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Keka 7.3MB
Keka 1.0.4

The free Mac OS X file archiver.

Keka 1.0.4 is a free file archiver for Mac OS X the main compression core is p7zip (7-zip port) Compression formats supported:7z, Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2 Extraction formats supported:RAR, 7z, Lzma, Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, ISO, EXE, CAB, PAX, ACE (PPC)

Keka MAC

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On November 2, 2013 updated, downloaded 44 times.

PCKeeper 7.76MB
PCKeeper 1.1.63

Fix your system with just one click.

PCKeeper 1.1.63 is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your PC. It will rescue you from numerous apps and dozens of customer support centers. PCKeeper 1.1.63 Includes: Antivirus Ensure guaranteed protection for your PC. Antivirus protects your PC from viruses, malware, spyware, identity thefts, and all other online threats. One-Click Scan Fix your system with just one click. One-Click Scan detect...

PCKeeper 64bit

Automation Utils Shareware, On January 14, 2011 updated, downloaded 42 times.

Nvidia Forceware Driver WHQL for Windows 7, Vista 306.97

Latest drivers for your NVIDIA product.

nVIDIA ForceWare software unleashes the full power and features in nVIDIA's desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile products. Delivering a proven record of compatibility, reliability, and stability with the widest range of games and applications, ForceWare software ensures the best experience with your nVIDIA hardware. • Incredible 3D and video performance for all of your applications.• Rock-solid system stability, greater compatibility, and reliability with nVIDIA® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA).• Industry-leading features for graphics, audio, video, communications, storage, and security.• Robust product support for over ten unique operating systems.  • Continual product performance and feature updates for the life of your nVIDIA hardware.

Nvidia Forceware Driver WHQL for Windows 7, Vista 64bit

System Drivers Freeware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Ghostscript 9.09

Package of software for the Postscript,

Ghostscript 9.09 is a package of software that provides: An interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language, with the ability to convert PostScript language files to many raster formats, view them on displays, and print them on printers that don`t have PostScript language capability built in; An interpreter for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, with the same abilities; The ability to convert PostScript language files to PDF (with som...

Ghostscript MAC

PDF Software Open source, On August 25, 2013 updated, downloaded 59 times.

Hamster Free Burning Studio

Burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray free.

Hamster Free Burning Studio automatically identifies the type of disk inserted in the tray, its capacity and possible burning speed onto the disk, and uses this information to display the fill factor of the files on the disk and the possibility of clearing the disk for its full rewriting. Hamster Free Burning Studio automatically identifies the type of disk inserted in the tray, its capacity and possible burning speed onto the disk, an...

Hamster Free Burning Studio 64bit

Burning Media & Data Freeware, On January 3, 2011 updated, downloaded 49 times.

ZipX 3.6MB
ZipX 3.01

File compression and encryption utility.

ZipX 3.01 is an easy-to-use file compression and encryption utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports extraction of files from many different archive formats, and can create both Zip and CAB archives. Support for many different archive types Strong encryption using AES and other algorithms Support for encryption using digital certificates Support fo...

ZipX 64bit

File Compression & Encoding Shareware, On October 5, 2013 updated, downloaded 48 times.

MeeGo In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) 1.2

Supports vehicle appliances.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems are devices that deliver navigation, entertainment, and networked computing services in vehicles, such as cars, trucks, planes, and buses. Automotive manufacturers in particular are increasingly viewing IVI systems as a key differentiator in their products. Drivers and passengers are coming to expect the same type of innovations they see in other devices, such as mobile computers and handsets, in thei...

Operating System Maintenance Open source, On May 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 45 times.

MeeGo Netbook 1.2

New netbook operation system.

MeeGo is a Linux-based platform that is capable of running on multiple computing devices, including  handsets, netbooks, tablets, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems.  The primary goal of the merger of the Maemo and Moblin projects was to unify the efforts of the Moblin  and Maemo communities and to enable a next generation open source Linux-platform suited for a  variety of client devices.  Mos...

System Emulators Open source, On May 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 45 times.

Antida 73.4MB
Antida Beta RC1

Cross platform Data Synchronization software.

Antida Beta RC1 is free data synchronization and backup software for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. It works on any network that has internet access. It allows users to do automated backup on USB or any storage media. No need of any hardware or annual contract. Antida Beta RC1 suits everyone’s need for data synchronization and data privacy. It is a dynamic shift in data access and availability across different types of operating system and device...

Antida MAC

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On November 1, 2010 updated, downloaded 42 times.

SeaTools for Windows

Comprehensive, easy-to-use diagnostic tool.

SeaTools is a comprehensive, easy-to-use diagnostic tool that helps you quickly determine the condition of the disk drive in your external hard drive, desktop or laptop computer. It includes several tests that will examine the physical media on your Seagate or Maxtor disk drive and any other non-Seagate disk drive. Did you know over 20 percent of the drives returned to Seagate for repair are actually found to be healthy? The SeaTools diagnosti...

