ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Terms of Use


Also take note that throughout this document "the software" refers to ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for Youtube.

Please read through this document as it contains very important information. If you download, install, launch and run our software you completely understand and fully agree to the terms that is put forth in this document. If you in any event do not understand or agree to the terms put forth in this document you may not proceed to download, install, launch and run our software in any manner or on any computer.

Terms and Conditions:

By downloading, installing, launching and running our software you agree to the following :

You agree that ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube is available for the sole use of educational, scientific and archival purposes only. You agree to's full terms of sevice. You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for any activity through your YouTube account. Neither ViralNest nor its affiliates will take any responsibility for misuse of the software or for breaching's terms of service. You may not copy, alter, distribute or try to extract any code or part of the program. ViralNest reserves all rights and copyright pertaining to the software. ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube is only available as a software download from and must be downloaded directly from the website. DO NOT install ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube if you did not download it from our website. We take no responsibility for any loss of any nature due to using the software that was not downloaded directly from our website. We also take no responsibility for any loss or damage of any nature or kind due to the use of ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for Youtube.You agree and understand that the software is not developed for the intention of spamming. You MAY NOT use this software for any spamming purposes under any circumstances. Ignorance of this might result in a permanent account ban from ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube is owned by ViralNest PTY (LTD) and the software must be registered ONLY through our website If you are not an affiliate of ViralNest you may not sell our software. It is a federal offence to crack and hack into our software with the intention of bypassing the built in security and tracking software. If you are aware of any such activity and do not inform us you are legible as an accomplice to a fraudulent act.

Liabilty Limitations

This software is solely for private and individual use. You may not redistribute the software. If you purchase ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube you agree and understand that it is purely information and distribution purchasing. If you have downloaded the software you agree that you take ownership of the software and take full responsibility for how the software is used on any of your accounts. It is a fraudulent offence to use the software if you did not purchase a licence. The software licence allows for one copy on 1 (one) computer. You understand and agree that ViralNest PTY (LTD) does not take any responsibility for any losses that may take place due to the use of the software. We do not take any responsibility of any kind for the activity on your account on YouTube. You understand and agree that ViralNest PTY(Ltd) will not be liable for any loss of profits or damages.
The ViralNest PTY (LTD) staff does not take any responsibility or liability for this software after you have downloaded it. If you abuse features or ignore's Terms of Service, you are fully accountable for any damages that may occur to and/or any other entity. Please take note that every account holder with is solely responsible for any activity on through that account.


ViralNest PTY(Ltd) will provide support for as long as it is an operating business. If ViralNest, for any reason, stops operating as a business, technical support will cease as of immediate effect. ViralNest PTY (Ltd) will only supply refunds for purchases made during the 48hrs after time of purchase in the event of the business ceasing to exist. ViralNest PTY (Ltd) may cease to exist as a business without any notification or warning.


ViralNest will allow refunds under certain conditions. These conditions are subject to change and may be changed at any time without notification.Please note that ViralNest will not consider any refunds after 2 days of purchase. You may request a refund in the 48hrs after purchase. If your refund is successful your account will be deleted immediately. You may reactivate your licence at any time.

The software operates on YouTube's systems and architecture. Our staff will always try and be ahead of changes and to have updates ready shortly after any changes. In the case that YouTube does not allow our software to operate anymore or due to the fact that's layout and systems do change so much that we can't update the software, you agree and fully understand that no refunds will be issued for software bought before these conditions occur. We do pledge however to do our best to keep our software up to date with all developments. When you download our software you agree,accept and fully understand the terms and conditions stated in this document.

This document may or may not be changed at anytime without any notification by ViralNest PTY(Ltd).

The trial version of ViralNest Marketing Toolkit for YouTube maybe be freely distributed in an unchanged form across the internet.

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