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DownloadRoute excellent awardAdvanced Excel Report 1.7

Generator of reports in MS Excel for Delphi.

Advanced Excel Report 1.7 for Delphi is a powerful band-oriented generator of template-based reports in MS Excel. Easy-to-use component property editors allow you to quickly create powerful reports in MS Excel. Now you can create reports, which can be edited, saved to file and viewed almost on any computer.

Advanced Excel Report 64bit

Delphi & Pascal Programming Shareware, On May 15, 2010 updated, downloaded 175 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardHtml2image Linux 2.0.2015.419

Convert html to bmp, png, jpg on Linux

Convert html to bmp, png, jpg and jpeg on Linux Support command line parameters Support jpeg compression quality control Support saving the whole html page to image without scrollbars. Support batch convert a lot of url to images Provide a mini webserver to use html2image in php Support Red Hat Fedora 5 , Novell SuSE Linux 10.0, Red Hat Fedora 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Support Xvfb and do html to image in memory.

Components & Libraries Shareware, On July 11, 2015 updated, downloaded 213 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardSMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib for dBase 8.0

SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Library for dBase.

MarshallSoft SMTP/POP3/IMAP dBase email component library to send, receive and parse mail including HTML and MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments. Supports SMTP and POP3 authentication; SMTP and POP3 SSL/TLS; ISO-8859 and UTF-8 messages. Includes over 52 functions for SMTP and POP3/IMAP control and dozens of switches to control how email is sent or received. Supports most Windows dBase compilers. Royalty free.

SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib for dBase 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On October 30, 2018 updated, downloaded 189 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMS SQL Reporting Services Barcode .NET 8.0

Linear & 2D barcode for Reporting Services

Barcode for Reporting Services 2014, 2012, 2008 & 2005. Linear & 2D Symbologies. All export file formats (PDF, TIFF, Web Archive, and Excel) supported. Visual Studio Report Viewer controls support. Renders images in GIF, JPG/JPEG, BMP, and PNG. RDLC (local reports) support. Impressive Visual Studio design-time support. Report Server Projects support. Local Mode (client-side processing) & Remote Mode (server-side processing) support.

Components & Libraries Shareware, On January 14, 2015 updated, downloaded 240 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFusionCharts Free v2.1

Animated Flash Charts for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP

FusionCharts Free v2.1 is a flash charting component that can be used to render data-driven & animated charts for your web applications and presentations. It is a cross-browser and cross-platform solution that can be used with PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, simple HTML pages or even PowerPoint Presentations to deliver interactive and powerful flash charts. You do NOT need to know anything about Flash to use it.

FusionCharts Free MAC

Components & Libraries Freeware, On February 9, 2009 updated, downloaded 318 times.

Follow-Up Column for SharePoint 2.0

Follow-Up Column for SharePoint

Follow-Up Column enables due date flags similar to Outlook follow-up functionality. Applying of flags to the list item allows adding of visual reminder in a natural way. Such feature releases from necessity of keeping in mind routine things like "What I have to do today" or "What I will need to finish in next two weeks".

Components & Libraries Shareware, On March 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 171 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardVintaSoft Twain .NET SDK 10.3

Control a scanner from your .NET application.

VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK 10.3 is the professional TWAIN scanning library for acquiring images from scanner or camera. SDK allows to get a list of all TWAIN devices installed in the system, get information about device capabilities, acquire images from device with or without device UI, acquire image from flatbed or document feeder, acquire images in duplex mode, use imprinter capabilities of device etc. SDK has examples of use in VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET.

VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On August 15, 2018 updated, downloaded 183 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFTP Client Engine for FoxPro 3.4.1

FTP client library component for FoxPro

FTP client component library for FoxPro provides direct and simple control of the FTP protocol from a FoxPro application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, and append files. Create and remove server directories. Supports proxy servers, multiple concurrent FTP sessions and passive mode. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows: XP through Windows 10. Royalty free. Many examples. Supports 32-bit Visual FoxPro through VFP 9.0

FTP Client Engine for FoxPro 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On September 16, 2019 updated, downloaded 233 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardRADvolution Designer - Database Edition 2006v3

Rapidly build database applications

Rapidly build professional database applications without coding.We provide professional solutions for data view, data entry, many to 1, 1 to many and many to many scenarios. Also for shuffling rows and locator management: users can find data quickly by simple incremental searches as well as more complex queries. Just use wizards, plug & play components, set properties and you are ready. Fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Components & Libraries Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 259 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMouseImp Pro Live! Source Code

MouseImp Pro Live! Source Code

Please feel free to download and use MouseImp Pro Live! Source Code The source lacks MouseImp Pro’s copy protection and some other trialware/evaluation stuff from the commercial version. The source code can be compiled under Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP5. Installation wizard is made with Wise Install Builder 7.04. Volunteer developers are highly welcome!

