TopGen Music Editor 2015 distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

TopGen Music Editor 2015 – End User License Agreement (EULA)

By accepting this agreement, installing TopGen Music Editor 2015 (the 'Software'), or using TopGen Music Editor 2015, you agree to the following terms, rights, restrictions, and obligations which govern the relationship between the Licensor (TopGen Studios) , and the Business Entity or Person (“You”, the “User”, the “Licensee”).
TopGen Studios only lets you use the Software when you are in full accordance the terms and rights of this license. TopGen Studios will revoke your rights immediately without notice in the case that you fail to comply with the terms of this License and if that were to happen, you must delete all copies and terminate further use of the Software.

1. License:
With the acceptance of the terms and conditions explained herein, TopGen Studios hereby grants the User a perpetual, personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and non-assignable license solely for the purpose of personal, non-commercial use without the right to create derivative works. This is all with accordance with the terms, rights, and other legal restrictions established in 3rd party software used while running Software.

2. Restrictions:
2.1 You may only use Software for personal use on your computer, therefore, you may not use the Software in corporate or commercial environments. You may not resell, charge for, or distribute the Software in any way. The product is licensed (not sold) to the Licensee.
2.2 The source code and the structure of the Software are trade secrets of the Licensor. You are not allowed to disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer, share, repackage, translate, adapt, vary, modify, or attempt in any way to find the source code of the Software in part or in whole. You will not use the Software for any illegal purposes.
3. Support:
3.1 Upgrades, Updates and Fixes: Licensor may but is not entitled to provide Licensee periodically, with upgrades, updates or fixes free of charge for the Software.
3.2 Support: Licensor shall provide support through electronic mail during regular business days and hours. To receive support, the Licensee will contact the Licensor through the contact page available on the Licensor’s website (
3.2.1 Bug Notification: Licensee may bring any bugs, defects, failures, or errors in the Software to the attention of the Licensor at any time by contacting the Licensor via electronic mail or by contacting the Licensor through the contact page made available on the Licensor’s website ( The User must furnish the Licensor with information regarding the bugs, defects, failures, or errors along with information on how to re-create the error. The User is also highly encouraged to provide screenshots and any other form of information to help the Licensor identify and fix the bug when contacting the Licensor.
3.2.2 Suggestions: Licensee may leave a suggestion or request additional features for the software, however:
I. The Licensee must agree that the Licensor is in no way required to develop or implement such suggestion or feature, nor will the licensee participate partly or fully in the development of such feature.
II. The Licensee warrants that the suggestion/ feature request does not infringe any 3rd party patent, trademark, trade-secret or any other intellectual property right therefore the idea/suggestion is something that the Licensee came up with or thought of solely by himself.
III. The Licensee will not disclose such suggestion or feature request to any 3rd party application competing with the Licensor and the Software.

4. Warranty:
You expressly acknowledge that the Licensor does not provide and disclaims any warranty with the Software and the Licensor does not claim that the Software will be error free, free of any defects, bugs, viruses, or other harmful issues that may cause damage to the Licensee’s computer or to the Licensee, nor is it guaranteed that the Software will work, function, sound, or look as the User expects or as the Licensor has offered and displayed. The Licensee will be held solely liable for any damage, error, or loss that has occurred to the Licensee’s property and assets or to the Licensee while operating or running the software. No future advice, agreement, or information, whether oral or written, from the Licensor will create any kind of warranty or term that has not been established in this agreement.

5. Liability:
To the extent permitted under Law, The Licensor will never (without any limit) be liable for any damages or expenses incurred by Licensee as a result of the Software’s bugs, errors, failures, defects, or actions in connection to both the Licensee’s or any other party’s equipment, computers, other software, services, or property, for this software is delivered to the Licensee “As Is”.

6. Future changes to terms:
TopGen Studios may make changes to this agreement periodically with or without notice and the updated terms will be made available at Upon the acceptance of the terms and conditions explained herein, the Licensee understands and agrees that the Licensor will treat his use in accordance with the updated terms should the terms be updated.

7. Law and Jurisdiction:
The Licensee agrees not to initiate class-action lawsuits against Licensor regarding or in connection to this agreement and license and the Licensee agrees to compensate Licensor for any legal and attorney fees along with any other expenses should any claim brought by the Licensee against Licensor be denied, in part or in full.

My Software can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form.

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