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Ubuntutrinux is a distribution of Ubuntu Linu

ubuntutrinux is a distribution of Ubuntu Linux that can be recorded on a CD. It uses recente Linux 2.6.x kernel and is mostly dedicated to security monitoring and security analysis. ubuntutrinux can be booted from CD-ROM, ISO image, USB, PXE... It can be accessed through SSH2 for administration, but also serial console and telnet.

ubuntutrinux 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Open source, On April 25, 2010 updated, downloaded 37 times.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2

a freeware TweakUI Utility

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2 is a freeware TweakUI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows to meet your requirements. With judicious tweaking, it can make your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks. The tweaker detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed...

Performance Testing Freeware, On January 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 52 times.

Vit Registry Fix

Clean the registry from errors

Program to clean the registry from errors and outdated data. The program has an automatic tool for scanning and removing errors of various types. Vit Registry Fix: Free Edition can find more than 50 varieties of options for errors in the registry. Program Version Free Edition capabilities minimum provides search of errors, and functional opportunities with respect to the "Professional" version

Vit Registry Fix 64bit

Registry Tools Freeware, On April 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 24 times.

Wise Care 365 2.06

All-in-one PC tune-up utility.

Wise Care 365 2.06 is a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 2.06 is the best solution to improve your PC`s performance. Get Wise Care 365 2.06 and your computer will never run slow again! What can Wise Care 365 2.06 do? Clean up, defragment and optimize the Windows Registry Defragment and free up space on your hard disk Protect your privacy by erasing personal trackin...

Wise Care 365 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On October 26, 2012 updated, downloaded 33 times.

Windows Access Panel for Windows 7 & Vista

While you can use Control Panel to change settings which control nearly everything about how Windows looks and works, in some cases to access these very controls ,  or the in-built Windows programs, requires you to engage in multiple clicks or know their names.  Windows Access Panel 1.0 v 1.0 is meant to minimize your trouble in accessing such programs. It has been tested on  Windows 7 & Windows Vista. It can simply b...

Windows Access Panel 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On April 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 30 times.

Change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button

This freeware portable app allows you change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily. If you are bored of look at the same old Windows 7 Start Orb, you can now change it easily. Click on Select & Change Start Button to select a custom Start Orb.The program will backup you original explorer.exe, change the start button and restart explorer.exe. To restore the default Start Orb and explorer from the backup, click Restore Origina...

Windows 7 Start Button Changer 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On April 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 71 times.

SciTE 0.9MB
SciTE 3.5.6

A free source code editor for Win32 and X

SciTE 3.5.6 is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. It is best used for jobs with simple configurations - I use it for building test and demonstration programs as well as SciTE 3.5.6 and Scintilla, themselves. SciTE 3.5.6 is currently available for Intel Win32 and Linux compatible operating systems with GTK+. It has bee...

Text Viewers & Editors Open source, On June 2, 2015 updated, downloaded 172 times.

Synergy 0.9MB
Synergy 1.4.2 beta

a conjunction of distinct elements

Synergy 1.4.2 beta lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It`s intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s). Redirecting the mouse and keyboard is as simple as moving the mouse off the edge of your screen. Synergy 1.4.2 beta also merges the clipboards of all the systems into one, allowin...

Synergy MAC

Automation Utils Open source, On February 21, 2011 updated, downloaded 31 times.

Device Remover 0.9.5354.41410

Device Remover - The Powerful Device Manager

Device Remover 0.9.5354.41410 - The Powerful Device Manager Features: In-Depth view of all installed Devices, Device Classes, Drivers and Services on aWindows System (Hidden, Detached, Current installed, Problematic Devices,etc,...) Easy On-The-Fly bulk removal of Devices from your System Modification/Manipulation of Devices, Drivers and Services on the System Live detailed View of Device Detections on the System Huge Device Proble...

System Drivers Freeware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 85 times.

TkDesk 0.89MB
TkDesk 2.0

TkDesk is a graphical file manager.

TkDesk 2.0 is a graphical file manager for Unix and the X-Window System. It offers a very rich set of file operations and services, and provides the user with an immense amount of configurability. TkDesk 2.0`s configuration flexibility results from the use of  Tcl/Tk as the primary implementation language. Another benefit of using Tcl/Tk is that TkDesk 2.0 is very portable and runs on virtually any Unix platform. 

TkDesk MAC

Disks & Files Manage Open source, On April 12, 2010 updated, downloaded 22 times.

