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DownloadRoute excellent awardPDF417 Barcode ASP Component 5.0.1

PDF417 Barcode ASP Component

Our small footprint PDF417 ASP component is an ATL COM product which can add professional quality 2D barcode PNG format image to your web pages running on the IIS server.

PDF Software Shareware, On March 13, 2014 updated, downloaded 89 times.

CheckSpace 2.67MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardCheckSpace 3.3.0

Monitoring tool for system events and health

With CheckSpace 3.3.0 you can monitor the free space of harddisks and partitions. Also, you can monitor directories, so that it worked like a disk quota. The event log monitor informs you by mail if new entries are written in the log. The Dr. Watson monitor cachtes Watson errors and send you a detailed error report. The application monitor checks if a program is running. The http monitor check if your website is on or off error.

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 86 times.

DownloadRoute good awardGate-and-Way Backup 2.2

Automatic Backup all your LAN`s data each day

Backup all your LAN`s data in once. Automatic, Simple, Client/Server Each day of the week will have its own online backup, automatically copying the data contained either in the Gate-and-Way server, or in the network computers. You will never lose any data due to hard disk crashes either at the server side or at the client one. Other Gate-and-Way`s modules: Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, RAS. All them integrated and centrally managed.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 95 times.

CleanTree 0.51MB
DownloadRoute excellent award

I delete files and temporary folders

I delete files and temporary folders. But I can`t treat the dummy folders (e.g. temporary internet...

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 63 times.

Tray Calendar 2.8g

Easy to use notepad calendar software program

Tray Calendar 2.8g is:- easy to use notepad calendar software program. - minimizes to the Windows system tray. - system tray icon shows the current day of the month. - notes may be entered for each day. - customize the fonts, color, and the starting day of the week (Sunday or Monday). - click to copy the current date to the Windows Clipboard.

Other System Programs Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 57 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardA-PDF Number 1.3

Add page number to PDF files.

A-PDF Number 1.3 is a free software utility program that adds/creates page number in .pdf files which are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above. The program is a standalone application. No Adobe Acrobat needed. Features: * Adding number partly. * Three display mode: number, ROMAN(IV), roman (iv). * Three positon select. Left, Middle, Right. * Prefix setting. * Color setting.

PDF Software Freeware, On May 27, 2009 updated, downloaded 89 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardpdf4u Printer

Quality PDF conversion with minimal expense

pdf4u is an online PDF conversion service that lets you produce professional-quality PDF documents without the need to spend a lot of money for conversion software. Simply install and use the pdf4u Printer to customize PDF output settings and create an intermediate file that is automatically submitted to the online conversion center. In a few minutes the PDF document is sent back to you as an email attachment.

PDF Software Shareware, On January 15, 2008 updated, downloaded 98 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEF System Monitor 18.10

Shows local or remote system resources

EF System Monitor 18.10 is a Windows program that shows you comprehensive information about your local or remote (over TCP/IP) system resources and performances. Multilingual. Shareware

EF System Monitor 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On September 27, 2018 updated, downloaded 209 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

A Stand Alone Reminder Program.

A Stand Alone Reminder Program That Gets The Job Done ... Professionally. Runs in your system tray until it`s time for a popup reminder or until you wish to exercise some of it`s many facilities. A powerful "Notification Process" allows you to specify multiple actions when the "Notify Me" date and time arrives. Powerful view and search facility.

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 92 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCiAN File Splitter Pro 3.85

CiAN File Splitter v3.85 Pro New release!

CiAN File Splitter Pro 3.85 v3.85 is a powerful and easy-to-use File Splitter and Joiner that is designed to split huge files and rejoin without having this software installed on the destination PC. Features include Compression (Winzip Compatible), password protection on distributable files, SFV checksum, command line capabilities, fully integrated Ms Windows Explorer, Windows Process priority adjustement selector and more ...

