Update list for ShellBrowser .Net Edition

ShellBrowser .Net Edition 5.4 changelog from March 23, 2017

* ShellTreeView: new 'MultipleRoots' property
* ExplorerBrowser: new 'CheckMode' property
* ShellTreeView: handling of TreeNodes and 'ChangeDelay' improved
* New ShellControlConnector component
* FileList: Performance issues resolved
* Several bugfixes and improvements

ShellBrowser .Net Edition 5.3 changelog from November 25, 2015

* ExplorerBrowser, ShellSystemList: control display status and properties
* ShellListView, FileList, DriveList: better column handling through a new proprietary class and interface
* ShellTreeView, ShellListView: network nodes expanded asynchronously
* Several bugfixes and improvements

ShellBrowser .Net Edition 5.2.1 changelog from May 16, 2015

* AlphaFS prioritized over System.IO to support paths exceeding 260 chars
* DriveList: Usage of custom columns enabled
* FileList: Sorting by folder path like in Windows Explorer
* FileList: Files can now be renamed
* Fixed a memory leak for ItemIdLists
* Several bugfixes and improvements

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