TOff distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

The author of this web site and of this particular software guarantees that this program does not contain any deleterious or harmful material to somehow adversely affect your computer. All software posted on this web site is the custom-built software that was designed primarily for my personal use. I test it for some while before posting it here. Although, due to the fact that we all are human, I do not exclude possibility for this software to contain errors and unintended glitches that may present misinformation in programmatic meaning and/or affect your OS stability. If such is the case, let me know through the feedback on this web site all the info about the software glitch(es) and I will do all my best to correct them and supply you with the latest version. And the last, before downloading and using this software you must realize that you do that "as is" without any expressed or implied liability from the author.

Any of the source code files you may receive from this web site are provided for you solely for the educational purposes. Before receiving the actual source code package you will have to provide some basic information about yourself as well as the reason why you want to download these source code files. Having received these source code files you are allowed to do the following:
(1) Modify and compile the project on a single computer as long as you are not intending to distribute the source code and/or compiled EXE file (even if you preserved the initial copyright information);
(2) Copy small parts of the source code functions (algorithms) into your own projects, provided they are not intended for the mass distribution;
(3) Copy and use source code excerpts into your own educational literature (web site), provided you preserve the copyright notice;
(4) Extract and use unmodified algorithms (methods) from this source code into your own project intended for distribution, provided you specify the author's name and contact info in the About window of your program as the reference to the algorithms (methods) you used.

All other ways to use the source code files provided herein are strictly prohibited!

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