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DownloadRoute excellent awardDeep Freeze Standard

Making computer configurations indestructible

Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate workstation damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a workstation, any changes made to the computer—regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious—are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague computers today—inevitable configuration drift, accidental system misconfiguration.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 339 times.

Recuva 0.65MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardRecuva 1.52.1086

Restore deleted files

Recuva 1.52.1086 is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses!

Recuva 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On May 6, 2015 updated, downloaded 357 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDirSync Pro 1.46

Utility for file and folder synchronization

DirSync Pro 1.46 (Directory Synchronize Pro) is a small, but powerful utility for file and folder synchronization. DirSync Pro 1.46 can be used to synchronize the content of one or many folders recursively. Using DirSync Pro 1.46 you can make incremental backups. In this way you`ll spare lots of time because you don`t have to copy all the files each time you want to update your backup; only new/modified/larger files would be copied.

Disks & Files Manage Open source, On May 26, 2013 updated, downloaded 693 times.

CmosPwd 0.1MB
CmosPwd 5.0

CMOS BIOS password recovery tool.

CmosPwd 5.0 decrypts password stored in cmos used to access BIOS SETUP. Works with the following BIOSes ACER/IBM BIOS AMI BIOS AMI WinBIOS 2.5 Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0 Compaq (1992) Compaq (New version) IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad) Packard Bell Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev 1.13.1107 Phoenix 4 release 6 (User) Gateway Solo - Phoenix 4.0 release 6 Toshiba Zenit...

CmosPwd 64bit

Other System Programs Open source, On January 31, 2012 updated, downloaded 126 times.

DownloadRoute good awardDAEMON Tools Lite 4.47

Virtual DVD-ROM emulator.

DAEMON Tools works with most image formats and supports nearly any CD copy protection. Moreover it has a special feature to make physical (burned) backups of many copy protected CDs work.It supports Alcohol120%-Images (MDS-Files) and RMPS-Media (Emulates physical characteristics of protected CD's (like VOB-Protect, Starforce 1/2 and the so-called Securom V4.8x!)) DAEMON Tools also supporting Playstation(R) images to use with PSX emulators.

DAEMON Tools Lite 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Open source, On May 24, 2013 updated, downloaded 411 times.

ZipGenius 5.7MB

Powerful archive manager.

ZipGenius can handle more than 20 compressed archive types, so it is a perfet companion for your work and daily activities; but ZipGenius doesn`t handle compressed archives, only: it is flexible and expandable so it could almost everything you want from it.

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On February 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 7055 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFoxit Reader

Small and fast PDF viewer

* Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader is just a fraction of Acrobat Reader 20 M size. * Breezing-fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay. You are not forced to view an annoying splash window displaying company logo, author names, etc. * Annotation tool: Have you ever wished to annotate (or comment on) a PDF document when you are reading it? Foxit Reader allows you to draw graphics.

PDF Software Freeware, On March 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 326 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCrystalDiskInfo 6.5.2

HDD/SSD utility software which supports SMART

CrystalDiskInfo 6.5.2 is a HDD/SSD utility which supports S.M.A.R.T. * Supports a part of external USB/IEEE 1394 disks * Monitoring health status and temperature * Graph of S.M.A.R.T. information

CrystalDiskInfo 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 377 times.

SpeedFan 1.56MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardSpeedFan 4.51

Monitor voltage, fan speed and temperature.

SpeedFan 4.51 is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan 4.51 can even access S.M.A.R.T. info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported. SpeedFan 4.51 supports SCSI disks too. SpeedFan 4.51 can even change the FSB on some hardware (but this should be considered a bonus feature).

SpeedFan 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On March 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 246 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 5.3

CD & DVD emulation software.

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 5.3 is CD & DVD emulation software which allows users to make CD/DVD disc images, create a virtual CD / DVD drives and play CDs & DVDs without the need for the physical disc and supports virtual IDE adapters. Detailed comparison of DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 5.3 with other DAEMON Tools products is available at our F.A.Q. section.

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On May 24, 2013 updated, downloaded 248 times.

Kon-Boot 0.06MB
Kon-Boot 2.2

Bypass the authentication process of Windows.

Kon-Boot 2.2 is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows based operating systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Kon-Boot 2.2 modifies the system kernel while it boots, changes are made temporary only. Rebooting the machine will restore the original contents of Windows kernel and its corresponding authentication procedures.

Shell Tools Shareware, On April 14, 2013 updated, downloaded 692 times.

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 1.03

Windows Sidebar gadget

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 1.03 is a Windows Sidebar gadget which provides simple display of increase in processor frequency when applications request and Intel Turbo Boost Technology delivers more performance.