PC Decrapifier 2.3.1

Uninstall a specific list of unwanted softwar

The PC Decrapifier 2.3.1 is a program designed to remove or uninstall a specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion.It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with new PCs.

Automation Utils Freeware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 32 times.

xbindkeys 0.13MB
xbindkeys 1.8.6

Launch shell commands with your keyboard

xbindkeys 1.8.6 is a program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window. It links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using a configuration file. It`s independant of the window manager and can capture all keyboard keys (ex: Power, Wake...).<br />usage: [--version|-V] [--defaults|-d] [--file|-f file] [--help|-h] [--display|-X display-name] [--vebose|-v] [--show|-s] [--key|-k] [--multikey|-mk] ...

Other System Programs Open source, On January 5, 2014 updated, downloaded 31 times.

x11vnc 2.7MB
x11vnc 0.9.12

VNC server for real X displays

x11vnc 0.9.12 allows one to view remotely and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display corresponding to a physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with any VNC viewer. In this way it plays the role for Unix/X11 that WinVNC plays for Windows.<br />It has built-in SSL/TLS encryption and 2048 bit RSA authentication, including VeNCrypt support; UNIX account and password login support; server-side scaling; single port HTTPS/HTTP+VNC; ...

x11vnc MAC

Other System Programs Open source, On October 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 26 times.

PCManFM 0.84MB
PCManFM 0.5.1

PCManFM:PCMan File Manager

PCMan File Manager - Speed up your file management.An extremly fast, lightweight, yet feature-rich file manager with tabbed browsing.The default file manager for the lightweight desktop environment, LXDE


Disks & Files Manage Open source, On July 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 25 times.

XFS 3.1.1

A high-performance journaling filesystem

XFS 3.1.1 combines advanced journaling technology with full 64-bit addressing and scalable structures and algorithms. This combination delivers the most scalable high-performance filesystem ever conceived. Features The XFS 3.1.1 filesystem provides the following major features: Quick Recovery The XFS 3.1.1 journaling technology allows it to restart very quickly after an unexpected interruption, regardless of the number of files it is managing....

System Drivers Open source, On April 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 27 times.

Windows PowerShell 2.0

Windows PowerShell is a scripting tool.

Windows PowerShell 2.0 is a tool that runs in command-line and that enable users and administrators to create scripts for system administration with automation capabilities. Windows PowerShell 2.0 is built on the Microsoft Dot Net Framework. Windows PowerShell 2.0 enables control and of Windows and applications through automation techniques.<br />

Windows PowerShell 64bit

Shell Tools Freeware, On April 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 66 times.

Ganglia 1.27MB

a scalable distributed monitoring system

Ganglia 3.1.7 is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids. It is based on a hierarchical design targeted at federations of clusters. It leverages widely used technologies such as XML for data representation, XDR for compact, portable data transport, and RRDtool for data storage and visualization. It uses carefully engineered data structures and algorithms to achieve very low ...

Ganglia MAC

Performance Testing Open source, On March 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 23 times.

Hyperic HQ 199.9MB

Hyperic HQ Enterprise Monitoring

Hyperic`s web infrastructure monitoring and management software automates and streamlines data center operations. HQ helps you reduce operations workload, increase your company`s IT management maturity level, and drive improvements in availability and infrastructure health.<br />Enterprise monitoring & systems management application. Auto-discovers 75+ techs. Collects availability, performance, utilization, & throughput ...

Operating System Maintenance Open source, On October 10, 2011 updated, downloaded 34 times.

PowerTab 0.04MB
PowerTab 0.98

PowerTab is an extension to PowerShell

PowerTab 0.98 is an extension to Windows PowerShell that enables autocompletion for directory paths, Windows PowerShell commands and Dot Net types. Some extra features include the native command expansion for EXE and COM files with "!", the doubleclick support, the extendable TabItemSelector Output, Enum and Constructor completion on types [regex]:tab and [consolecolor]:[tab], the custom autocompletion...

PowerTab 64bit

Shell Tools Freeware, On March 25, 2010 updated, downloaded 69 times.

X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha16

Flexible CD-burning software

X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha16 tries to be the most flexible CD-burning software ever. It allows even the unexperienced user to create or copy a CD with a few mouse clicks in a intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface.   Features included in new version 0.98alpha16: <ul> <li>Portable - runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, HPUX, Irix, AIX ... </li> <li>Multi langual - translations available in 31 languages ...

