Web Freeware, On January 30, 2012 updated, downloaded 79 times.

CoolMailDisk 2.3

Use your email spaces as your local disk

Do you want use your email to backup files, photos, even movies ? Do you want your emailbox has directory structure ? When you use CoolMailDisk 2.3, you can do all the works easily. You only do these with your CoolMailDisk 2.3 just like a logic disk. CoolMailDisk 2.3 Supports all Explorer shortcut such as "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V". Drag and Drop is supported also. It supports BIG files and split it before send and combine it after download automaticly.

Mail Shareware, On July 29, 2009 updated, downloaded 41 times.

Classified Ad Genius 1.0

Auto classifieds posting & management tool

CLADGenius has been designed to help you manage your marketing campaigns with craigslist, backpage & kijiji on the Internet efficiently. Our goal is to make you life easier - forget about proxies, IP rotation, captchas, ghosting and other horrors of on-line advertising. Just write your ad and click "Start" button - our software will take care of the rest.

Classified Ad Genius 64bit

Web Demo, On July 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 73 times.

Novell GroupWise to Exchange 15.8

Migrate Groupwise to PST.

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange 15.8 has arrived with more promising features than its prior versions. The updated version of the tool makes the Groupwise files more accessible as it is attached with Proxy Access feature that provides such accessibility. The tool perfectly converts Groupwise mailbox emails, address book, calendar, documents, checklist and much more into PST file format.

Novell GroupWise to Exchange 64bit

Mail Shareware, On November 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 84 times.

Intra Communication Solution free180

The new way to office-communication

OnlineNIC provides you anytime, anywhere access to your Business Email and free office communicator that will bring you different business communication experience. Large storage/mailbox up to 35 GB, 300MB attachment/mail support make you easy to store and deliver much larger files than other;Email-Tracking and Self-destruction features for high-secure information protection; Intra Communicator is not only an IM but also an instant email tool.

Mail Shareware, On July 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 82 times.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.2.4

Exchange Server folders synchronization.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.2.4 enables automatic synchronization of various Microsoft Exchange Server folders. It offers extended syncing options to Exchange Server users , e.g. synchronizing Public Folders with personal mailboxes or handhelds. While most smartphones do not allow syncing with Exchange Public Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.2.4 is capable of doing it within seconds. The program supports one-way, two-way and folder-ring synchronization.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 64bit

Other Shareware, On October 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Easy Picture Email 3.2.0

Sends pictures in email without attachments.

Easy Picture Email 3.2.0 creates and sends pictures in your email without attachments to each email recipient one at a time. Easy Picture Email 3.2.0 is fast and easy to use. It takes the work out of sending pictures by email, because it automatically reduces picture sizes so that the emails are smaller and are acceptable by any email recipient. The email does not require the recipient to open attachments or scroll through large pictures. Quick zoom in.

Easy Picture Email 64bit

Mail Freeware, On June 13, 2011 updated, downloaded 63 times.

NTP Server Checker 1.0

software tool act as a client to a NTP server

This software is a test tool that acts as a client to a NTP server. The SNTP client reports on the responses it receives and allows you to check the accuracy and precision of a NTP time server. You can specify how many requests to send and how large the time between each.

Other Freeware, On August 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Cute Kijiji Poster

Advertise on the popular Kijiji

Is your advertising costing you your business? Cute Kijiji Poster will help you take advantage of the powerful Kijiji FREE Classifieds and become a huge market success QUICKLY!

Cute Kijiji Poster 64bit

Web Shareware, On August 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 72 times.

IPToCountry 1.2

Free Geographical IP Locator!

IPToCountry 1.2 is a free to use tool to find out the country allocated to a particular IP address. Features include importing a list of IP addresses from a text file and exporting the IP address and country list to comma separated text file. IPToCountry 1.2 is a free tool to find out the geographical location (country of origin) of an IP address based on internet infrastructure information by WorkMoment.

Other Freeware, On October 19, 2009 updated, downloaded 49 times.

Email Volley send Tool 11.588

Professional email marketing tool

This tool is Professional high performance email marketing software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop. With This tool You can easily manage mailing lists for your subscribers, create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters and send them in just few minutes. The tool is the most comprehensive and yet simple tool among the leading email marketing software. With excellent designs and powerfu

Email Volley send Tool MAC

Mail Shareware, On February 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 65 times.

