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Download Bootpart 2.60
DownloadRoute excellent awardBootpart 2.60

Bootpart, the Windows boot tools

... with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. BOOTPART lets you add partitions in the Windows NT ... XP Multiboot menu. Usually, you only have an MSDOS or ... entries on the Windows NT multiboot. You can also restore the Dos, Windows 95 ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 63 times | 0.02MB

Download BOOTSave 2.9
BOOTSave 2.9

saves/restores the master boot sector

... BootSave saves/restores the master boot sector on the hard disk. ... Suite of three utilities BootSave, BootRest and BootChk. Protects against damage to the partition table or ... Norton NU. This version does NOT save the boot sectors for each individual partition, just the MBR ...

Freeware | Nov 26, 2012 | downloaded 0 times | 0.06MB

BPS Data Shredder

Destroys files, free space and Recycle Bin.

... BPS Data Shredder literally destroys files, free space and your Recycle Bin contents instead of only ... deleting them. That means your data contents once overwritten and destroyed It can ... be recovered. The user therefore should be sure of the ... she wants to shred.There are many safeguards built into the BPS Data ...

Demo | Oct 12, 2009 | downloaded 36 times | 4.03MB

Download Bram 2.0
Bram 2.0

Bram is the Batch Renamer and Mover!

... Bram is the Batch Renamer and Mover. It is used to batch rename files, as ... or copy them. You can work with one folder of items, or include its subfolders ... are many different ways you can renames the files, including dynamic parts that are unique for each ...

Freeware | Nov 12, 2011 | downloaded 21 times | 0.88MB

Download BringBack 2.1
DownloadRoute excellent awardBringBack 2.1

BringBack File & Digital Format Recovery Tool

... easy to use, inexpensive, and highly successful data file recovery for Windows ... digital images stored on memory cards, hardware RAID, etc. Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS and Ext2 file ... reconstruction capabilities. This easy to use file recovery solution is far more effective than other available ...

Demo | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 84 times | 2.38MB

Comfortable Disk Cataloging tool for Windows

... Catalog your disks, and easily browse or search in them. The program can even catalog contents ... of packed archives. Enter or let the program create ... description for items in the database. Set additional information like comment, author etc. to ... easily. Create and export or print customizable item listings. The program is also well-suited for Audio-CDs, for ...

Shareware | Dec 2, 2006 | downloaded 44 times | 0.87MB

Broken Shortcut Fixer 1.2

Repair and delete broken shortcuts.

... Repair and delete broken shortcuts with Broken Shortcut Fixer. This program is ... freeware application from ConsumerSoft. Broken Shortcut Fixer will automatically repair any shortcuts that it can ... delete any shortcuts that cannot be repaired. Download Broken Shortcut Fixer today and repair your shortcuts ...

Freeware | Jul 20, 2012 | downloaded 33 times | 0.92MB

Broken X Disk Manager 4.12

Manage your files with this disk catalog.

... DVDs or other media with this disk catalog. The program can even catalog contents of packed ... description for items in the catalog. Set additional information like comment or author to ... find files faster. Export customizable reports. Also well-suited for Audio ... CDs and music files (MP3/WMA/OGG). Search with wildcards and many options. View thumbnails ...

Shareware | Jan 19, 2016 | downloaded 48 times | 2.44MB

Bru File Manager 0.5.3

Bru File Manager is a file manager

... Bru File Manager is ... java cross-platform file manager and FTP client. It allows to perform the usual operations on ...

Freeware | Feb 28, 2011 | downloaded 41 times | 0.83MB

BuduSynchro 1.0.0

Folder synchronize software

BuduSynchro is a folder synchronize software to update files between two folders. BuduSynchro will ensure you get the latest file and information. Report on synchronize activity will be displayed for your information.

Freeware | Jul 26, 2010 | downloaded 20 times | 0.89MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBulk File Renamer 1.01

A useful tool for renaming archives of files.

... free software application which saves time when renaming archives of files such as graphic files from cameras ... you plan and arrange how you want the files to be renamed, you can see ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 98 times | 0.1MB

Utility to rename files and folders with ease

... utility to rename files and folders with extremely flexible criteria. Process subfolders, add datestamps, ... add auto-numbers, perform search and replace, etc.A utility to rename files and folders with extremely flexible ... criteria. Process subfolders, add datestamps, add auto-numbers, perform search and replace, ...

Freeware | Oct 26, 2016 | downloaded 85 times | 0.75MB

BurstCopy 2.700

Speed up file transfers on your hard-drive.

... hard-drive accelerator that significantly increases file transfer speed. Reliable, through Retry and Skip functionality ... Resume options, transfer rate display, customizable transfer confirmations, skinnable interfaces, and more ... BurstCopy transfers will seem very silent on typically noisy hard-drives. ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 43 times | 2.19MB

ByebyeData Eraser Free Edtition 1.13.0

Free hard drive eraser ByebyeData Eraser

Free hard drive wipe software to clear hard drive and completely delete all files, ByebyeData Eraser Free is the free file eraser to permanently delete files on your hard drive. Besides, you can erase the entire disk or the entire drive.

