Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

This software is free to use for evaluation purposes, users must purchase the software unlock key after the initital evaluation period or stop using the software. Obviously, the unlock key for full functionality must not be passed on or published.

This software may be copied and passed on freely. Shareware download sites must always link to the files stored on my server, this can be a direct link to the zip files. If you are a shareware service or distributor and you need to store a local copy or would like to distribute physical media, please contact me for my explicit agreement.

Caution: This software can produce tones which, at high level, are able to damage audio transducers (speakers, headphones). This can in theory also cause teporary and/or permanent hearing impairment. No liability for damage to hardware or health will be accepted. Legally, the product is provided 'as is' with no warranty as to performance or suitability for any specific purpose. But unlike most software that is bought off the shelf, you have 30 days to test and check the functionality.

This software is safe software; It does not install adware or spyware. It does not change any system settings. It does not install any system drivers. It does not install any files to any Windows system folders. It does not hide any files or folders. It does not send anything via a network connection. This software installs all its files to its installation folder which you can specify during the installation. You can easily completely uninstall the software and any traces of it from the Windows Add/Remove Programs.

Anyway, I genuinely believe this is a very useful and great program, so enjoy using it!

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