Burning Media & Data Open source, On March 24, 2010 updated, downloaded 35 times.

Fax Machine for Windows 6.03

Got a scanner and a modem? Make a fax machine

Got a scanner and a modem? Save yourself the cost of a fax machine. Send and receive your faxes with Fax Machine. Here is how it works: insert a document in your scanner, start Fax Machine, click Scan page (several times if you want to send a multi-page fax), click Send Fax, fill in the recipient telephone number and off it goes. That`s all! Fax Machine contains a printer driver, which lets you "print" to Fax Machine from any Windows applicatio...

System Drivers Shareware, On May 9, 2011 updated, downloaded 40 times.

O&O DiskRecovery 6 6.0.6298

Professional data recovery

Rescue is close at hand – O&O DiskRecovery searches for and reconstructs deleted or lost data! The clear Wizard guides you step-by-step through the data rescue. O&O DiskRecovery 6 6.0.6298 supports all popular file formats and scans every sector of the hard disk, the memory card or the digital camera for lost files. O&O DiskRecovery 6 6.0.6298 can also find and recover data in the most extreme situations, such as with already formatted ...

Data Recovery Shareware, On July 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 19 times.

Far Manager 3.0 build 4242

Program for managing files and archives

Far Manager 3.0 build 4242 is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Far Manager 3.0 build 4242 works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories; editing, copying and renaming files; and many other actions. Far Manager 3.0 build 4242 has a multi-language, easily configurable interface. File system navigation is made easier through the use o...

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 111 times.

File Roller 3.8.4

File Roller is an archive manager.

File Roller 3.8.4 is an archive manager for the GNOME environment.With File Roller 3.8.4 you can create and modify archives and view the content of an archive and view a file contained in the archive and extract files from the archive.

File Roller MAC

File Compression & Encoding Open source, On September 2, 2013 updated, downloaded 42 times.

Zile 0.67MB
Zile 2.3.9

GNU Zile (Zile Is Lossy Emacs) is a lightweig

GNU Zile 2.3.9 (Zile 2.3.9 Is Lossy Emacs) is a lightweight Emacs clone.  Every Emacs user should feel at home with Zile 2.3.9.  Zile 2.3.9 is aimed at small footprint systems (a typical binary is about 100Kb) and quick editing sessions (it starts up and shuts down instantly).

Zile MAC

Text Viewers & Editors Open source, On February 16, 2010 updated, downloaded 64 times.

pyPdf 0.09MB
pyPdf 1.13

A Pure-Python library built as a PDF toolkit

A Pure-Python library built as a PDF toolkit. It is capable of: extracting document information (title, author, ...), splitting documents page by page, merging documents page by page, cropping pages, merging multiple pages into a single page, encrypting and decrypting PDF files. By being Pure-Python, it should run on any Python platform without any dependencies on external libraries. It can also work entirely on ...

pyPdf MAC

PDF Software Open source, On December 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 49 times.

GrandPerspective 1.5.1

It can help you to manage your disk

GrandPerspective 1.5.1 is a small utility application for Mac OS X that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space. It uses a so called tree map for visualisation. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file`s size. Files in the same folder appear together, but their placement is otherwise arbitrary.

GrandPerspective MAC

Disks & Files Manage Open source, On September 11, 2012 updated, downloaded 105 times.

AMANDA 3.3.5

Automatic Network Disk Archiver

AMANDA 3.3.5, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup system that allows the administrator of a LAN to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a single large capacity tape drive. AMANDA 3.3.5 uses native tools (such as GNUtar, dump) for backup and can back up a large number of workstations running multiple versions of Unix/Mac OS X/Linux/Windows.


Backup & Recovery Open source, On April 4, 2014 updated, downloaded 63 times.

File Commander 2.30

32 bit text mode file manager and shell

File Commander 2.30 is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner. Its main display provides dual directory view panels that may serve as source and destination of a copy or move operation or just two different views of your files.

File Commander OS2

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On January 28, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

Duplicity 0.26MB

Backup using the rsync algorithm

Duplicity 0.6.24 backs directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploading them to a remote or local file server. Because Duplicity 0.6.24 uses librsync, the incremental archives are space efficient and only record the parts of files that have changed since the last backup. Because Duplicity 0.6.24 uses GnuPG to encrypt and/or sign these archives, they will be safe from spying and/or modification by the server.

Other System Programs Open source, On May 10, 2014 updated, downloaded 61 times.

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