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On March 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 75 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardZune Files Data Recovery

Zune Music Recovery tools restore lost songs

Zune recovery software is read only and non destructive tool to restore damaged digital media player mpeg, wav, WMA, AAC files. Recovery utility retrieves Virus infected lost data inaccessible music songs formatted photo accidentally deleted audio video snaps clips restore corrupted, missing and previously stored data. Zune Recovery Software supports recovery from operating system 2000 server, NT, ME, XP professional window server.

Data Recovery Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 99 times.

MBR and boot sector recovery for W2000 & XP

BootMaster PLUS is a powerful and easy to use rescue diskette for Windows 2000 & XP systems. Includes unique DOS/NT dual boot capability. Recovers deleted FAT and NTFS partitions with a few keystrokes. Undeletes files on NTFS volumes. Features include "Advanced Diagnostics and Repair", FAT & NTFS file system previewers, powerful editing capabilities, and more.

Operating System Maintenance Demo, On October 9, 2007 updated, downloaded 100 times.

Eluent Tools 1.90

GUI search/replace with Perl plus much more

Eluent Tools 1.90 is a collection of file and folder tools that enhances the Windows shell, command line, Visual C++, and Visual Studio .NET. The tools include Eluent Replace, a GUI-based, interactive, multi-pattern, multi-file search and replace program that uses Perl regular expressions and supports Perl scripting; Eluent Find, a file contents searcher and viewer that supports a variety of regular expression dialects, including Perl, and much more.

Other System Programs Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 112 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardEZ Eudora Backup 1.21

Backup your Eudora mail and address book!

EZ Eudora Backup 1.21 makes it easy to backup your mail and address book to a ZIP archive and works with the Windows Task Scheduler to provide an automated backup solution.

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 93 times.

Link2Exe creates EXE-links to your services

Link2Exe is a tool for the Web professional, Graphic Artist or Business specialist. Create your own online/offline link applications with your company logo (icon). Instant links to Website, E-mail, FTP, Folders, Applications etc. Link2Exe has an easy to use interface, and with it you can create and distribute an application (4-23k) that will easily put your services at a users finger tips, quickly and professionally.

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 84 times.

ViaCleaner 2.54MB
DownloadRoute good award

Clean PC registry and delete search history.

ViaCleaner 7.1 7.1 is an Internet Privacy Software, which allows users to clean PC from spyware as well as to delete search history and cookies. ViaCleaner 7.1 enables users to cleanup disk effectively, so you can completely erase tracks on your computer.

Registry Tools Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 91 times.

ECM Tuning 3.25MB
DownloadRoute good awardECM Tuning 5.0

Guide for tweaking os windows.

Detailed guidance for the configuration of the operating system Windows without any tools. Each important attitude, which can be corrected and should, is described in detail with Screenshots. In particular the attitudes of the memory (Caches) and the configuration of an optimal memory access are represented. One refers to interesting supplementary product lines and Add Ons.

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 90 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardBackRex Easy Backup 2.8.178

Backup Windows & Office settings & profile

BackRex Easy Backup 2.8.178 allows you to backup, transfer or migrate your current Windows system settings, customizations & profile, such as desktop layout, regional settings, etc. BackRex Easy Backup 2.8.178 also process customizations for MS Office suite, Outlook and Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, including personal address books, mail & news folders, favorites, contacts, tasks, notes, recent documents and much more.

BackRex Easy Backup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On May 19, 2015 updated, downloaded 190 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardPDF Searcher 1.06

Pdfsearcher searches Pdf files, converts text

Pdfsearcher finds PDF files, search zip archives for pdf files, convert pdf to text, locate text, view files, display search strings, match text . It searches subfolders & uses dates size, text, case sensitive, search 90 multiple search strings at once. The program can load and save search parameters, print search results,shows paths for extracting files & view occurences of matching strings inside files. Page ranges can be converted to text.

PDF Software Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 70 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardRiverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0

Clean, repair and optimize Windows registry.

Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0 is a highly reliable tool to clean up unnecessary registry entries in your registry. Backup function makes Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0 safe and convenient. It allows you to easily recover any changes if required. Registry editor provided by Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0 also lets you manually choose registry entries to be fixed. Included handy Startup Manager adds to the list of Riverbit Registry Cleaner 2.0 advantages.

Registry Tools Shareware, On May 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 96 times.

macDiskCleaner 1.0

Use macDiskCleaner to keep clean your disks.

macDiskCleaner 1.0 is the program for deleting any files defined by the user. You can clean or all the `My computer` at once, or only the one disk or folder. Algorithm of the searching is very rapid, so cleaning won`t take much time. Interface of the program is very simple and friendly. Use macDiskCleaner 1.0 to keep clean and efficient for the work your disks.

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 48 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

The ultimate registry & system cleaning tool!

WiseCleaner 1.4 is the ultimate registry and system cleaning tool and performance improvement machine! With WiseCleaner 1.4, you can now safely reduce the size of your system registry, optimize it for better performance, therefore improving performance!

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 60 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEZ Backup IM Premium 6.42

Backup your mail with EZ Backup!

EZ Backup IM Premium 6.42 makes it easy to backup your IncrediMail mail, address book and settings to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!

EZ Backup IM Premium 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On December 16, 2013 updated, downloaded 109 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardCZ Print Job Report 3.0

CZ Print Job Report

CZ Print Job Report 3.0 is a tool allowing you to generate and view 94 reports including 54 default reports and 40 customized reports in Any Language. These reports are designed for your print cost analysis.. These reports are compatible with CZ print management software, it can also be used with any other third party print management software to view and generate report.

CZ Print Job Report 64bit

Printing Applications Freeware, On March 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 145 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award123 Cleaner 6.50

Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs

123 Cleaner 6.50r is a program designed specifically to Cover Your Tracks, with only a Click ,You can erase all the tracks that you left on your PC completely. Keep Your Surfing Private .

123 Cleaner 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On May 13, 2013 updated, downloaded 112 times.

Duplicate DLL File Finder Software 7.0

Find duplicate DLL files.

Find duplicate DLL files. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin.

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 65 times.

Author and burn DVD-Audio discs

DVD-Audio Solo 1.3 is an integrated authoring application to burn DVD-Audio discs with high-resolution up to 192kHz/24bit, 5.1 surround music. With it, you can enjoy audio at the best available DVD quality, beyond DVD-Video and CD. Features include play and rip back disc on PC, built-in high-resolution recording and high quality up-sampling. Support wav, aif, flac, mp3, ogg vorbis, cue sheet, pictures. Simple to use, sleek user interface.

Burning Media & Data Shareware, On July 3, 2007 updated, downloaded 130 times.

Windows File Explorer 0.6.0

File manager for Windows.

Windows File Explorer 0.6.0 is a file manager for Windows similar to Windows Explorer. But Windows File Explorer 0.6.0 uses a different approach: it features many options that Microsoft`s Windows Explorer is missing like image preview and it has two fixed file views side by side (but can be change to a single file view) that is useful when copying many files from folder to folder. You do not want to use another file manager!

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 102 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSuper Utilities Standard 9.42

Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!

Super Utilities is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC! These utilities include Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Spyware Removal, Uninstall Plus, StartUp Manager, Hide Folder, Tracks Washer, Super ExeLock, Super Undelete, Driver Backup, Auto shutdown, Windows Manager, Process Manager, Super Shell and Folder Size. You can get your system running at peak performance levels in few minutes with it.

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On February 27, 2009 updated, downloaded 122 times.

DownloadRoute good award

Fast converting HTML to RTF.

Fast converting multiple HTML to RTF. You can convert HTML into RTF with tables or transform tables to the text. You can convert many files at once. Average speed of converting in RTF - 15 files in a second. After converting RTF - files decrease twice in comparison with a DOC-format.

Text Viewers & Editors Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 77 times.

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