Sniff - O - Matic distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

This program comes without any warranty either implied or expressed. In no
case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behaviour of any
computer hardware and/or software.

The same things in English:
- I own it. It`s mine. Muahahaha! (But I let you use it too.)
- I can`t guarantee that it works, or that it works correctly.
- If it breaks, it`s your fault. But you do get to keep the pieces.
- If it breaks something else, it`s your fault too.

This program and the accompanying documentation are Copyright (C) 2001- 2007
by Wouter Dhondt. You are allowed to redistribute it, provided that all
the files in the original archive are distributed together and no changes
are made to any file in the distribution. You can`t charge for the
program, only for distributing it. You have to clearly identify me
(Wouter Dhondt) as the author.

The same things in English:
- If you copy it, don`t claim that you`ve made it yourself, or
change it in any way; and copy both program and documentation.
- You are free to offer the program on your web page. All I ask for
is that you give a link back to mine, and that you state that the
program was made by Wouter Dhondt.

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