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DownloadRoute excellent awardRecovery for Publisher 1.1.0845

Recovery for Publisher fixes damaged .PUB

Recovery for Publisher 1.1.0845 is a powerful data recovery software for corrupted Microsoft Publisher documents (.PUB). Restores and tables and formatting of the original publication and saves them in more common .RTF format, readable by Microsoft Word and other text processors. Easy to use, no special user skills required. Supports Publisher 2000, 2002 and 2003.

Disks & Files Manage Demo, On November 11, 2008 updated, downloaded 42 times.

Visual Autorun 3.3

Menu and slideshow designer for CDs

Add a custom menu or slideshow to your disc. Packed with the tools you need to create slick, interactive interfaces for data CDs or DVDs. Customize your menu with the integrated designer, add music and a splash screen, and choose an icon from the included collection or create one with Pixelshop. Check-for-Viewer technology helps ensure your recipients can read the disc. Visual Autorun 3.3 has earned the Works with Windows Vista logo from Microsoft.

Visual Autorun 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Comercial, On February 27, 2008 updated, downloaded 99 times.

101 All to CD DVD Burner 2.1.8

Easiest data CD DVD / Audio CD burner & cloner

101 All to CD DVD Burner 2.1.8 is a powerful and easy-to-use cd burning software for data CD/DVD and audio CD burning as well as cloning. You can create and burn data CD/DVD with all files of any format, Making bootable CD/DVD, building and burning ISO image file in high speed.Burns MP3, WAV, WMA, APE files to Audio CDs with a few clicks.101 All to CD DVD Burner 2.1.8 is also an amazing CD/DVD cloner supports Dual Drive Copy as well One Drive Copy!

Burning Media & Data Shareware, On November 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 97 times.

Autoformfiller Free 1.0

save online ID and password, save form

Using the Auto Form Filler you can have ONE password that lets you safely logon to any of your web accounts with just 1 click! You will never have to type user ID and Password again, therefore reducing the risk of your password being stolen by keyboard loggers and malicious viruses! Features: Save online ID and Password Fill online ID and Password Save Form Fill online form

Automation Utils Freeware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 42 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDeleted Windows Partition Data Restore

Deleted windows NTFS hard drive data recovery

Deleted Windows NTFS partition crashed hard disk drive data recovery repair corrupted files. Restore lost, damaged, Windows XP 2000 2003 file system volume recover MBR master boot record MFT master file table, root directory. undelete, unformat, formatted missing word excel documents pictures, photo from desktop laptop not detected ide ata sata scsi drive, virus attack power failure boot up problem permanent deletion or executing fdisk command.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 98 times.

wfNameC 0.02MB

Filename completion for edit controls, src.

Windows Filename Completion (wfNameC 1.13) is a utility for keyboard users. It allows filenames to be completed by pressing a key. Three keys are available. Two will cycle through all names (one forwards, one backwards); the third will display a list. These keys can be used interchangeably (the list can be displayed during a cycle; the cycle will continue after a list selection).

Other System Programs Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 27 times.

Admiral 0.53MB

Expose and Quick Launch in Windows XP + Vista

Regain control of your Windows XP or Vista desktop! Quickly open any program, folder or window on disk by typing a few letters from its name. Switch between windows using a simple cool overview with miniature representations -- see all of them. Change process priorities so they stick the next time the process runs -- Great for giving programs low priority so you can use the computer for other stuff. Also set always on top on windows and more.

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On July 4, 2007 updated, downloaded 69 times.

KeySim 0.04MB
KeySim 1.0

Key Sim simulates keystrokes.

Key Sim simulates keystrokes. It is used to automize programs which do not have command line options.

Automation Utils Freeware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 47 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCHAOS Compressor 3.0

CHAOS Compressor is the easy archiver.

Data compression utility, which allows you to quickly open, create, and modify your archives.

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 75 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardSysTray Timer 1.3.01

Start an application/alarm at every x minutes

Freeware - Automation/Timer/Scheduler. This incredibly small utility will start an application/alarm at every x minutes. Chose an interval (between 1 minute and infinite), choose the file to be run and that's all. Automation-scheduler tool. Small timer utility. Starts an application/alarm at every x minutes. Runs in Windows system tray. No need to install. Free download. software. This incredibly small utility will start an application/

SysTray Timer 64bit

Automation Utils Shareware, On November 12, 2010 updated, downloaded 122 times.

