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EverEdit 2.4MB

Text, source and binary editor for Windows.

EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text, source and binary editor for Windows(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003+). While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Features Unicode Support utf16/utf8 auto encoding detector EverEdit supports Unicode natively and you can edit a fil...

EverEdit 64bit

Programmer's Editors Freeware, On September 3, 2013 updated, downloaded 238 times.

Gwyddion 17.2MB
Gwyddion 2.37

Free data analysis software.

Gwyddion 2.37 is a modular multiplatform software for SPM data analysis. The main idea behind Gwyddion 2.37 developement is to provide modular program for 2D data analysis that could be easily extended by modules and plug-ins. Moreover, the status of free software enables to provide source codes to developers and users, which makes the further program improvement easier. The current version Gwyddion 2.37 provides at least the following visualization an...

Gwyddion MAC

Other Open source, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 200 times.

Universal Village Collaboration Software Suite 7.8

Groupware and Collaboration tools.

Everything you need to manage your business online is together in an integrated, productive, feature rich package. The UVC software package is accessible from any Internet connection in the world. While this feature is available with many online project management software, they also all seem to lack the rich features that are found i...

Universal Village Collaboration Software Suite MAC

Other Freeware, On March 27, 2014 updated, downloaded 267 times.

NSB/AppStudio 3.0

Create your app on your desktop.

NSB/AppStudio 3.0 is a complete, powerful development environment. Create your app on your desktop, then download to your device and run. Develop on Windows or Mac OS Target iOS, Android, Desktop and more Supports jQuery Mobile, jqWidgets and more! Great performance Program in JavaScript or BASIC Subset of VB, with mobile device extensions. PayPal, Adsense, Facebook and Twitter support SQLite Ajax, Geolocation, Google Maps...

NSB/AppStudio MAC

Other Shareware, On May 10, 2013 updated, downloaded 221 times.

TeXstudio 21.4MB
TeXstudio 2.8.0

TeXstudio - A LaTeX Editor.

Features Comfortable Editing Auto Completion Block cursors Auto completion Bookmarks Customizable menus, toolbars and shortcuts Scripting support Direct access to many LaTeX tags and more than 1000 mathematical symbols Link overlay Context menus Jump to error locations Assistants for images, tables, formulas, ... Drag & drop support for images Table-formatting Template system Keep The Overview Inlin...

TeXstudio MAC - TeXstudio 64bit

Programmer's Editors Open source, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 258 times.

SIDU 5.1

SIDU is a database front-end tool GUI.

SIDU 5.1 is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU 5.1 is a simple, intuitive and easy database GUI tool to use. Simply copy SIDU 5.1 to your website and run without any setup. Written in PHP. SIDU 5.1 stands for SQL Select Insert Delete Update. SIDU 5.1 can do more jobs than above tasks. SIDU 5.1 works via web browsers such as Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. SIDU 5.1 looks like database font-end software GUI rather than web pages. SIDU 5.1 work...


SQL Applications Open source, On October 21, 2013 updated, downloaded 219 times.

MyWebSQL 1.5MB
MyWebSQL 3.3

WYSIWYG MySQL client written in PHP.

MyWebSQL 3.3 is the ultimate desktop replacement for managing your MySQL databases over the web. With interface that works just like your favourite desktop applications, you don`t need to keep switching over webpages to get simple things done. Just login to your database and manage your database as if your are working on your desktop.  Features Multiple Syntax highlighted sql editors WYSIWYG Table creator/editor Quick Inplac...


SQL Applications Open source, On May 13, 2013 updated, downloaded 230 times.

SQLiteManager 3.9.5

Database manager for sqlite databases.

SQLiteManager 3.9.5 allows you to open and work with wide range of database versions like sqlite 2, sqlite 3, in memory databases, AES 128 encrypted databases and with REAL Server databases. It allows you to create and browse tables, views, triggers and indexes. It enables you to insert, delete and updates records in a very intuitive way, it supports arbitrary SQL commands and much more. SQLiteManager 3.9.5`s report generation system i...

