Vocal Transformation Pro distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


Vocal Transformation, hereafter referred to as `the Software`.
For Unregistered versions of the Software you are hereby granted a non-exclusive license to use the Software free of charge for a maximum period of 31 days. Upon the expiration of the trial period, you must either register the Software or delete all copies in your possession.

For Registered versions of the Software you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software.

If you have obtained the software free of charge, you are not entitled to technical or other support.
We reserve the right to revoke this grant at any time.


Free of charge Software is provided on `AS IS` basis, without warranty of any kind, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Should the Software prove defective, you alone shall assume the cost of any service and/or repair.



1. You may copy the Software for backup and archival purposes.
2. You may distribute copies of the software provided it remains in its original distribution form and all files and notices remain intact.
3. You may not rent, lease, or otherwise transfer rights to the Software.
4. You may not remove any proprietary notices from the Software and associated files.
5. You may not modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or create derivative works based on the Software.

Unregistered versions of the Software:
1. You may use the Software on multiple computers.

Registered versions of the Software:
1. You may not use the Software on multiple computers.
2. You may not make available either intentionally or otherwise your registration details to other persons.
3. You may not use the non-Enterprise version of the Software as the basis for an URL submission service to third parties, or submit URLs unrelated to the registration owner, without consent of TRELLIAN.
4. You may not use the software contrary to the acceptable use policies as listed on:

Installing and using the Vocal Transformation (hereinafter "Vocal Transformation")
developed by VIR Ltd. (hereinafter "Author") implies accepting and adhering to all
the terms and conditions set out in the present License Agreement. Please read the
Agreement carefully before installing the Components. If you disagree with the terms
and conditions of the present License Agreement you may not use the product and must
remove all Music` files from your storage devices. 1. General conditions The Music
Transformation are distributed in two Versions: the Trail (Unregistered) Version
and the Licensed Version. 1.1 The Trial (Unregistered) Version files are distributed
as Shareware. This gives the Consumer a chance to obtain and evaluate the products
free-of-charge. The Consumer may install the Trial Version and use it free-of-charge
during a time period of 30 days. The Consumer may make any front-end customization
for his or her personal requirements. The Consumer may make as many copies of the
original distribution package of the Trail Version as he or she wishes and distribute
the package in its unmodified form free-of-charge. The Consumer shall have no right
to charge a fee for the distribution of the Trial Version, unless he receives a written
permission from the Author to do so. The Consumer shall have no right to modify the Trial
Version without prior written permission from the Author (excluding front-end customization
mentioned above). 1.2 The Licensed version The Components` Licensed Version is obtained
from the Author. After paying the appointed charge via Author`s product site http://www.e-vir.com
, the Consumer receives the serial no. via e-mail. 2. Disclaimer of warrants The Author doesn`t
guarantee the Consumers` satisfaction with the software. To an extent permitted by applicable
law the Author provides the Components "as is", with all its features and possible bugs.
There are no warrants of any kind for the products, whether expressed or implied,
including, but not limited to, any warrants related to marketability, fitness for
a particular purpose, lack of viruses, and compliance with the Components description.
The entire risk as to use or performance of the product remains with the Consumer.
In no event shall the Author be liable for any loss related to the use of or inability
to use the product, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of information,
and failure to meet any duty in any way. No additional support of the program is presumed,
such as advice from the Author, bug fixing, and updates. All such additional services could
be provided exclusively at the Author`s free will

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