Remove temporary junk files from your PC

DiskSweeper Free 2.1 is a disk cleaning program which finds and removes unnecessary garbage files from your local and network disk drives. It removes temporary files , backup files, installation leftover files created by many programs, internet cache files, internet cookies, zero size files, recycle bin, windows temporary files.

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On April 29, 2010 updated, downloaded 60 times.

nnBackup 0.34MB
nnBackup 3.01 RC1

Backup and directory synchronization tool

Small and convenient tool for backing up and synchronizing your files and folders, creating and processing file-lists. You can optionally compress the data using gz/zip algorythms and start specified applications before and after main backup process. nnBackup 3.01 RC1 advantages: powerful "inclusive/exclusive" file-name masks, file creation/modification/last-access dates management, small memory fingerprint, customizeability and fastest working speed

nnBackup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 65 times.

DupeTrasher 2009

Remove duplicate files, folders and archives.

DupeTrasher 2009 finds and removes duplicate files and folders from your computer. There are predefined options for common search scenarios as well as option for customized search. DupeTrasher 2009 can search inside archives, filter and sort results and assist you with marking duplicates for removal. Rich feature set with user-friendly interface makes DupeTrasher 2009 fast, safe and easy to use. Improved usability requires just the minimum effort from the user.

DupeTrasher 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On September 19, 2009 updated, downloaded 22 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAdvanced File Organizer 3.01

Catalog and organize your disks and files.

Advanced File Organizer 3.01 is a cataloguer for your data collection on CDs, DVDs, Memory Stick cards, hard drives, network drives etc. You can add searchable comments for files and folders, combine disks and folders into groups and sort your data by categories and subcategories using Drag`n`Drop. As a result you get your catalog of files and folders sorted and optimized for convenient browsing, quick and powerful search and making reports.

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 91 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEF StartUp Manager 18.03

Control what programs run at the system start

The EF StartUp Manager 18.03 allows you a simple handling and complete control of applications which starts with Windows. They can insert, temporarly disable or delete with ease new programs. More, the controlled starting mode makes it possible to start the programs in a defined order and optionaly specify a delay between them. Multilingual. Shareware

EF StartUp Manager 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On March 20, 2018 updated, downloaded 172 times.

TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter 1.1

Cut large file to small pieces and reassemble

Cut large file(DVD/VCD/Movie/Video..) into smaller pieces and later reassemble them back to original

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 37 times.

RealTimeBackup v3 3.00.240

Automatic backup

Automatic backup after time schedule, interval or only connecting a USB-device and the backup starts immediately. Backups can be encrypted. Supports BitLocker as well as turning on and off of computers on the local network. Classical backup as copy or backup in timeline. Remote access to other computers with RealTimeBackup on the Internet to monitor and control backups.

RealTimeBackup v3 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On June 25, 2015 updated, downloaded 54 times.

Favorite Anywhere 1.0

backup, restore your favorite at anywhere.

backup, restore your favorite at anywhere. (1) You can build a backup file(ZIP file) for your favorite at your PC. Take it to anywhere, just like take your Favorite to anywhere. (It`s a freeware.) (2) You can save your Favorite at our network server. In family, office or guesthouse, even in anywhere, you can backup and restore your Favorite. (This function is for Professional version, please upgrade to get it.)

Backup & Recovery Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 51 times.

DownloadRoute good awardAtlantis Nova

The friendly word processor

Atlantis will be the perfect companion to all your word processing tasks. Whenever you will need to spend less time and less effort creating documents, Atlantis will be there to help. You can now stop wasting valuable time using software with bloated interface. Atlantis is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing tasks with the greatest of ease. No more complicated actions, no more time lost.

Text Viewers & Editors Freeware, On March 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 63 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Optimize your cache to act as a ram booster

Optimize your cache to act as a ram booster and boost computer speed. Discover extreme pc speed with Internet software solutions. Windows fills up your computer`s memory (RAM)and finally RAM is filled with unnecessary application and system data. Turbo Memory 2.5 RAM Booster recovers your computer`s memory. Turbo Memory 2.5 RAM Booster boosts the physical memory available to Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP. You don`t need to reboot your computer anymore.

Turbo Memory 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 65 times.

DownloadRoute cool award

This is very usefull synchronization utility.