SQLiteManager MAC

SQL Applications Shareware, On July 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 208 times.

DaDaBIK 5.1.1

DaDaBIK - Database Interfaces Kreator.

DaDaBIK 5.1.1 is a very popular and mature Open Source PHP application which allows you to easily create a highly customizable database front-end/application without coding. You can use it to create in a few minutes a very basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) database front-end or to develop a more sophisticated database application. No programming skills are needed to use it; if however you are a PHP programmer with DaDaBIK 5.1.1 you can sav...


SQL Applications Freeware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 317 times.

Microsoft Expression Studio  Ultimate 4.0.20525.0

Create rich experiences for desktop and web.

Expression Studio opens up a new world of creative possibility. Its professional design tools give you the freedom to make your vision real—whether you’re designing for standards-based websites, rich desktop experiences, or Silverlight. Includes Expression Web + SuperPreview, Expression Blend, SketchFlow, Expression Encoder Pro and Expression Design. Expression Studio 4 Ultimate includes four design and development tools fo...

Microsoft Expression Studio Ultimate 64bit

Programmer's Editors Shareware, On March 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 207 times.

Bluefish 4.1MB
Bluefish 2.2.7

Bluefish - programmers editor.

Bluefish 2.2.7 Features Bluefish 2.2.7 has many features, this list will give you an overview of the most important or outstanding features in Bluefish 2.2.7 2.0. Not all features are available in Bluefish 2.2.7 1.0, and not all features are (yet) available on windows. Lightweight - Bluefish 2.2.7 tries to be lean and clean, as far as possible given it is a GUI editor. Bluefish 2.2.7 uses 30%-45% of the memory compared to other popular web development environments and start...

Bluefish MAC

Programmer's Editors Open source, On April 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 275 times.

BlueJ 5.5MB
BlueJ 3.1.0

The interactive Java enviriment.

The BlueJ 3.1.0 environment was developed as part of a university research project about teaching object-orientation to beginners. The system is being developed and maintained by a joint research group at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. The project is supported by Sun Microsystems. The aim of BlueJ 3.1.0 is to provide an easy-to-use teaching environment for the Java language tha...


Java Development Freeware, On June 12, 2013 updated, downloaded 221 times.

MySQL Workbench 5.2.47

Visual database design application.

MySQL Workbench 5.2.47 provides a graphical tool for working with MySQL Servers and databases. MySQL Workbench 5.2.47 fully supports MySQL Server versions 5.1 and above. It is also compatible with MySQL Server 5.0, but not every feature of 5.0 may be supported. It does not support MySQL Server versions 4.x. MySQL Workbench 5.2.47 provides three main areas of functionality: SQL Development Data Modeling Server Administration This sectio...

MySQL Workbench MAC

SQL Applications Open source, On February 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 276 times.

Metasploit Framework 4.6

Penetration testing system.

The Metasploit Framework 4.6 is both a penetration testing system and a development platform for creating security tools and exploits. The framework is used by network security professionals to perform penetration tests, system administrators to verify patch installations, product vendors to perform regression testing, and security researchers world-wide. The framework is written in the Ruby programming language and includes components written in ...

Metasploit Framework MAC - Metasploit Framework 64bit

Other Open source, On April 12, 2013 updated, downloaded 138 times.

Rattle 1.7MB
Rattle 2.6.22 (revision 684)

Rattle is a data mining toolkit.

Rattle 2.6.22 (revision 684) presents statistical and visual summaries of data, transforms data into forms that can be readily modelled, builds both unsupervised and supervised models from the data, presents the performance of models graphically, and scores new datasets. Through a simple and logical graphical user interface based on Gnome, Rattle 2.6.22 (revision 684) can be used by itself to deliver data mining projects. Rattle 2.6.22 (revision 684) also provides an entry into sophisticated data minin...