Email-Lens 3in1 11.588

Professional email marketing tool

More and more vigorous trade business in now environment in, you how walk on the front of rival, face the market of whole world, you how customer's information of more understanding, perhaps can sooner inform the product information to consumer.Through the expansion of network,It become all the direct marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution. Our Software delivers to you perfect bulk emai

Email-Lens 3in1 64bit

Mail Shareware, On February 15, 2012 updated, downloaded 51 times.

Email-Lens 2in1-B 11.588

Professional email marketing tool

Email Cyclone(Collect)+Email Diagnostician(Verifier) English, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Email-Lens 2in1-B MAC

Mail Shareware, On February 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 49 times.

Email Verifier 11.588

e-mail address verification tool

This is a Professional email address verification tool.Rapid and accurate test mail address is real and effective. English, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Email Verifier MAC

Mail Shareware, On February 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 62 times.

Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) 2.4

Linux video encoder builds YouTube-clone site

Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash (Linux) is a professional server side Linux video encoder and video sharing software. It batch converts video to FLV, AVC/H.264 MP4 and HD video; supports AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, 3GP, RM and more extended formats; provides full video sharing scripts like PHP, SDK documents and guides. This FLV encoder builds YouTube clone sites fast and simply. Videos converted by this Flash encoder always maintain high quality.

Other Shareware, On October 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 71 times.

Email Collect 11.588

Professional email marketing tool

Direct marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution. Our Software delivers to you perfect bulk email software for permission based email marketing campaigns.

Email Collect MAC

Mail Shareware, On February 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 51 times.

Easy Database Manager win 1.1

Database Management software

This software allows to create and manage databases. In effect all the basic tools needed for creating and managing a database are interfaced graphically so that the user can easily use. In addition it offers the possibility to insert and access binary data as images, sounds and video. It also provides access to a remote database and import and export of database. The software also offers the possibility to make queries with conditions.

Easy Database Manager win 64bit

SQL Database Shareware, On November 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 49 times.

Omnistar Affiliate Software 5.5

Omnistar dynamic Affiliate tracking Software.

Omnistar Affiliate Software 5.5 is a dynamic affiliate tracking software that allows you to quickly and easily setup and manage your own affiliate program. With the Omnistar Affiliate Software 5.5, you can upload banners and forms, set affiliate commissions under any settings you choose, and even personalize emails that automatically go out to your affiliates. Plus, everything is totally managed from a fully-featured and user friendly web interface.

Omnistar Affiliate Software 64bit

Other Comercial, On September 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 49 times.

LitePXP 7.77MB
LitePXP 8.99

Run a PHP website from a CD/DVD or USB drive.

LitePXP 8.99 enables you to run your PHP applications directly from a CD/DVD, USB stick or hard disk without installation. You can use LitePXP 8.99 to put your PHP website on a CD/DVD to distribute to clients. Your clients need only to insert the CD/DVD. Then LitePXP 8.99 starts automatically and shows the website's pages from the CD/DVD. Of course, you can also use LitePXP 8.99 to put your PHP website on a USB flash drive or other portable media for distribution.

LitePXP 64bit

Web Shareware, On June 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 37 times.

Omnistar Document Manager 9.1

Omnistar Document Manager System.

Omnistar Document Manager 9.1 Software is a web based PHP document manager that allows businesses and webmasters to setup secure online file storage. Our web based document manager gives your users access to a document repository without using any additional software. Our web based php file manager allows you to upload large files with a Java file upload tool.

Omnistar Document Manager 64bit

Other Comercial, On September 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 59 times.

Virtual Browser 1.0

Virus-safe Internet browser

Virtual Browser 1.0 allows users to securely browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox. Run the Virtual Browser 1.0 to protect against adware, spyware and other malware while browsing the Internet with Firefox in a virtual machine. As we look at the issues surrounding malware associated with browsing, and the isolation capability of virtualization, we have good fit for a emerging technology to help with a persistent and widespread problem.

Virtual Browser 64bit

Web Freeware, On October 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 97 times.

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