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DownloadRoute cool awardEnterprise Permission Reporter

NTFS permissions reporting solution

... What changes are being made to Active Directory access permissions ... Enterprise Permission Reporter answers these critical questions in real-time ... folder access permissions? What changes are being made to file ... folder access permissions? ... ...

Shareware | Apr 8, 2014 | downloaded 191 times | 0MB

DownloadRoute good award

Reports environmental variables to a browser.

... Created to help you streamline your programming and site administration tasks, Envirolyzer automatically analyzes your ... server and client environments including paths to Perl, Qmail and Sendmail and returns an easy-to-read report ...

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 198 times | 0MB

Live Suit Pack 1.07

Live Suit Pack for Flash your android device

... as the number one solution for updating firmware. Livesuitpack comes together with more USB drivers. Grab and ... thorough knowledge before you start.Live suit is actually the number one answer for flash ...

Freeware | Jul 30, 2012 | downloaded 176 times | 9.72MB

Download 3.1.3 3.1.3

Open Source Group Collaboration Software

... Open source collaboration software for Enterprise. helps teams to build collaborative knowledge by ... seamless platform.Open source group collaboration software for Enterprise. helps teams to build collaborative knowledge by ...

Freeware | May 21, 2010 | downloaded 103 times | 239.56MB

Download AIMY 2.0

Online Status Indicator for AIM,Yahoo,MSN,ICQ

... of Classes Developed in the Microsoft .NET Framework. AIMY 2.0 allows you, as ... for the most popular Instant Messaging Clients, including AIM, ICQ, MSN ... Windows Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. AIMY 2.0 can be used intergrated with ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 156 times | 0.04MB

DownloadRoute cool awardUSB@nywhere 3.1

Share USB devices over network and Internet.

If you want to share USB devices over network and Internet use USB@nywhere. Our software supports many kinds of USB devices such as printers, scanners, flash-memory, Human input devices etc. The software is easy-to-use & is highly SECURE.

Comercial | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 194 times | 1.53MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHTTP Sniffer and Analyzer 1.2

HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer

... all communications over the HTTP protocol then xIBL HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer is ... saved on the hard drive for future use. HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer supports all today ...

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 167 times | 0.26MB

Serial Port Monitor

Captures & displays text/binary serial data.

... PC serial port, from COM1 to COM12. Supports simultaneous capture to ... PC serial port, from COM1 to COM12. Supports simultaneous capture to ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 188 times | 3.49MB

Download King Root 4.5
King Root 4.5

Kingroot 4.5 APK ( v4.5.2.928 )

... update for other Android OSs as well from kingroot download.Our Kingroot download tutorial provides ...

Freeware | Jan 24, 2016 | downloaded 69 times | 10.77MB

Epoch Timestamping Utility 0.1.3

A widget utility for unix times.

... utility to retrieve the past, present and future unix timestamps relative to the timezone in use via ... locale. Invaluable utility for manipulating timestamps on the fly and small enough thereby portable ...

Freeware | Jun 28, 2012 | downloaded 89 times | 0.41MB

Open Time Clock 0.1

Free Time Clock - Free Time Card-Free Times

... employee attandence, employee time clock, employee time tracking, employee time card, employee timesheet, employee payroll calculator, Track employee time ... and attendance, employee time clock software, employee scheduling software and payroll software all ... single package, Time and Expense, Employee Time Clocks, payroll timeclocks, Time Clock Specialists, employee time ...

Freeware | Apr 20, 2012 | downloaded 95 times | 0.23MB

Salasaga 0.8.0 Alpha 7

The Open Source eLearning IDE

... free, easy to use GUI authoring environment that helps you create visually impressive ... advanced content. Flash has at least one serious design...Salasaga brings what Adobe Captivate offers to the Windows ...

Open source | Feb 25, 2012 | downloaded 124 times | 10MB

Download Echo 3.0.1
Echo 3.0.1

Framework for developing web applications.

... Click to launch Echo demo application. Echo is ... Click to launch Echo demo application. Echo is ... nature of browsers. To the developer, Echo works just like ... user interface toolkit. The latest iteration, Echo3, features the ability to write applications in eithe... ...

Open source | Jun 12, 2013 | downloaded 123 times | 5.2MB

Application Analytics SDK for iOS

Software Analytics SDK for iOS

Software Statistics Service (SSS) is a run-time intelligence SaaS that provides usage analytics about mobile and desktop software products like Xcode. It helps to make smarter business decisions and push products to the next level.

Shareware | Nov 17, 2011 | downloaded 102 times | 0.63MB

Remotia CRM 1.1

Customer Relationship Management Software

... Remotia CRM will help you in organizing the collection of ... first potential customer to the last accounting step.The CRM module is first and foremost developed to help ...

Shareware | May 30, 2011 | downloaded 95 times | 0MB

On-Screen Takeoff Trial

Takeoff digital plans. Calculate materials.

