Update list for TrueTTY

TrueTTY 2.95 changelog from August 18, 2014

The "Narrow" option was added into "Filters" menu in RTTY and ASCII modes.
Narrow filters can be useful to eliminate interference from strong near frequency stations.

TrueTTY 2.90 changelog from December 6, 2012

"Setup/Interface/Messages channel" option is used for multi-RIG support now.
"Mono-Left-Right" options define used soundcard channel for input and output.

TrueTTY 2.85 changelog from December 16, 2010

PTT-interface settings were rewritten.
DTMF-decoder was improved.
Right mouse button click (or left mouse button with "Shift" key pressed) make TrueTTY to do fast decoding of one-minute prehistory of signal at selected frequency.
The Ctrl-U hotkey switches "Tuning Rig by" state on/off.

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