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 64bit

Memory Management Freeware, On May 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 140 times.

Radeon BIOS editor 1.28

RBE is a handy tool to modify ATI BIOS files

RBE is a handy tool to modify several interesting parameters in ATI BIOS files. It focuses on fan and clock settings as these are the most important things to most users. BIOS modification is an alternative to using memory resident tweaking utilities such as RivaTuner, ATI Tray Tools or ATITool.

Shell Tools Freeware, On March 12, 2011 updated, downloaded 142 times.

VMmark 38MB
VMmark 1.1.1

Standard Virtualization Benchmark

VMmark 1.1.1 is not a commercial or proprietary product, but rather a product of our commitment to the development of open standards for virtualization benchmarks. As such, the VMmark 1.1.1 software is agnostic towards individual hardware platforms and virtualization software systems so that users can get an objective measurement of virtualization performance.

VMmark 64bit

Performance Testing Freeware, On October 14, 2009 updated, downloaded 115 times.

RivaTuner 2.21MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardRivaTuner 2.24

Videocards - Overclocking & Tweaking

RivaTuner 2.24 is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. The widest driver-level Direct3D / OpenGL and system tuning options, flexible profiling system allowing to make custom settings on per-application basis, both driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, unique diagnostic and realtime hardware monitoring features and exclusive power user oriented tools.

RivaTuner 64bit

Other System Programs Freeware, On March 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 235 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award.NET Framework 4.5

Microsoft .NET Framework

he .NET Framework 4.5 is Microsoft's managed code programming model for building applications on Windows clients, servers, and mobile or embedded devices. Developers use .NET to build applications of many types: Web applications, server applications, smart client applications, console applications, database applications, and more.

.NET Framework 64bit

Other System Programs Freeware, On August 18, 2012 updated, downloaded 354 times.

DownloadRoute good award

ATI Mobility driver.

The application is recoded in .net framework by the wonderful Ruud Ketelaars (author of the original DriverCleaner (not one of the copycats which are currently riding on the name success of our application) which is natively supported in vista and it is a very compact little program which will install no spyware, malware or anything we could class as dubious.

System Drivers Freeware, On October 28, 2009 updated, downloaded 309 times.

Windows 7 2382.81MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardWindows 7 6.1 build 7600.16385.090713-12

Windows operating system

Windows 7 6.1 build 7600.16385.090713-12 is the next release of the Windows client operating system, built on the secure foundation of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Performance, reliability, security, and compatibility are core tenets of this release as we collect your feedback to meet our engineering goals of making Windows 7 6.1 build 7600.16385.090713-12 the best-performing and most stable Windows operating system to date. New innovations in the product are designed to augment your ability...

Other System Programs Comercial, On October 21, 2009 updated, downloaded 262 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardATI Catalyst Drivers 11.10

A free software suite for ATI Radeon graphics

ATI Catalyst: A free software suite for ATI Radeon graphics that helps improve PC performance by increasing overall stability and providing innovative new features. The latest Windows XP drivers and software for the Radeon range of ATI graphics cards. * ATI Catalyst Driver This is the backbone of the entire Catalyst software that accelerates your 2D desktop and 3D applications (using either the OpenGL or Direct3D components)

Other System Programs Freeware, On November 9, 2011 updated, downloaded 618 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAMD OverDrive 3.2.1

AMD Overclocking made easy

Personalize your experience with state-of-the-art real-time overclocking*. Used by world record setting overclockers across the globe, AMD OverDrive 3.2.1™ gives you unprecedented control over your processor, memory and chipset to push the performance envelope further than ever before.

System Drivers Freeware, On September 4, 2010 updated, downloaded 279 times.

Areca Backup 7.1.11

Personal file backup soft developed in Java

Areca is a file backup software which can be run on Windows or Linux. It creates backup copies (which can be encrypted and compressed) of your files and stores them on external drives, USB keys, FTP servers, ... Areca is also able to trigger additional actions, like storing a backup report on your hard drive, sending it by email, launching shell scripts before or after your backup. Areca supports incremental, differential and full backups.

Areca Backup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Open source, On December 22, 2010 updated, downloaded 109 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardGMail Drive 1.0.20

GMail Drive shell extension

GMail Drive 1.0.20 is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Mail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium. GMail Drive 1.0.20 creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google Gmail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your Gmail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. GMail Drive 1.0.20 literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag'n'drop files to. Ever since Google started to offer users a Gmail e-mail account, which includes storage space of 4000 megabytes, you have had plenty of storage space but not a lot to fill it up with. With GMail Drive 1.0.20 you can easily copy files to your Google Mail account and retrieve them again. When you create a new file using GMail Drive 1.0.20, it generates an e-mail and posts it to your account. The e-mail appears in your normal Inbox folder, and the file is attached as an e-mail attachment. GMail Drive 1.0.20 periodically checks your mail account (using the Gmail search function) to see if new files have arrived and to rebuild the directory structures. But basically GMail Drive 1.0.20 acts as any other hard-drive installed on your computer. You can copy files to and from the GMail Drive 1.0.20 folder simply by using drag'n'drop like you're used to with the normal Explorer folders. Because the Gmail files will clutter up your Inbox folder, you may wish to create a filter in Gmail to automatically move the files (prefixed with the GMAILFS letters in the subject) to your archived mail folder.