This is simple but very usefull synchronization utility. This program can synchronize only files which were modified in the past few days. So, you can have two large folders on two computers, and you are using Flash Drive for copying files, for example. When you make some change in one of these folders you can call Sync Last Files 1.2 for synchronization. It will copy only modified files to the Flash Drive.

Backup & Recovery Freeware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 81 times.

DownloadRoute good awardFile Recover and Shredder 1.0

Utility to Recover and shred deleted files.

Did you know that files you have deleted in the past can still be seen or viewed, windows does not remove deleted files, it keeps them on a hidden area on your PC and easily be seen and viewed. File Recover and Shredder 1.0 will recover and shred your deleted files quickly ans easily

Other System Programs Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Outlook Express Backup Genie 1.6

Backup email data from top 9 Email Clients.

Outlook Express Backup Genie 1.6 is a backup and synchronization tool for your email database ( messages, address book, contacts, accounts, mail rules, signatures ). Works with top 9 popular Email Clients: Outlook Express Backup, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, The Bat and PocoMail. Multilingual interface: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Download the Free Evaluation Now!

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On September 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 85 times.

Virtual CD emulator - Maximum CD Performance!

Create up to 23 virtual CD/DVD drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs/DVDs! You can run several CD/DVD-based applications simultaneously. Exceed performance of your physical CD-ROM up to 200x. Moreover, you can overcome your CD protection in raw mode to create scratch- and dust-protected backups of your favorite CDs. (Also supports copy protected CDs (SafeDisc; SecuRom; Laserlock) and CSS encoded DVDs.) Easy Built-in burner and eraser.

Disks & Files Manage Demo, On July 3, 2007 updated, downloaded 93 times.

SwiftCompare 1.5

Compare Folders and Files with SwiftCompare

SwiftCompare 1.5 is a visual file and folder compare software tool that allows you to compare folders before merging and synchronizing them quickly and easily. SwiftCompare 1.5 allows you to compare folders, drives, PCs, USB storage devices and indeed any other storage devices that maintain the same files in various locations.

SwiftCompare 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 1, 2011 updated, downloaded 61 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEasy MP3 CD Burner 2.10

Burn your own audio CDs from MP3 and wav file

Easy MP3 CD Burner 2.10 is a CD-Burning software that enables you quickly and easily to create your own custom audio CDs from existing MP3 or WAV files on your system. The customized Audio CD can be played on your home Hi-Fi or car CD player or CD walkman. What`s more! No sound quality lost and quite easy! What you hear is what you get! With a pretty built-in mini-player, you can test the tracks before burning.

Easy MP3 CD Burner 64bit

Burning Media & Data Shareware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 52 times.

DownloadRoute good awardRarissimo File Compression with NTFS for FTP - Site License 1.0b

Include NTFS streams in file compression

Creation of compressed files packing data and streams for use with a standard FTP not only Mac specific. It automatically builds sequential compressed filenames stored in target transit folder waiting for transfer via FTP or email. Initial Macintosh structures, filenames and NTFS Windows 2000 files properties are recovered during uncompression in destination drives. This secures a transit via a non NTFS drive without loosing specific ressources.

File Compression & Encoding Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 113 times.

DownloadRoute cool award

Backup your Palm or Handspring to ZIP!

EZ Palm Backup 1.21 makes it easy to backup your Palm Desktop handheld data to a ZIP archive and works with the Windows Task Scheduler to provide an automated backup solution.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 58 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFast Cleaner 4.7

Fast Cleaner, a skinnable disk clean utility

A fast,poweful,skinnalbe and easy to use disk clean utility to free up your valuable disk space by cleaning up those error-making and useless garbage files! Features: 1. Skinnable interface; 2. Engine Technology to identify garbage files and ignore important files; 3. Integration with Context-Menu to perform disk cleanup; 4. Extremely high speed to search garbage files; 5. Value-added functions for advanced users to perform manual cleanup!

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 65 times.

Easy Pdf Converter 6.0.3

Convert your files into PDF documents.

Easy Pdf Converter 6.0.3 is a fast and efficient PDF converter. After having selected a batch of files, a right click is enough to convert those files into PDF files in few seconds ! This is a fast software, easy to use and with a low price. A PDF printer is also installed to produce PDF files from all the windows applications ! The quality of the PDF files produced is excellent.

PDF Software Shareware, On January 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 54 times.

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