Update list for VShell Server for UNIX

VShell Server for UNIX 4.2.4 changelog from December 7, 2016

VShell Server for UNIX 4.2.3 from October 7, 2016

VShell Server for UNIX 4.2.2 from June 16, 2016

VShell Server for UNIX 4.2.1 from March 18, 2016

VShell Server for UNIX 4.2 from January 20, 2016

VShell 4.2 for Windows supports “Connect As” for specifying alternate credentials when accessing a virtual root path and adds a VShell configuration import/export tool. All platforms add the ability to deny connections based on user name. VShell FTPS adds client certificate authentication.

VShell Server for UNIX 4.1.2 changelog from October 14, 2015

VShell Server for UNIX 4.1.1 from July 15, 2015

VShell Server for UNIX 4.1 from May 6, 2015

VShell 4.1 for Windows adds a built-in SFTP transfer trigger action. Trigger actions can now be configured to run as an account other than the VShell service account. Security is improved with support for ECDSA host keys, ECDH key-exchange algorithms, and larger RSA key bit sizes.

VShell Server for UNIX 4.0.5 changelog from January 19, 2015

VShell 4.0 for Windows allows for fine-grained control of new triggers conditions. The internal user database allows access to all VShell services. All platforms support bandwidth throttling on a global/user/group/location basis and SHA-2 MAC algorithms.

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