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On December 15, 2013 updated, downloaded 285 times.

PWBoot 1.28MB
PWBoot 3.0.2

Boot OS from USB.

PWBoot 3.0.2 stands for Portable Windows Boot project, this project aims to be make your Windows operating system to boot from USB storage media easily. . Tested storage list USB Flash Kingston DataTraveler 100 (8GB) Sandisk Cruzer Extreme (16GB) Apacer Handy Steno AH328 (8GB) USB HDD Standard 2.5 inch IDE HDD (60GB) Standard 2.5 inch SATA HDD (120GB) Standard 3.5 inch IDE HDD (40GB) Seagate FreeAgent Go (320GB) Supporte...

System Emulators Freeware, On July 14, 2013 updated, downloaded 2551 times.

Kerio Control 8.2.2

Unified Threat Management Software.

Unified Threat Management User Management Quality of Service Flexible Deployment & Administration Protect against evolving threats with application layer firewall, Intrusion Prevention, anti-virus protection, web content filter, and P2P Eliminator. Control user Internet activity and productivity with user-based policies, Internet monitoring and detailed statistics reporting. Prioritize the flow of important networ...

Kerio Control 64bit

Other System Programs Shareware, On January 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 87 times.

PearPC 0.39MB
PearPC 0.5.0

PearPC - PowerPC Emulator.

PearPC 0.5.0 emulates the following hardware: CPU GENERIC: Sort of G4, including altivec. A more or less portable CPU. Using this CPU, the client will run about 500 times slower than the host. As of version 0.4 the generic CPU emulation runs well even on big-endian and 64 bit platforms. CPU JITC-X86: Sort of G4, including altivec. A very fast CPU for x86 systems that translates PowerPC instructions into x86 instructions on-demand. By cachin...


System Emulators Open source, On May 13, 2012 updated, downloaded 107 times.

Vim 9.1MB
Vim 7.4

Vim is an advanced text editor.

What Is Vim 7.4? Vim 7.4 is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim 7.4 is often called a "programmer`s editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It`s not just for programmers, though. Vim 7.4 is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files. Despite what th...

Vim MAC - Vim 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Open source, On August 11, 2013 updated, downloaded 63 times.

D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3

The graphical environment for DOSBox.

In some way D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3 is a successor of the discontinued software D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3 contains all the features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files are compatible with the current program. However, unlike D-Fend, D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3 is open source. The D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3 installer provides everything you need to run old DOS games (D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.3 GUI, DOSBox, language files, FreeDos commandlin...

System Emulators Open source, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 119 times.

AVG PC Tuneup 2011.27

Get the most out of your PC.

Increase speed and performance Internet Optimizer: Speeds up your Internet access by tuning settings specifically to your connection type Service Manager: Disables unnecessary services that use up valuable memory, processor power and space Tweak Manager: Customize 280+ Windows settings to improve your system’s speed and performance Registry Defrag: Rewrites your registry to consume less memory and give your applications faste...

AVG PC Tuneup 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On April 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 118 times.

Redo Backup and Recovery 0.9.8

Most complete disaster recovery solution.

Redo Backup and Recovery 0.9.8 is so simple that anyone can use it. It is the easiest, most complete disaster recovery solution available. It allows bare-metal restore, which means that even if your hard drive melts or gets completely erased by a virus, you can have a completely-functional system back up and running in as little as 10 minutes. All your documents and settings will be restored to the exact same state they were in when th...

Backup & Recovery Open source, On March 11, 2011 updated, downloaded 95 times.

3DMark 11 275.39MB
3DMark 11 1.0.0

Benchmark for measuring the 3D graphics

Deep Sea is a demonstration of DirectX 11 technologies created using an early development build of the 3DMark 11 1.0.0 engine. The Deep Sea trailer features submersibles exploring the sea floor. Volumetric lighting illuminates the seabed with tessellation used to add rich detail to the rock, coral and manmade structures. Post processing delivers depth of field and other lens effects. The music is an original composition. "For over 10 years 3DMar...

3DMark 11 64bit

Performance Testing Freeware, On February 11, 2011 updated, downloaded 183 times.

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