Rattle MAC

Other Open source, On November 7, 2012 updated, downloaded 224 times.

JCreator 2.4MB
JCreator 5.10.002

JCreator is powerful IDE for Java

JCreator 5.10.002 is a powerful interactive development environment (IDE) for Java technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all the ordinary editors. What makes JCreator 5.10.002 a cut above the rest? Just look at what JCreator 5.10.002 can do for you: Manage projects with ease in an interface that is much like Microsoft Visual Studio. Define your own color schemes in XML for unlimited ways to organize your code. Use JCreator 5.10.002 to wrap around you...

Java Development Shareware, On October 13, 2014 updated, downloaded 251 times.

Notepad++ 2.03MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardNotepad++ 6.7.4

Free source code editor.

Notepad++ 6.7.4 is a free (free as in "free speech", but also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement, which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment. This project, based on the Scintilla edit component (a very powerful editor component), written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program), is under the GPL Licence. This project is mature. However, as you can see it's a one-man-project, there are still some bugs and missing features. If you have any question or suggestion about this project, please post them on the forums. As well, if you have any feature requests, you can always make the demand, but there's no guarantee that I'll implement it.

Notepad++ 64bit

Tools & Binary, Hex Editors Freeware, On January 19, 2015 updated, downloaded 682 times.

WinBuilder 0.85MB
DownloadRoute cool awardWinBuilder 082

WinBuilder is a flexible boot disk builder.

WinBuilder 082 is a script engine that will run projects developed by several authors which produce very efficient boot disks available for several windows platforms. Each project comes with instructions and details regarding what it is supposed to do and whenever in case of doubt do visit our forums to learn and place any question that cross your mind.

Installers Shareware, On September 27, 2011 updated, downloaded 413 times.

PAC Manager

Perl/Gtk approach to connections managing.

PAC is a Perl/GTK Gnome replacement for SecureCRT/Putty/etc... It provides a GUI to configure SSH/Telnet connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc. You like `SSHMenu`? If so, you must check this tool. Features Unique linux app to implement SecureCRT`s functionality (more or less!) Remote and local macros Remotely send commands with EXPECT regexp Cluster connections!! Connections on same cluster shar...

Other Open source, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 326 times.

Compare++ 3.3MB

Parse syntax,compare better.

Coode Compare++, CMPP for short, is a visual file comparison tool tailored for programmers and web developers, which provides many unique features for comparing source files. For example, in just a few clicks, you can quickly compare two C++ functions and don`t need manually selecting, copying and pasting them. Compared with other file comparison tools, Compare++ uses structured comparison engine to compare source files. Through completel...

Compare++ 64bit

C Sharp & C Plus Plus Shareware, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 257 times.

Lazarus 64.6MB
Lazarus 1.4.0-fpc-2.6.4

Lazarus is a cross platform visual IDE

Lazarus 1.4.0-fpc-2.6.4 is a cross platform visual IDE which provides a Delphi-mimic development environment for Pascal and Object Pascal developers. It is developed for and supported by the Free Pascal compiler. As of March 2008[update], Lazarus 1.4.0-fpc-2.6.4 is available for several Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Lazarus MAC

Programmer's Editors Open source, On May 6, 2015 updated, downloaded 304 times.

MAME 10.62MB
MAME is free. Its source code is fr

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulation

MAME is free. Its source code is fr is strictly a non-profit project. Its main purpose is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines. This is done both for educational purposes and for preservation purposes, in order to prevent many historical games from disappearing forever once the hardware they run on stops working.

Programmer's Editors Open source, On March 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 577 times.

SPFLite 10.4MB
SPFLite 7.0.3217

Windows version of IBM SPF Editor.

