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DownloadRoute cool awardAdvanced Text Storage 1.12

Quick access to your frequently used text

... Advanced Text Storage is ... application designed to store, edit and reuse frequently-used text, which can be transferred between the program and ... Windows Clipboard. Advanced Text Storage is ... that will help you avoid typing the same text over and over again and make it easy ...

Shareware | Apr 5, 2011 | downloaded 54 times | 0.19MB

SLang 2.3.1 release 2

Story developer for film-makers and writers

SLang is a story-creation tool, primarily of interest to writers. SLang stands for "Story-Language". It is a story-creation tool, similar to an index-card tool but much more sophisticated. It allows you to break your story down into ...

Freeware | Apr 8, 2010 | downloaded 44 times | 1.11MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmEditor Professional 14.6.1

Lightweight text editor with Unicode support.

... lightweight text editor for Windows, supports Unicode and can handle large files ... with speed and ease. The text editor features JavaScript or VBScript macros, plug-ins, syntax highlighting, spell checking, ... keyboard customizations, and much more. EmEditor also supports PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, Ruby, and other languages. Compatible with ...

Shareware | Jul 7, 2018 | downloaded 269 times | 8.78MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWord Web-stream 1.8

win-cgi script to parse any MS Word file

This win-cgi script allow to read/open the any MS Word files on server side and return the html-converted contents (to client browser). No external libraries - fast, low resources, all MS Word formats, unicode.

Shareware | Feb 28, 2012 | downloaded 44 times | 0.23MB

DownloadRoute cool awardCygnus Hex Editor 2.50

The fastest and easiest hex editor available.

... This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere ... powerful user-writable plug-ins, blazing fast and flexible search, file compare, delete and insert characters as easily as you ...

Shareware | Feb 12, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 0.55MB

DownloadRoute good award

The tool for collecting text information

... convenient, invisible when you do not need it AddSnippet will become your irreplaceable assistant in the information ... world. AddSnippet is very simple in use ...

Shareware | Jun 29, 2007 | downloaded 55 times | 0.69MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardReplaceMagic Word Professional 4.5.6

Multi document search & replace

Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks or even more in thousands of files and you had to open each file manually to make changes? With ReplaceMagic that is very simple.

Shareware | Sep 28, 2018 | downloaded 82 times | 76.27MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHex Editor 3.12

Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software

... Hex Editor Software ... Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search ... and Replace features. Edit your Exe Code, Hex Dump, Avi, Mpeg, Jpeg and other files with HHD ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 99 times | 2.02MB

DownloadRoute cool awardNotePad SX 1.2.1

NotePad SX - free user-friendly text editor

... fast, free, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor. It is not only the great looking replacement ... and upgrade of standard Windows Notepad, but it gives you an ability to feel ... the power of plain text editing with many additional features. Try Full Screen mode ...

Freeware | Feb 25, 2016 | downloaded 130 times | 0.65MB

Easy-to-use free Rich and Plain text editor.

... Rich Editor is ... simple text editor that allows you to create, edit and print ... in everyday work with documents. The program is free so you may use and distribute it as ...

Freeware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 44 times | 0.29MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardNoteTab Pro 7.2

A powerful award-winning text and HTML editor

... leading-edge text and HTML editor. Handle ... text macro to ...

Shareware | Nov 6, 2014 | downloaded 83 times | 2.01MB

Download Jarte 4.5
DownloadRoute excellent awardJarte 4.5

A word processor based on Microsoft WordPad.

... free, tabbed word processor based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. Like WordPad, ... use, reliable, requires little screen space, and creates documents perfectly compatible with Word. But Jarte reveals the ... many features Microsoft never made available in the WordPad program. Jarte can even be run directly from ...

Freeware | Jun 25, 2012 | downloaded 66 times | 2.91MB

PDF Splitter 1.7

Easily split your PDF file by pages.

... Split your PDF file by pages in all possible ways. With PDF Splitter you ... can split multi-page PDF files by pages, extract only selected pages, split by bookmarks. The ... latest version can split PDFs by odd or even pages. Download your copy ... now for free. PDF Splitter is easy-to-use and has ...

Shareware | Feb 13, 2013 | downloaded 34 times | 9.08MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmEditor Standard (Windows 98/Me) 4.13

A text editor that fully supports Unicode.

... text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. EmEditor also ... text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. ...

Shareware | Jan 24, 2008 | downloaded 48 times | 1.44MB

Classic Menu for Word 2007 7.00

Show Classic Menus Again in Word 2007

... Show Classic Menus and Toolbars on the Ribbon of Microsoft Word 2007. You ... can use Word 2007 immediately without any training or tutorials if you ... used Word 2003 before. Supports all languages that are supported by ... Microsoft Office 2007. All new features items of Word 2007 have also been added into the classic ...