SeaTools for Windows 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On March 29, 2011 updated, downloaded 68 times.

GizmoRip 1.9MB
GizmoRip 4.013

Recover all of your favorite music and videos

Reimport music and playlists from your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into iTunes with this easy to use utility. Copy tracks to any hard drive or simply import them straight into iTunes.  Recover Music & Videos Recover all of your favorite music and videos in just a few quick steps. Playlist Support Import your playlists directly into iTunes. iTunes 10.0.1 GizmoRip 4.013 supports the latest version of iTunes! Photo Albums Recove...

Data Recovery Freeware, On February 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 47 times.

NavScope 0.44MB
NavScope 1.2

NavScope is a file manager for Windows.

File manager for Windows. Represents opened folders as planes in 3D. Can keep many folders opened simultaneously, moves between them with short animation. Strongly relies on Windows Shell(context menu, OLE drag&drop, uses shell functions for file operations, has integrated Windows Explorer). Tries to eliminate redundant mouse clicks and encourages using keyboard (especially incremental search and filtering) for fast navigation. Small file...

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On December 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 36 times.

Geekbench 6.9MB
Geekbench 2.4.3

Benchmarking of Primate Labs.

Whether you`re running Geekbench 2.4.3 on a single-core Pentium, a quad-core Mac Pro, or a sixteen-core Sun server, Geekbench 2.4.3 is able to measure the performance of all the processor cores in your system. Every processor benchmark is multi-threaded and multi-core aware to show you the true potential of your computer. Don`t spend your time configuring options or changing settings while wondering how other folks ran Geekbench 2.4.3. With just one clic...

Geekbench MAC - Geekbench 64bit

Performance Testing Shareware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 53 times.

Softwarenetz Text Editor 1.05

Program for your private and business letters

The Softwarenetz Text Editor 1.05 is a simple and user friendly program for your private and business letters. Create your personal or business writing paper within the text editor program. Insert images and photos into your text. The Text editor supports all common formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png). Including interactive spelling in four languages, which will check your documents for spelling errors. Th...

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On October 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 42 times.

NTFSWalker 0.57MB

Free analyzing disk tool.

NTFSWalker is a simple, straightforward, and most importantly free utility for analyzing and “walking through” NTFS partitions on any media readable by your computer, including hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives, and floppy disks. NTFSWalker takes you through the low-level structure of the file system, and lets you view deleted files, regular files, as well as detailed attributes for each file. NTFSWalker has it...

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On October 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 33 times.

GeeTeeDee 4.08MB
GeeTeeDee 0.2.474

Fancy task management.

GeeTeeDee 0.2.474 is a fancy, lightweight, easy to use and effective task management software. Available for Windows and soon for Mac and Mobile. Features: Lightweight design to keep you focused Group tasks Customizable groups User-friendly installation. Admin rights are not required! Collecting tasks is easy Create timed tasks Compact view Drag`n`drop tasks and groups

GeeTeeDee MAC - GeeTeeDee 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Freeware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 37 times.

NetDVD 0.34MB
NetDVD 1.1

Virtual DVD drive to your Windows netbook.

Sharing a CD/DVD driveLove your netbook but miss a DVD drive? NetDVD 1.1 is the perfect solution for you! NetDVD 1.1 creates a virtual DVD drive on your netbook which connects to a real DVD drive on a Windows computer anywhere on your local network. No need to buy an external DVD drive. NetDVD 1.1 enables you to use the DVD drive on another Windows computer as if it was a normal local DVD drive. Already have a CD/DVD drive in your laptop or desktop PC? Us...

System Emulators Freeware, On September 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 41 times.

iFolder 65.5MB
iFolder 3.8.0

Secure way to share and synchronize files.

iFolder 3.8.0 is a simple and secure storage solution that can increase your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files-from anywhere, at any time. Once you have installed iFolder 3.8.0, you simply save your files locally-as you have always done-and iFolder 3.8.0 automatically updates the files on a network server and delivers them to the other machines you use. Using iFolder 3.8.0, you can designate any network server as an iFolde...

iFolder MAC - iFolder 64bit

Backup & Recovery Open source, On September 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 46 times.

FastStone MaxView 2.8

Fast, compact and innovative image viewer.

FastStone MaxView 2.8 is a fast, compact and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout lets you view images in a variety of ways. It even lets you view images in password-protected ZIP and RAR archive files directly and instantly, which is a perfect solution for viewing private images. It is a handy tool for quickly viewing, rotating, resizing, cropping, annotating and printin...

File Compression & Encoding Shareware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 62 times.

DailyDaily 4.3.13

A personal backup tool.

