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Brooks RPM 9X LPD Print Server

A comprehensive TCP/IP LPD Print Server

... IP LPD Print Server for all Windows platforms. RPM expands printing capabilities ...

Shareware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 83 times | 4.45MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPosterPrint 2.5.1

Print any document as enlarged poster

... large poster or banner but you couldn ... make it big enough on your standard printer? PosterPrint can take ... document created by any Windows printing application, zoom and print it for you on several standard ...

Shareware | May 20, 2012 | downloaded 67 times | 0.55MB

DownloadRoute good awardPrinter Changer 4.00

Swap printers from tray

... NT tray and makes it easy to swap printers. As ... NT tray and makes it easy to swap printers. As ...

Freeware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 70 times | 0.15MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPrint Censor ME 1.0

Manage every print job on your computer!

... Print Censor ME is ... program for management of statistics of printed jobs on the printers. This program is invoked ... is not enough of standard means of audit Windows. Using Print Censor ME you always will know ... the following information about the printed jobs ...

Shareware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 82 times | 0.22MB

Unlock the hidden power of your printer!

... define margins, skip pages from printing, export to BMP, JPG, TIFF, EMF, TGA etc, watermark your printed ... in ink, toner and paper costs ...

Shareware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 93 times | 3.38MB

HSLAB Print Logger SOHO 5.5.830.2010

Control your printing costs by print quota

... Decrease your printing expenses, print quota for printing ... Ideal print control solution for business, enterprise, small business, small office, ... personal, family usage. The Print Logger print management system is intended for ... print control for printers at the workstation, based on Windows ...

Shareware | Jan 29, 2011 | downloaded 90 times | 98.91MB

StudioZai Photo Printer 1.2

An easy way to print your photos!

... Printing photos using StudioZai Photo Printer is ... very simple process. First, add photos you want to print using ... button or simply drag and drop photos to the StudioZai Photo Printer window. Then, select ... Printer and Paper size. Optionally, adjust image position and scale. Finally, push the Red Print ...

Shareware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 45 times | 2.76MB

Download LJConfig 1.2
LJConfig 1.2

Lets you modify settings of LaserJet printers

... LJConfig 1.2 allows you to easily modify the settings of supported Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers from you desktop ... across any sort of printer connection. Version 1.2 adds support for setting the ...

Freeware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 41 times | 0.22MB

Download BookPrint2 10
BookPrint2 10

save paper,save ink,print,booklet,bookbind,do

... This program prints booklets or books and saves paper by printing up to 16 pages on both ... may be used by any application.This program prints booklets or books and saves paper by printing up ... to 16 pages on both sides of ...

Freeware | Jan 12, 2016 | downloaded 43 times | 0MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardiOpus File and Website Downloader 3.01

Automate website, file and image downloads...

Automate, schedule and batch file and web page downloads with command line utility. Very easy to use and integrates well with batch files, windows scripts, visual basic or the windows task scheduler. Ideal for automatically downloading files,...

Freeware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 72 times | 0.28MB

Poster-Printery 4.5

Print very big posters.

... Print your own very big posters and banners. Scan ... The program prints the posters on many pages and you can put them ...

Demo | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 76 times | 1.55MB

CDCover! - Easy Layout 2.6.0

Create and print cd-inlays and paper-cases.

... Create and print paper-cases and cd-inlays for normal, transparent and maxi-cd-boxes. In no time ... you insert, edit and format directory listings, pictures and text with this easy-to-use software. ...

Shareware | Jan 24, 2008 | downloaded 60 times | 0.67MB

Virtual Print Pilot 1.22

Converts any documents to pictures

... virtual printer that converts any documents to pictures. You have to send your document to another ... person, but you are worry that the document will not be displayed correctly on another computer ... your document into ... picture using Virtual Print Pilot ...

Demo | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 27 times | 1.15MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardUltra Image Printer 2.0.2013.612

Convert or print any document into images

... using virtual printer technology Auto name file with macro variables Convert ... using virtual printer technology Auto name file with macro variables Convert ...

Shareware | Jun 12, 2013 | downloaded 66 times | 1.5MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPrint Logger Pro

Print manager for the logging printers usage.

... to the event log of remote or local print server and chooses from it the print-related messages. The ...

Freeware | Feb 17, 2012 | downloaded 56 times | 2.39MB

Download DefPrin 1.96
DefPrin 1.96

Automatic Default Printer select and check

Ensures that your default printer is the one you want and not that one in the Business Centre where you were working yesterday, so the confidential report you are about to print need not be read by all your colleagues or competitors.