Shareware | Mar 16, 2012 | downloaded 75 times | 3.84MB

Download Info Note 1.1
Info Note 1.1

Notepad which always near at hand

... program which lets you to make quick important notes without any mouse clicks or document management. Info ... program which lets you to make quick important notes without any mouse clicks or document management. Info ...

Freeware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 69 times | 1.28MB

Download TextCatch 3.2
TextCatch 3.2

A powerful windows TEXT capture program

... powerful windows TEXT capture program ... XP system.This will capture text from another application and then the result can ...

Shareware | Oct 27, 2011 | downloaded 49 times | 3.45MB

Download Mentext 1.0
Mentext 1.0

AI component which identifies meaning of text

... an AI technology for working with plain English text, aimed primarily at developers and supplied as ... software component. Using Mentext`s natural language processing capabilities, developers can enable their ... software to identify meaning or information conveyed in text, regardless of the words used. Typical applications include ...

Demo | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 33 times | 2MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardType Booster: Autocomplete, Autoreplace 2.5.2

A universal word-processing helper

... and “Clipboard Enhancer” options let you experience the functionality of ...

Shareware | May 5, 2008 | downloaded 56 times | 1MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWordConvs Free 1.0

Batch document conversion

... This document conversion program allow batch conversion of documents using the ... process hidden files, as WordConv has these capabilities.This document conversion program allows batch conversion of documents using the ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 68 times | 1.17MB

Download ClipFast 1.2
ClipFast 1.2

Organize your notes and create shortcuts

... Organize your notes and create shortcuts for frequently used text. With ClipFast you can ... organize your notes and choose shortcuts for each note, so with ...

Shareware | Sep 16, 2012 | downloaded 31 times | 1.2MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardReplace in Files 1.01

Quickly replaces text in files.

... While editing HTML files, it is common to replace specific strings in ... all files with the same extension in the same folder. ... Replace in Files" makes it easy to accomplish this task. ... Replace in Files" quickly replaces strings matching your search string with ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 65 times | 0.11MB

Download IP_ePad 1.6.2
DownloadRoute cool awardIP_ePad 1.6.2

Lightweight High-Functionailty Text Editor

... Lightweight, yet highly functional text editor. Has several powerful features such as HTML compression, ... spell-checker, flesch-kincaid readabilty calculator, encryption, and vulgar word censor. There are several formating options such as numerous ...

Demo | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 69 times | 5.05MB

Download GetDiz 4.6
DownloadRoute excellent awardGetDiz 4.6

small, smart, fast Notepad replacement

... fully featured freeware Notepad replacement that maintains an incredible speed, ease of use ... and small size. GetDiz offers enhanced functionality with DIZ and NFO files, which are often included in ... ZIP and RAR archives. GetDiz is able to display ASCII art correctly and ...

Freeware | Mar 23, 2011 | downloaded 117 times | 1.1MB

Picturizer 1.0

Colorize or picturize text.

Colorize or picturize text. Create unique looking emails, web pages, or flyers using this simple to use program. This program allows you to make colorful text, or any image overlayed on text. The resulting file is still a text file.

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 42 times | 0.34MB

DownloadRoute cool awardReadyNotes 1.0

A tabbed note manager to keep you organized

... great way to keep all of your thoughts, notes and projects organized in an easy to access ... and easy to search format. ReadyNotes is useful for storing things like things to ...

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 59 times | 1.26MB

Download LayoutFix 1.4

Keyboard layout corrector

... Typing the text you have forgotten to switch keyboard layout ... To type anew ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 42 times | 0.15MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMass File Editor 2.3.6

Edits large number of text files routinely

Text operations engine to process many files routinely from a user supplied list. Searches the regular expressions, maintains the data stack of what was found and allows composing new data from it, edits all files without user`s attention required.

Shareware | Nov 9, 2009 | downloaded 63 times | 3.13MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmEditor Professional (Windows 98/Me) 4.13

A text editor that fully supports Unicode.

... text editor for Windows, you can create functionally-rich macros using JavaScript or ... your own macros which can manipulate other applications, Windows files, or network functionalities. Designed for Windows XP. ...

Shareware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 49 times | 1.58MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBatch Hex Editor Free 5.0.34

Hex-edit raw byte data in multiple files

... Replace, insert, delete, copy, move, reverse, and otherwise modify bytes and bits in multiple ... files. Search and replace supports wildcard bytes and match selection. Perform bitwise operations on specified ... bytes with bitmasks and operators like NOT, AND, OR, XOR. Reverse ... order of specified bytes and bits. Compute MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RIPEMD hashes and CRC ...

Shareware | Oct 1, 2017 | downloaded 145 times | 4.67MB

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