... of just being an ordinary electronic plan viewer, On-Screen Takeoff sets the industry standard in plan viewing and ... advanced takeoff software. On-Screen Takeoff allows construction estimators ...

Demo | Apr 1, 2011 | downloaded 101 times | 202.54MB

PunBB Chat Module 2.0

Add live chat room to your PunBB, 100% free

It can add a live chat room to PunBB, multiple skins, customizable, easy to install, users single sign-on and free hosted. The best part is that once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your PunBB

Freeware | Oct 19, 2010 | downloaded 92 times | 0.02MB

Tool Installer 1.0

It is an installer for programming tools.

... installing programming tools into different IDEs and Text Editors. Use one ... Ultraedit,Pspad, Eclipse,EditPlus, TextPad,Visual Studio 2008 ...

Demo | Oct 5, 2010 | downloaded 119 times | 0.86MB

Lumos Data Rescuer 3.0

Recover your lost files

... Recover your lost digital pictures, emails, office documents such as Word, Excel, Power Point, and other ... important data rapidly.Recover your lost digital pictures, emails, office documents, and other important data rapidly. ...

Shareware | Feb 9, 2009 | downloaded 104 times | 5.8MB

pnDonation for postnuke 8.0

... well-known variation of the Donations block and module. Users can donate by entering their name and ... for postnuke 0.80 http ...

Shareware | Jul 23, 2008 | downloaded 118 times | 0.02MB

Download PrefixNE SOHO
DownloadRoute excellent awardPrefixNE SOHO

PC Management suit - SOHO (Small/Home Office)

PrefixNE SOHO - Gives you Power and Control over your network assets, all wrapped up in one complete solution. With PrefixNE SOHO you’ll know exactly what is happening on your Network PCs. Easy install, ready in minutes!

Freeware | Jun 30, 2008 | downloaded 131 times | 0.27MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardNetwork Asset Tracker Pro 4.8

Agentless network inventory.

... comprehensive network inventory solution that enables you to scan all the ... comprehensive network inventory solution that enables you to scan all the ...

Shareware | Apr 21, 2018 | downloaded 193 times | 12.48MB

Arabic Mail Component (POP3 / SMTP)

... M-Arabic is an ActiveX component for sending Arabic email from ASP Web sites and Microsoft Windows applications. ... includes an EXE for CGI operation via XMLHTTP. M-Arabic can construct and send professional plain-text and HTML ... e-mail, with the ability to create an e-mail from ...

Shareware | Dec 7, 2006 | downloaded 95 times | 0.98MB

A free PC-based UML design tool.

... free PC-based, graphical UML software design tool with an easy to learn and use user ... interface, support for full hard-copy print-outs of designs, and extensive built-in formatting, alignment, and layout functions. ... allows software developers to graphically create complex software designs, patterns, and architectures, and share those designs with ...

Freeware | Dec 2, 2006 | downloaded 106 times | 2.1MB

When moving a web site to a new server, y...

... These two scripts make it possible to traverse all files in ... an entire site, record the dates of the original files, then apply those dates to the new ... server. You should run the first script, BlindDate, on the old server. It traverses all the ... flat file text database. Then you should upload all files to your ...

Comercial | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 124 times | 0MB

Zeta Uploader - Send large Files online

FREE! Send large Files online for free.

FREE sending of large Files online for free via Email by uploading to Internet. Automatically send multiple files and folders to e-mail receivers. Simply enter a file and an e-mail address, we will send the download link to the receiver.

Freeware | Jan 8, 2011 | downloaded 106 times | 1.14MB

WS:Reverse View 1.00.0000

View mail item in correct chronological order

... Reverse View allows you to display mail items in reverse chronological order, displaying the original content ... latest content at the bottom. The item is displayed in Microsoft Wordpad from where you can print ...

Shareware | Jan 25, 2008 | downloaded 116 times | 0.06MB

wodTelnetDLX 2.5.8

wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component

... telnet client component ready to connect to various terminal based clients, ... most commonly to UNIX telnet daemon. Besides supported Telnet protocol, it also supports secured communication ... using well known SSH (SSH1 and SSH2 are supported ... TLS (Secure Socket Layer protocol ...

Shareware | Feb 2, 2018 | downloaded 113 times | 4.36MB

wodSSHTunnel 1.9.6

wodSSHTunnel ActiveX component

... wodSSHTunnel component is server-type component that will add secure tunneling capabilities to your application. Based on your ... SSH server is required for this component to work, encryption will take place between local ... running wodSSHTunnel) and SSH server of your choice ...

Shareware | Feb 17, 2018 | downloaded 117 times | 4.25MB

wodSSHServer 2.5.4

SSH Server ActiveX component

... SSH Server ActiveX component ... but also Telnet Server ActiveX as well ... capabilities to your application, as well as old TELNET server protocol. SSH protocol provides strong encryption of ... data, and authentication of users over insecure networks, such as Internet. Using it is really ...

Shareware | Feb 1, 2018 | downloaded 111 times | 3.12MB

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