Shareware | Sep 25, 2013 | downloaded 38 times | 1.39MB

Linked virtual serial ports emulator

... Virtual Serial Ports Driver ... Using it you can create any number of virtual serial COM ports in your system which will ... be virtually connected to each other via virtual null-modem cable ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 74 times | 0.63MB

DownloadRoute good awardSEO Expire domain searcher 01.01

Expired Domain Searcher

... Expired Domain Searcher find soon to expire domains as well as expired domain names that could ... be valuable domains if there is expired traffic coming to the site. Every day 30,000 domains ... are registered and 2000 domains expire. Don ... wait for all the good Domains to Go ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 61 times | 0.24MB

DownloadRoute good awardCash Printer 2.22.0272

Print your own money now!

... Print your own money now ... Do you need money for playing ... or should your kids learn to count and calculate money ... Use "Cash Printer ... together with your color printer to produce phantasy banknotes, optional front or back. ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 89 times | 4.06MB

Print365. Print monitoring software 2.1

Monitor printing in your organization

Print365 provides your with precise information about print jobs and their cost for printers in your company or your local printer 24/7/365, which helps you optimize printing, save expenses, etc. RAW PCL 5, 6 and EMF data types are supported.

Shareware | Apr 14, 2008 | downloaded 45 times | 2.82MB

HSLAB Print Logger 4 SE

Lower your printing expenses by setting quota

Reduce your printing expenses by setting quotas for printing! The Print Logger software is intended for control and auditing of printer activity. Free registration is required at

Shareware | Sep 8, 2010 | downloaded 60 times | 5.96MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro 2.0

Prints high-quality optimally arranged photos

... PhotoPrinter software will help you to print photos of ... algorithm of resizing. It will automatically arrange your photos the optimal way on multiple pages saving your ... time and money. Fine-tune your photos by improving colors, removing red-eyes, scaling photos with ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 30 times | 2.25MB

Easy-Form-Printery 4.5

Fill out and print forms with your computer.

... Fill out forms on your computer. You don ... need your typewriter anymore to fill out forms! You scan the form. The you create some ... form fields. Then you can fill out the forms. After that you can print on the original ... sheet of paper. With this program you can fill out every form, e.g. transfer orders, cards, tax forms. ...

Demo | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 31 times | 0.9MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEasy Envelopes 2.50

Print professional looking envelopes

... The name Easy Envelopes describes it perfectly. Printing an envelope is extremely easy. Just type in ... addresses and then click Print.The name Easy Envelopes describes it perfectly. Printing an envelope is extremely ...

Shareware | Oct 1, 2010 | downloaded 66 times | 1.45MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFast Printer Chooser 4.8

Quickly switch the active printer

... Fast Printer Chooser ... be used to quickly and conveniently switch the active printer using ... popup menu. The program can work with all printers installed in the system including local and network ... printers. You can not only change the active printer in ...

Shareware | Jul 16, 2012 | downloaded 67 times | 0.69MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardO&K Printer Viewer Pro 2.0

O&K Printer Viewer PCL, HP-GL/2 file viewer.

... Printer Viewer is ... tool for viewing printed files. This program will help you view ... someone else prints on your printer. You can view each document printed on ...

Shareware | Mar 14, 2008 | downloaded 50 times | 2.77MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPrint Management - Print Release Station

Reduce printing cost by 35%.

... CZ Print Release Station is ... centralized holding and releasing print management software that allows libraries ...

Shareware | Jun 7, 2011 | downloaded 130 times | 12.43MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor 4.0

Cyclope Enterprise print job surveillance

... Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor is an easy to use application that monitors ...

Shareware | Mar 3, 2010 | downloaded 55 times | 1.38MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPrint Censor Personal 5.50.199

Print Censor - eliminate excessive printing.

... Spending too much money on paper, printer servicing, ink and cartridges ... Employees printing e-mails, articles and food recipes from the Internet ... Eliminate unnecessary expenses by installing Print Censor and setting individual printing quotas. You can also ... gather statistics about each print job: user name, computer name, document name, date and ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2013 | downloaded 71 times | 3.57MB

On This Day In History 5.1

Print certificates about events on a certain

On This Day in History (Day You Were Born, Married, Christened etc.) Software has been developed for the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), USA and Australian markets and covers every day from the year 1900 to the present day

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 63 times | 7MB

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