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Copy paste the result anywhere.Ease of use.

Finally, the fastest way to convert dBWatt (decibelWatt) to Watt and vice versa. [ WHY? ] The App that can convert all the units are slow to use the feature, then the solution would be to have an App that does exactly what you want. This is exactly what makes Decibel Watt 1.0. Just open the application and start typing numbers. That's all.The app will convert the number entered for both dBWatt and Watt on the fly. No need to specify which units you want to convert, just enter the number and read the result. [ FEATURES ] Convert dBW to Watt and vice versa.Copy paste the result anywhere.Ease of use.[ COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS ] Windows 8 or later, all platforms.[ LANGUAGE ] Available in English.[ CONTACT ] For help, suggestions, or feature requests contact and visit the official website, we are: Convert dBW to Watt and vice versa. Copy paste the result anywhere. Ease of use.

Other System Programs Freeware, On June 13, 2013 updated, downloaded 7 times.

SAFKAS ePub to HTML 1.00

Converts ePub books in HTML files in a batch.

Are you tired of annoying EPUB Reader, which you need to install to read your favorite books? This is not a problem anymore! With SAFKAS ePub to HTML 1.00 you can convert any free ePub book into HTML files. You can convert multiple ePub files in one batch.

SAFKAS ePub to HTML 64bit

Other System Programs Shareware, On February 4, 2012 updated, downloaded 10 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEasy MPEG to DVD Burner 1.7.11

1 click mpeg to DVD solution

Easy MPEG to DVD Burner 1.7.11 is fast, high quality DVD authoring and burning software which helps you convert mpeg,dat files to DVD and burn DVD disc with easy. Easy MPEG to DVD Burner 1.7.11 supports generate DVD image and save to hard disk,or burn hard disk DVD iamge to blank disc.supports both NTSC and PAL TV system.Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Easy MPEG to DVD Burner 64bit

Burning Media & Data Shareware, On June 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 127 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardABF Outlook Express Backup 2.75

ABF Outlook Express Backup

ABF Outlook Express Backup 2.75 is handy backup tool for popular Outlook Express mail client. This time saving utility enables you to backup all important Outlook Express data, including emails, contacts, mail and news accounts, rules, signatures and Internet Explorer favorites. Also, ABF Outlook Express Backup 2.75 can be easily used to transfer and synchronize Outlook Express between several computers.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On September 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 67 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardRegistry Cleanup 7.57

Clean up your registry safely

Registry Cleanup 7.57 Utility has easy-to-use wizard window to guide you to scan and clean your Windows Registry safely. it can find all of the incorrect or obsolete items in the Windows registry. By fixing these error items in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. our Registry Cleanup 7.57 Utility has built-in task scheduler (schedule your cleaning tasks), startup cleaner (manage your startup items), BHO Remover...

Registry Cleanup 64bit

Registry Tools Shareware, On August 24, 2011 updated, downloaded 68 times.

File SyncForce 5.06

File synchronization/backup (PC/FTP/PB)

File SyncForce 5.06 is a state-of-the-art program that performs file synchronization between PCs, hard drives, client/server networks, and laptops. It has the capability of performing automatic scheduled syncs and backup operations while you are running other programs. Protect your vital corporate data while easing local development and minimizing network traffic! Version control for c,pascal,java,delphi,VB,C#,C

File SyncForce 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On January 8, 2012 updated, downloaded 55 times.

Boost XP 4.69MB
DownloadRoute good awardBoost XP 2.1

Ornament Windows with cutting-edge features

Boost XP 2.1 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility that lets you fine-tune Windows and Internet Explorer and makes your computer run faster. Whether you want to tweak your Windows registry, clean up your hard drive, erase tracks, or increase your multimedia and game performance, Boost XP 2.1`s integrated suite of programs can get your system running at peak performance levels.

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On July 9, 2008 updated, downloaded 71 times.

Remote Backup Magic Pro 3.5

Protect your data by backing it up remotely

Hard drive crashes, virues and other data-erasing disasters can happen any time. Protect your data by backing it up to multiple locations: FTP, Email, LAN and Local folders.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On March 2, 2010 updated, downloaded 55 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDefragmenter Lite Plus 3.1

Automatic cleanup, scandisk & defrag utility.

Does defragmenting your hard disk take too long time? Does "Drive`s content changed: restarting ..." sound familiar? Does "Windows cannot defragment this drive because ..." sound familiar? Did you know that pagefile (swapfile), besides slowing down the defrag process, is the main reason for poor results after a disk defrag?Did you know that defragmenting junk files is waste of time and you should clean up your disk before defragmenting?