Freeware | Jul 28, 2017 | downloaded 23 times | 8.59MB

ByebyeData Eraser Pro for Business Edtit 1.13.0

Wipe drive with boot CD to erase boot drive

Pro for business Edition is for commercial use and has all the features of Pro for home edition, which is capable of erasing disks, drives, free space, files and folders, and even create bootable CD/DVD/USB to erase the entire disk contains OS.

Shareware | Jul 28, 2017 | downloaded 23 times | 8.6MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardByteSweeper 2.5

Total System Cleanup and Speed up!

... ByteSweeper removes unused and temporary files from your system ... faster, more efficiently and giving you more hard disk space. The best part is that it ... for those who just want to cleanup their computers quickly and safely. And, for the ... that allows you to select different cleanup options. ...

Shareware | Mar 8, 2009 | downloaded 31 times | 1.58MB

Cache Speed Homepageware 3.0

Cache Speed makes your computer go faster

... Cache Speed is ... simple tool to make your computer go faster. It changes some settings in your system.ini file. ... Cache Speed also optimizes your current physical RAM, giving your computer the ... Cache Speed is free ...

Adware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 59 times | 1.35MB

CacheXtraktor 2.0

Extract file from the Internet Explorer cache

... files explorer utility witch let you extract files from the internet explorer temporary ... cache explorer) where Internet Explorer save file during navigation. The ... cache explorer is rich of useful images ...

Shareware | Dec 29, 2009 | downloaded 121 times | 0.43MB

Camel Disc Catalog 2.2.2

Powerful disk and files orginizer.

... computer database to keep track and find any disk in ... The program will automatically index the structure of files and folders, record file names and create ...

Shareware | Jun 25, 2009 | downloaded 59 times | 15.75MB

Camera Card File Undeleter

Best Camera Card File Undeleter software

... Best Camera Card File Undeleter to undelete deleted ... videos and movie files from camera cards. Using Camera Card File Undeleter software you can also easily restore RAW photo ... files from DSLR camera card. Camera Card File Undeleter software restores files even if the card is ...

Shareware | Jun 20, 2013 | downloaded 17 times | 14.5MB

Camtech Checksums 1.0

Verify the Integrity of Files

... Camtech Checksums is ... unique checksum and if you change even one byte in ... file has been altered. Camtech Checksums offers two different types of check sums. ...

Freeware | May 9, 2010 | downloaded 16 times | 1.07MB

Can I Unformat a Hard Drive

Software to restore missing file and folder

Can I Unformat a Hard Drive software has ability to get back lost files from any brand of external hard drive such as Seagate, WD Passport, Toshiba, Transcend, Free Agent on all versions of Windows based PC.

Shareware | Oct 31, 2014 | downloaded 41 times | 14.5MB

Canon Photo Recovery Software

Best utility to recover canon photos / images

... canon or digital camera on Windows PC using Canon Photo Recovery Software. The application supports revival of missing photo, video ... canon or digital camera on Windows PC using Canon Photo Recovery Software. This application supports revival of missing photo, video ...

Shareware | Nov 11, 2018 | downloaded 25 times | 14.5MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCard Reader 1.09

Use Palm devices as USB card reader!

Card Reader allows you to use Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB or Bluetooth card reader for quick and easy file exchange. It has the unique ability to export the card in the background mode allowing you e.g. to transfer MP3s simultaneously w

Shareware | Nov 3, 2009 | downloaded 107 times | 0.03MB

Card Recovery Software Android

Restore lost files from Android memory cards

Excellent solution to restore deleted files from Android phone is Card Recovery Software Android application which is capable to rescue all kind deleted or lost files from internal and external memories of Android phones/tabulates

Shareware | Feb 11, 2016 | downloaded 20 times | 15.76MB

CardRecovery 3.50

Photo recovery software for memory card

... photo recovery software for digital memory card used by digital ... or formatted photos from various memory cards. The digital photo recovery software is ... powerful data recovery tool for image recovery, picture recovery, photo rescue, data recovery, photo restore or digital ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 49 times | 0.82MB

CasaMentis FastForward.IO 1.1

FastForward.IO accelerates hard drives

... CasaMentis FastForward.IO makes computer faster. The program improves data access ... Then try it out now!CasaMentis FastForward.IO for Windows significantly accelerates data access and ...

Shareware | Feb 22, 2013 | downloaded 15 times | 4.83MB

Catalog Max 1.66

Create catalogs and reports for all disks.

... manage your catalogs more easily and more efficiently. Catalog Max is designed especially for the computer user with ... many CD-ROMS or floppy disks.Catalog Max is ...

Shareware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 71 times | 1.42MB

DownloadRoute cool award

Organizer for your CD collection

... can also navigate through your catalog using disk cover images. The program is fast and simple, with ...

Shareware | Dec 5, 2006 | downloaded 43 times | 0.98MB

Download CD Catalog 09
DownloadRoute cool awardCD Catalog 09

Catalogue your CDs without papers.

... Scan all your CDs onto this soft. Catalogue your CDs without papers. Search any your CDs. ... Using ACDC, you can easily find all files or folders without the need to insert disks ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 86 times | 0.05MB

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