Trust To User distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

End user license agreement
This written software license agreement, referred to in the following as "license", describes the rights granted to end users and the restrictions that apply to the use of the accompanying software, data media and documents, referred to in the following as "software". Please read the license agreement carefully before you install the software. By installing the software you tacitly agree to the terms of this license agreement.
We would like to point out that, the current state of technical development makes it impossible to produce computer software that runs totally without errors in all combinations and applications. The subject of the contract is therefore software that can be used as described and in accordance with the relevant instructions.
1. Limited right of use
OK soft GmbH, Lennéstr. 25, 53113 Bonn, Germany, grants you the non-exclusive right to use the software free of charge for an unlimited period.
You can test it for up to thirty days after the date you first installed it in order to decide whether you want to buy a license for the commercial usage of Trust to User (T2U). Once this period elapses, end users are only permitted to use the software after paying a license fee to OK soft GmbH (for a "commercial license").
2. Copyright
OK soft GmbH owns the copyright to this software. The software may not be modified, decompiled, disassembled, decoded, extracted or changed in any other way. Neither the program nor parts of it may be leased, sold, licensed or marketed in any form to third parties without the express permission of OK soft GmbH. The commercial license for OK soft GmbH can either be used by a single person who works with it on one or more computers or be installed on a single computer and used there by a number of people, but not both. If a version of T2U is installed in a network, the number of computers from which the software can be used depends on how many commercial licenses for the software have been bought (one license for each computer).
3. Registered trademarks and brand names
OK soft and OK soft GmbH is a registered trademark. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other registered trademarks and names are the property of their respective owners.
4. Renunciation of guarantee
The software is made available without a guarantee of any kind. No guarantees either expressed or implied, including any guarantees that may be implied by retailers as regards the suitability of the software for particular applications or violations of the law, are valid.
5. Disclaimer of liability
OK soft GmbH is not responsible for any damage caused by users or third parties by using or distributing the software. Under no circumstances will OK soft GmbH be responsible for any lost revenue, profit or data or for direct, indirect, specific, logically ensuing, incidental or inclusive damage claims caused by the use of the software or the impossibility of using the software, regardless of any theoretically existent possible liability, even if OK soft GmbH has been notified about the possibility of such damage.
6. Limitation on liability
The user uses the program exclusively at his or her own risk. The maximum amount for which OK soft GmbH can be held liable for damages is the amount paid in license fees, even if OK soft GmbH has been notified about the possibility of such damage. This Limitation also applies to claims of third parties.
7. Termination
The license terminates automatically if you do not agree to the terms of the license specified here or you violate the terms of the license. At termination you are obliged to delete or destroy all copies of the software. The end user is liable for any damages suffered by OK soft GmbH as a result of the violation of the terms of this license.
8. Applicable law
This license agreement is subject to German law exclusively. The legal venue is Bonn. It is not possible to select the law of a different country or a different legal venue.
9. Limited support and bug fixing
If you use the software free of charge in accordance with the specific terms of this license agreement, you have no claims to telephone support or any other kind of support, nor is the company obliged to fix any bugs.
10. Multi-user licenses, corporate licenses
If the copy of the software that you have received is delivered with a license agreement whether printed or in any other form whose terms differ from those of this agreement, the license agreement whether printed or in any other form that you receive with the software governs the use of the software.
11. Potentially hazardous activities
The software is not fault-tolerant and was not designed, developed or intended to be used or resold as an online control system in environments where safety is critical, as is required for failsafe systems used, for example, to monitor nuclear power plants, for air navigation or for communication systems used in aviation, for medical equipment or for weapons systems in which the failure of the software could lead directly to death, injury or serious damage to the environment (potentially hazardous activities). OK soft GmbH rules out any kind of express or implicit guarantee for the suitability of the product for potentially hazardous activities.
12. General
This license agreement contains the complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings, whether oral or written. All modifications and additions to agreement will become valid and essential only in the event that they will be composed in written form and signed by both parties. You can find all the information in the General terms and condition of OK soft GmbH.

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