If quarter of your time stay in front of computer, could say when you did a certain action? Probably not, this is why everyone will surely appreciate the functions of DailyDaily 4.3.13.A personal backup tool that will automatically backup every thing that happens to you (in your computer screen) .

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On July 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 31 times.

FastMule 3.25MB

Automatically back up and sync files.

FastMule is the secure, automatic data backup and sync service, allowing you to automatically backup and sync all your computers with just one account. Secure – FastMule will encrypt your file data via AES 256 and transmit them with SSL encryption against attacks from hackers. FastMule uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to sync encrypted file data and local files to ensure file data 100% secure. Completel...

FastMule 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On August 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 42 times.

VMware ThinApp 4.7

ThinApp virtualizes applications

VMware ThinApp 4.7 delivers application virtualization without the costly infrastructure demands at the same time minimize recoding and regression testing to help accelerate your application migration to Windows 7.    Agentless architecture requires no client installation on end point devices  Eliminate application conflicts  Rapidly deploy to desktops without additional investments in server hardware or software  Package once and deliver to many different Windows platforms  Remove complexity of application installations on devices

VMware ThinApp 64bit

System Emulators Shareware, On November 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 53 times.

Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer 9.1

Improve application performance.

Intel® VTunePerformance Analyzer 9.1 evaluates applications on all sizes of systems based on Intel® processors, from embedded systems through supercomputers, to help you improve application performance. VTune Performance Analyzer makes application performance tuning easier and is indispensable for making your software run its fastest on the latest single and multicore systems.

Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer 64bit

Performance Testing Shareware, On July 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 49 times.

DiskDigger 0.22MB

The trusted data recovery solution.

DiskDigger is a program that undeletes and recovers lost files from your hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives — you name it! Whether you accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer, reformatted your camera`s memory card, or want to see what files are lurking on an old USB drive, DiskDigger is here for you. See the complete list of features to learn more. DiskDigger has already helped millions of user...

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 19, 2015 updated, downloaded 96 times.

pdf995 11.6MB
pdf995 15.2

Advanced PDF creation features for free.

pdf995 15.2 makes it easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface helps you to create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any application, creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer. pdf995 15.2 supports network file saving, shared printing, Citrix/Terminal Server, custom page sizes and large format printing. pdf995 15.2 is a printe...

pdf995 64bit

PDF Software Freeware, On June 22, 2015 updated, downloaded 104 times.

Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178

Easily create system snapshots

Comodo Time Machine 2.8.155286.178 (CTM) is a powerful system rollback utility that allows users to quickly restore their computers to an earlier point in time. CTM `snapshots` are a complete record of your entire system (including the registry, critical operating system files and user created documents). Layered Security Schedule automatic snapshots to be taken at regular intervals Roll back to the last known working state in the event of virus attack...

Comodo Time Machine 64bit

Backup & Recovery Freeware, On August 1, 2010 updated, downloaded 43 times.

Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0.187

Monitor the health of the hard disk drives

Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0.187 checks three categories: State and health of physical drive (including temperature, seek error rate, spin-up time and more than 20 other indicators) via a disk-resident monitoring function called S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is presented in a understable form. Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0.187 also supports other storage, such as non-S.M.A.R.T.-compatible RAID systems, via scripts (see Figur...

Acronis Drive Monitor 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On June 21, 2010 updated, downloaded 40 times.

HexAssistant 2.7

Hex editor for Windows.

Import structure from C/C++ files.The font of Editor can be customized. Copy hex data to clipboard as C/java Source.Disk Editor. View and edit the files in hex mode.Highlight the modified data. Unlimited undo and redo operations.Find variable data in file(s), e.g. Hex, Text and Value.Compare files and show the difference. Export hex data to C Source , Jave Source or Text file. Generate checksums for all or part of ...

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On June 22, 2010 updated, downloaded 38 times.

Data Rescue PC3 3.2

A new breed of hard drive recovery

Data Rescue PC3 3.2 is the best solution for recovering files from a crashed or virus-corrupted hard drive. Other utilities can cause more damage to your hard drive and files by trying "fix" the problem, instead of focusing on recovering your files. Do not use a repair utility until you`ve safely recovered your important files and stored them in a safe location. Data Rescue PC3 3.2 should be your first option to recover your important data...

Data Recovery Shareware, On August 3, 2011 updated, downloaded 50 times.

EgisTec Shredder

Data Shredding In A Faster Way

EgisTec Shredder provides you with a quick and easy-to-use user interface when shredding your important files. Using the same shredding algorithm as the Department of Defense, your confidential files are permanently erased in a fast and secured manner. The right click context menu allows you shred files quickly and conveniently, thus making EgisTec Shredder the perfect tool for securing your PC privacy.

EgisTec Shredder 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On September 7, 2011 updated, downloaded 45 times.

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