SolveIT, Over 40 Financial Calculators distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

===== License for Use and Distribution ================= LICENSE TERMS APPLICABLE TO ALL USE OR DISTRIBUTION SolveIT!!, The Financial Calculator and all associated programs, files and documentation (the Software) are copyrighted products of Pine Grove Software, LLC and are protected by United States copyright law and also by international treaty provisions. For each license that you purchase you have the option of using it under terms (A) or (B): (A) You may install the software on any computer that you own and for which you are the exclusive user. or...(B) You may install the software on one computer which may be used by multiple individuals. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Pine Grove Software, LLC. The use or distribution of this Software is expressly prohibited, except as authorized by the terms of this agreement. You may NOT use, copy, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed Software except as provided in this agreement. Any documentation, installed files and installation software are hereby incorporated by reference. Any distribution satisfying all the distribution requirements expressed in those files is hereby authorized. Please see the help topic "License Terms" for additional information and specific details. U.S. Government Restricted Rights: Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S. Government of the computer software and documentation in this package shall be subject to restrictions as set forth in subdivision (b)(3)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at 252.227-7013 (DFARS 52.227-7013). Publisher is Pine Grove Software, LLC, PO BOX 186, NJ 08534 USA [Revised 12/05/2008]

===== LICENSE TERMS APPLICABLE TO VENDOR, WEB DISTRIBUTION ================= If you are a disk vendor or maintain any type of download site (referred to as the Distributor), you are granted a limited license by Pine Grove Software, LLC (the Publisher) to distribute SolveIT!, Over 40 Financial Calculators (the Software) with the following restrictions: 1) You must provide, at minimum, one direct backlink to the domain if you are distributing the software over the internet. 2) You may charge a reasonable amount of money to recover your disk duplicating fees and promotional costs. However, IN NO EVENT MAY YOU CHARGE MORE THAN $5.00 FOR EACH COPY OF THE SOFTWARE. 3) A distributor may not modify any of the files as documented. All files as supplied by the Publisher must be included in any distribution of the Software. A distributor MAY also distribute an appropriate advertising notice along with the Software files as supplied by the Publisher. 4) The Software may not be distributed in a manner which is used to promote another product or service. For example, the Software cannot be promoted along with the sale of a computer system in such a way as to appear to add value. 4a) In order to distribute the Software along with other goods or services, the Distributor MUST include in a conspicuous manner the phrase, "INCLUDES AN EVALUATION COPY" of the Software. "ADDITIONAL LICENSE FEES ARE DUE THE PUBLISHER". (Caps added for emphasis and are not required as part of the disclaimer.) 5) Distributors must plainly indicate that they are distributing a copy of the Software for evaluation purposes only, and they must indicated that if the person evaluating the Software intends to use the Software beyond the evaluation period, that a license fee is due to the Publisher 6) The Distributor must make every reasonable attempt to only distribute the current version of the Software. 7) The Publisher reserves the right to revoke this license on a case by case basis.

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