C Sharp & C Plus Plus Freeware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 189 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardBatch File Compiler PE LITE 2.75

Convert BAT files to EXE format (bat to exe)

Convert BATch files to EXE format. Select EXE Icon. Run Invisible Mode. Embed additional dependency files. Protect your code with encryption. Perfect for installations and makes your batch file tamperproof. Compatible with Win95/98/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/Win7

Batch File Compiler PE LITE 64bit

Compilers & Interpreters Shareware, On December 4, 2012 updated, downloaded 284 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardAurigma Graphics Mill 2.0

A set of powerful imaging ActiveX components

Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 2.0 is a set of powerful, fast and memory-friendly components which resolves most of image processing tasks: load/save files of most popular formats, enhance, transform, display, reduce colors, combine images, draw imagery, etc. It includes handy control which allows to zoom, pan, scroll image, select areas of the image and so on. It allows to apply color management (using ICM 2.0), so you can handle CMYK images gracefully.

Components & Libraries Shareware, On January 15, 2008 updated, downloaded 176 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDelphi ZIP Component ZipForge 6.30

Fast Delphi ZIP Component with AES Encryption

ZipForge is an advanced Delphi ZIP component, written completely in Delphi. ZipForge features include SFX archives support, repair, strong encryption, unicode filenames support, Zip64, splitting and multi-spanning support. Full source code is available. No external depenancies.

Delphi ZIP Component ZipForge 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On November 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 168 times.

FastScript 1.88MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardFastScript 1.101

multi-language scripting library

FastScript 1.101 is cross-platform multi-language scripting engine.It is intended for programmers who want to add scripting ability to their projects. FastScript 1.101 is written on 100% Object Pascal and can be installed in Delphi 4-7, 2005, 2006,C++Builder 4-6 and Kylix 1-3.Unique feature of FastScript 1.101 is ability to use several languages (PascalScript, C++Script, JScript, BasicScript). It doesn't use MS Scripting Host, and can be used in Windows and Linux.

Tools & Binary, Hex Editors Shareware, On October 15, 2013 updated, downloaded 192 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCAD Import .NET: DWG, DXF, PLT 8.0

DWG DXF Import in C#, VB.NET, MS Visual Studo

CAD Import .NET is a library for smart CAD development in Microsoft Visual Studio. It contains managed code only and displays drawings with GDI+ methods; supports DWG, DXF, HPGL, CGM, GBR, raster and Windows metafiles, UNICODE and SHX fonts. The library includes functionality for visual drawings creation and editing by markers, printing and saving to DXF and raster formats, 3D rotation and scaling. Use CAD Import .NET in ASP.NET too.

CAD Import .NET: DWG, DXF, PLT 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On September 5, 2011 updated, downloaded 262 times.

RepublicanDRM 1

A royalty-free shareware license manager.

Republican DRM is a royalty-free license manager. There are no on-going charges. You get Java or C code to integrate with your product, Key generation software, PHP scripts integrated with PayPal to issue license keys, Node locked, time and/or feature based licenses, 136 bit license keys, Anti-clock-tampering technology (Win32), 2 master keys to generate your licenses. Discount code "republicanC0189".

RepublicanDRM MAC

Apps Distribution Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 197 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSyncro SVN Client 9.1

Client for the Subversion repositories.

Syncro SVN Client 9.1 makes easier the document and code sharing between content authors or developers. It offers full SVN repository support: checkout, export, import, copy, mkdir, rename, branch, tag and delete. You can browse repositories, check for changes, commit, update, show history, show revision graph, view the svn annotations, use bugtraq support, compare. There is no need to install a Subversion command line client or a file compare tool.

Syncro SVN Client MAC - Syncro SVN Client 64bit

Other Shareware, On December 22, 2013 updated, downloaded 236 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEControl Form Designer Pro 2.50

Runtime VCL forms designer

EControl Form Designer Pro 2.50 is a professional form designer that takes much after its Delphi counterpart and enables users to easily integrate fully-functional design environments into their applications. You may edit forms, data modules, frames, reports with using of property editors, component editors, custom modules and other design time objects like in Borland IDE. All required dialogs, controls and frames are included in library.

EControl Form Designer Pro 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On October 27, 2011 updated, downloaded 237 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardMagic Editor 3.0

Editor for Source Code, TXT, RTF, XLS files

Editor for Source Code, TXT, RTF, XLS files. Features: Text editing. Syntax highlighting. 40 syntax schemes included. Fully customizable syntax parser, may define own schemes. Code collapsing. Support block editing and bookmarks. Support rulers. Page or normal view of editor. Rich text files editing. Excel files editing. Multi tab interface. Integrated database connectivity.

Tools & Binary, Hex Editors Shareware, On March 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 276 times.

PowerArc 0.38MB
DownloadRoute excellent award

High efficient Data Compression Library

High efficient Data Compression Library for use with Delphi, C++ or VB. Support Rank, ZIP, BZIP and PPM compression algorithms. Compression ratio more than 1.5-2 times better than ZIP/RAR archiver. Compression speed up to 8 Mb/sec (on PIII-600).