Looking for a line-oriented ISPF clone because Windows character-mode text editors just don`t do it for you? Been a loyal Tritus SPF user and feel `left behind` now that it`s gone? Miss ISPF features like Exclude, Overlay, Bounds, Sort, Hex mode, etc.? Like to tweak and customize your edit environment? Want support for special file formats, like EBCDIC, RECFM=V or RECFM=F, and Unicode? A Hercules mainframe emulator user wh...

Programmer's Editors Shareware, On August 6, 2013 updated, downloaded 369 times.

WiX Toolset 21.78MB
WiX Toolset 3.8

Create Windows installation packages.

WiX is a set of tools that allows you to create Windows Installer-based deployment packages for your application. The WiX Toolset 3.8 is based on a declarative XML authoring model. You can use WiX on the command line by using the WiX tools or MSBuild. In addition, there is also a WiX Visual Studio plug-in that supports VS2005, VS2008, and VS2010. The WiX Toolset 3.8 supports building the following types of Windows Installe...

WiX Toolset 64bit

Installers Open source, On November 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 172 times.

codeBeamer-collaborative development platform

codeBeamer is the award winning Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for distributed software development. It provides project management, wikis and knowledge management, document management, task, requirement and defect management, configuration management (ITIL), continuous integration, version control, source code analysis and forums through a single and secure environment. Key Features in codeBeamer ...

codeBeamer FREE Edition MAC

Other Freeware, On March 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 193 times.

Morena 0.73MB

Image Acquisition Framework for Java™

Morena 6 is Image Acquisition Framework for Java™ Platform - a bridge between the image acquisition hardware (scanners, cameras) and Java™ world. To communicate with the hardware, it uses standard interfaces - Twain for MS Windows and Mac OS X and Sane for number of Unix platforms (AIX, BeOS, Darwin, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS2, Solaris, Unixware). It offers to developer an intuitive, unique an...

Morena MAC - Morena OS2 - Morena 64bit

Java Development Shareware, On October 11, 2013 updated, downloaded 316 times.

Mono 26.5MB
Mono 2.10.2

Open source .NET development framework

Mono 2.10.2 is a software platform designed to allow developers to easily create cross platform applications. Sponsored by Novell, Mono 2.10.2 is an open source implementation of Microsoft`s .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. A growing family of solutions and an active and enthusiastic contributing community is helping position Mono 2.10.2 to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.

Mono MAC

Visual Basic .NET Open source, On April 30, 2011 updated, downloaded 171 times.

Pervasive PSQL Summit 10.31.017

Database for small and midsized businesses

Pervasive PSQL Summit 10.31.017 v10 is the perfect database for small and midsized businesses. It`s been refined with over 25 years of focus on the issues that are key to the SMB: delivering consistently superb application performance, long term reliable operation without requiring a database administrator, self tuning and self optimizing, simple, fast  installation, easy upgrades and years of backward compatibility.<br /> ...

Pervasive PSQL Summit 64bit

SQL Applications Shareware, On August 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 204 times.

GTK+ 8.4MB
GTK+ 2.18

Library to build graphical user interfaces

GTK+ 2.18 is a highly usable, feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces which boasts cross platform compatibility and an easy to use API. GTK+ 2.18 it is written in C, but has bindings to many other popular programming languages such as C++, Python and C# among others. GTK+ 2.18 is licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 allowing development of both free and proprietary software with GTK+ 2.18 without any license fees or royalties.


C Sharp & C Plus Plus Open source, On January 2, 2010 updated, downloaded 193 times.

The Conquest DICOM 1.4.17

it supports a wide range of databases

Complete DICOM server offering storage, verification, query and retrieve with programmable SQL database tables. This user-programmable feature allows the MicroPACS to be custom tailored to a particular Clinical/Research area.<br /><br />The server supports a wide range of databases with ODBC (Windows) or without (Windows/Linux), including DbaseIII, MySQL, Postgres and SqLite. <br />

The Conquest DICOM OS2

SQL Applications Freeware, On May 30, 2013 updated, downloaded 283 times.

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