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 63 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCresotech Easystart 2.0

Tool to manage/launch/monitor other programs

Powerful and compact skinnable tool, Cresotech Easystart 2.0, is really an easy way to manage, locate, start and monitor any program on your computer with indication of the general time of its operation, how often you accessed it, and other details. Locate any program, form the list of programs on your computer, sort them by name, time of oper, last access time or calls number. Create own custom groups of favourite peograms for further convenience.

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 72 times.

SuperClip 0.2MB
DownloadRoute cool awardSuperClip 1.6

SuperClip is a clipboard tool!

SuperClip 1.6 is a tool which copies previous inserted text with a mouse click into the clipboard! Very simple to use and very useful if you often insert text into formulars, write emails etc.

SuperClip 64bit

Clipboard Utilities Freeware, On August 21, 2012 updated, downloaded 68 times.

Macro Keyboard Mouse Recorder Wizard 2.1

Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder

Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2.1 lets you record and play back keyboard and mouse actions. Also has Hot Keys that enable you to Run Marcos, Run Applications, Send a string a text, Send Key Strokes too. - Macro Software

Automation Utils Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 65 times.

Server-To-Server Password Synchronizer 5.01.090131

Transparent password synchronization: Windows

Server-To-Server Password Synchronizer 5.01.090131 keeps a group of accounts/passwords in sync between any mixture of Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Server 2003 as well IBM OS/2, LAN Server. Operations are performed by a single workstation/server that has been loaded with Server-To-Server Password Synchronizer 5.01.090131 - no client modifications are needed.

Server-To-Server Password Synchronizer 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Comercial, On January 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 38 times.

VirtualDrive 36.16MB
DownloadRoute good awardVirtualDrive 11.5

Play PC games without the CD.

Convert your CDs and DVDs into files that run directly on a hard drive. Play games without inserting the physical discs -- simply click on a desktop icon to launch a virtual CD with access rates up to 200 times faster than a CD-ROM. Share virtual CDs over a network, and enjoy access rates up to 200 times faster than physical CDs, boosting the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications.

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 104 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award12Ghosts TrayProtect 9.70

Hide tray icons, restore after a crash

To keep track of many tray icons you may hide those that you don't need all the time. You can still access such hidden tray icons in the context menu of 12-Tray. It will also restore tray icons after a 'crash' or restart of the taskbar. Usually the taskbar comes up after a crash without any tray icons. You had to stop and restart all related programs to restore the tray icons. Now, 12-Tray will restore tray icons automatically.

12Ghosts TrayProtect 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On August 26, 2012 updated, downloaded 52 times.

GetPDF Splitter Merger 3.22

Merge and split PDF files quickly and easily.

With GetPDF Splitter Merger 3.22, it's easy to split a PDF file into several single-page PDF files, or save selected pages as new PDF files. You also can merge more than two PDF files in a custom sequence into one PDF document, which preserves the look and feel of the original PDF documents. GetPDF Splitter Merger 3.22 is a standalone program, with Adobe Acrobat not required.

GetPDF Splitter Merger 64bit

PDF Software Shareware, On June 7, 2014 updated, downloaded 55 times.

Acronis True Image 2018.9660

The #1 Personal Backup Software

Acronis True Image 2018.9660 - the fastest, easiest and the only backup software that actively defends against ransomware. Protect the personal digital data on your computers, smartphones, tablets and Facebook. Dual protection to back up to external drives, network shares, NAS or Acronis Cloud Storage. Now including powerful search within backups, real-time and offline backup insights, mobile device backup and more. Reliable. Easy. Secure.

Acronis True Image 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On October 4, 2017 updated, downloaded 68 times.

RBackup for Online Backup Services 11.12.0

Online Backup Software for Service Providers

Start an Online Backup Service. RBackup Remote Backup is a white-labeled Online Backup system with a full-featured Client and a powerful Server. Easily branded. Versatile scheduler, compression and strong encryption. All features included - nothing else to install. Backs up Open and Locked Files, Exchange (sub-mailbox level), multiple instances of SQL Server, System State, Active Directory, Hyper-V, VMWare, Full Drive Images, and all files

RBackup for Online Backup Services 64bit

Backup & Recovery Demo, On June 9, 2015 updated, downloaded 70 times.

DiffnMerge 2.34MB
DiffnMerge 1.3

Quick and Easy File and Folder Comparing.

Quick and Easy File and Folder Comparing. Compare two text files side by side, then merge the text files manually (point-and-click) or automatically. Recursively compare and synchronize trees of folders and files to find the differences both in file presence and file contents. Compare two HTML documents side by side using Microsoft Internet Explorer (Compare HTML documents even if the tags are organised differently in the two documents).