Components & Libraries Shareware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 149 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAglowsoft SQL Query Tools 10.0

visualize data relationships

Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 10.0 includes three database tools. They are Aglowsoft Schema Tool, Aglowsoft Designer, and Aglowsoft Browser. The tools are designed to allow building of SQL queries with basic knowledge of SQL using user-friendly interface. Result sets from SQL queries are presented in a combination form of view trees and table views. Table data can be exported to ODBC database table, Access 2000 database, XML or HTML format.

Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 64bit

SQL Applications Shareware, On January 4, 2018 updated, downloaded 305 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Control 3.0.8

Windows Forms Gantt Chart Control for C#

Add Gantt Chart or Scheduling capabilities to your .NET Windows Forms application. ActiveGanttCSN can be used with any development environment and .NET language (Visual Basic .NET, managed C++, etc.) that supports .NET Windows Forms. Use ActiveGanttCSN to build Gantt charts, rosters, equipment/location rental, TV/Movie scheduling, and many other applications. The ActiveGanttCSN trial version has no expiration date and is not crippled in any way.

ActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Control 64bit

C Sharp & C Plus Plus Shareware, On February 2, 2014 updated, downloaded 297 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPacket Sniffer SDK for Windows 4.2

Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows

Packet Sniffer SDK (PSSDK) is the most powerful component suite for network packet capture in Windows OS family environment. All Packet Sniffer SDK editions (DLL,VCL, and static libraries for VC and Borland compilers) don`t require any pre-installed packet drivers, support multi-Gigabit networks, work with multiprocessor (SMP) systems, and have BPF (BSD packet filtering) engine on the internal driver level.

Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows 64bit

Components & Libraries Shareware, On July 6, 2009 updated, downloaded 175 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardDatabase Tour

Universal database tool

Database Tour is a universal database tool. It allows viewing, editing, and printing data, building SQL queries, controlling transactions, sorting and filtering data, viewing structure, reindexing, searching and replacing text, importing and exporting data (with format converting), special functions to work with MEMO, graphic, numeric, text fields.

Database Tour 64bit

SQL Applications Shareware, On September 2, 2018 updated, downloaded 514 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardSCML 3D FRAME OCX 1.00


The SCML 3D FRAME OCX 1.00 is an OCX control allowing the programmers to display nice frames on their Visual Basic forms without resorting to use a drawing software.

ActiveX Freeware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 212 times.

RMChart 1.3MB
RMChart 4.12

Charting tool and visual chart designer

RMChart 4.12 is a simple to use and lightweight ActiveX control to add a various range of modern looking business charts (Bar, Line, Pie/Donut, XY scatter) to your applications. It comes with RMCDesigner: This is a tool, which allows you to create a chart with all aspects entirely without coding, just point and click and see immediately the resultant chart. With a mouse click you can get the source code of the chart you`ve created.

ActiveX Freeware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 381 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardInstrumentLab .NET 7.7

.NET Visual instrumentation Library - Gauges

Set of .NET 2.0-4.5 Visual instruments - Contains Angular Gauge, Linear Gauge, Analog Clock, Thermometer, 7, 9, 14, 16 Segment Digital Gauges, Segment Digital Clock, Segment Indicator, Progress Bars, On/Off LEDs, Multicolor LEDs, Spectrum, Matrix display, Glass Panel, GDI+ rendered. Allows composite instruments. Also includes a visual graphical editor for codeless design. Free for non-commercial use.

InstrumentLab .NET 64bit

Visual Basic .NET Shareware, On November 6, 2015 updated, downloaded 231 times.

Pivo FTP Component 1.01

Easily transfer large files online with PFTP

The Pivo FTP Component 1.01 is a fully featured, easy to use implementation of the FTP protocol for .NET, ASP.NET and COM based applications. Fully compliant with RFC 959 and related RFCs, the component has been thoroughly tested with all popular FTP servers. The component is written in 100% managed C# code.

Pivo FTP Component MAC

Components & Libraries Freeware, On January 15, 2008 updated, downloaded 187 times.

DownloadRoute good awardSubmit It 2000 3.5

Submit your programs to software web sites.

Submit It 2000 3.5 is a small utility that will help automate the process of submitting shareware and freeware to software web sites on the World Wide Web. Submit It comes pre-configured for many of the major software web sites. Use these pre-defined web sites or add your own. Submit It can also be used to generate automated email notification messages as well as program software web pages, HTML meta tag files and optional FILE_ID.DIZ information

Apps Distribution Shareware, On April 13, 2013 updated, downloaded 190 times.

Visual Paradigm for UML (SE) [Mac OS X] 6.3

UML Modeling Tool / OO Modeling Tool

Visual Paradigm for UML is an easy-to-use UML tool that supports the latest UML notations, reverse engineering, code generation, import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration, IDE Integration with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans... New features include Generating ID for Requirements, Navigate between operation and sequence diagram, Access Control for Floating License and Export and Import of Excel File.

Visual Paradigm for UML (SE) [Mac OS X] MAC

Other Comercial, On September 6, 2008 updated, downloaded 327 times.

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