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 55 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Floppy Disk data recovery analysis software

Recursive disk level data recovery analysis software for bad Floppy Disks. Single recursive run lists all files having a folder entry from an inaccessible floppy disk. Listed files and orphaned files can be recovered by using RECOVER Floppy Pro v1.0. Meant for floppy disks that generate 'Drive A: is not accessible' or 'The disk in drive A: is not formatted' errors in WINDOWS.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On March 25, 2012 updated, downloaded 74 times.

AutoIntern 7.52MB
AutoIntern 2.1.22

Comprehensive Automation Program for Windows

Start automating your programs and dataflow like big companies do. AutoIntern 2.1.22 2.0 takes routine and complex tasks and executes them automatically based on times and dates or other triggers you specify. NEW Features: AutoIntern 2.1.22 runs as a service. Centrally manage other copies of AutoIntern 2.1.22 across your Windows network. AutoIntern 2.1.22 events can now fire in response to QuickBooks transactions. Fire events when ODBC-compatible databases are update

Automation Utils Demo, On October 11, 2008 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Twin Files 0.88MB
Twin Files 1.3

Twin Files identifies duplicate files

Twin Files 1.3 identifies files that are empty, trash, or duplicate other files on your disk. Because these files may be unnecessary, Twin Files 1.3 lists them, and lets you take appropriate action on those files you specify to free up disk space. It is a good idea to run Twin Files 1.3 before you install applications, compare files downloaded from the Internet and before you optimize a drive.

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 50 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardDisk Investigator 1.61

Discover all that is hidden on your hard disk

Disk Investigator 1.61 helps you to discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. Display the true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors. View and search raw directories, files, clusters, and system sectors. Undelete previously deleted files. Verify the effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs.

Disk Investigator 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On April 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 79 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardHeatsoft Automatic Synchronizer 2017.32.1.1

Fast and easy-to-use automatic synchronizer

HAS is a folder mirroring and file synchronization utility that enables you to perform the automated (optionally as a Windows service) or manual synchonizing of local and network files. Its purpose is to provide fast, flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files on most storage media. The visual run option gives you an opportunity to control every step over synchronization.

Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On March 18, 2017 updated, downloaded 111 times.

Smack 2.99MB
DownloadRoute cool awardSmack 1.06

Record keystrokes and mouse events

Smack 1.06 can record keystrokes, mouse clicks and movements and playback under three types of speed (High-Normal-Low). with Normal speed keystrokes and mouse clicks are played back as they recorded exactly. with high speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with no delaying time between events. with low speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with delaying time between your event but more than the normal.

Automation Utils Shareware, On November 5, 2011 updated, downloaded 40 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardClear Read-Only 1.1

Tool for clearing Read-Only file attributes.

Clear Read-Only 1.1 is powerful tool for clearing Read-Only file attribute. You can easily change all files & folders Read-Only file/folder attribute just clicking Start buton. There are several options like “Include subfolders”, “Apply to files”, “Apply to folders” for customizing operation types.

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 40 times.

SUS Reset 1.54MB

SUS Reset aids in Windows Patch Management

SUS Reset 1.5 aids in Windows patch management by resetting the Auto Update service status on all or selected systems in your network. This will help ensure that when patches are installed, all the current patches for that system are applied, rather than having to go through multiple rounds of patching. Key Features: Works in a multi-domain environment. Shows the current automatic update status of each system. Can reset thousands of systems quickly.

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 46 times.

DownloadRoute good awardEasyCleaner 2.0.6

A small program which searches the Windows...

EasyCleaner 2.0.6 is a small program which searches the Windows registry for entries that are pointing nowhere. EasyCleaner 2.0.6 also lets you delete all kinds of unnecessary files such as temps and backups. You can search for duplicate files and you can view some interesting info about your disk space usage! You are also able to manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and add/remove software list. ToniArts may not be held accountable in any way if...

Registry Tools Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 77 times.

CinemaDrape 2.2

Focus on your current task on screen

CinemaDrape 2.2 helps you focus on your current task on the screen (such as a video in a web page, a photo or a document editor area) by instantly blanking or dimming the other less important areas in a web page or in the background windows. With CinemaDrape 2.2 you no longer have to manually clean up your working screen area, close windows, or watch lower resolution videos in full screen mode just to get rid of disturbing side elements or ads.

CinemaDrape 64bit

Other System Programs Freeware, On September 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 53 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardRegistrar Registry Manager 7.52

complete registry management solution

Registrar Registry Manager 7.52 is a complete registry management solution with a wealth of powerful features. It is intended as a complete and safe solution for administrators and power user for maintaining the Windows registry.

Registrar Registry Manager 64bit

Registry Tools Freeware, On May 11, 2013 updated, downloaded 96 times.

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