WDumpEvt distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

WDumpEvt software is Copyright (c) 1997-2000, Isabelle Vollant.
All rights for this software are reserved by the author.
You are not allowed to modify or reverse engineer the contents of the program files.

WDumpEvt is Shareware. That means you can use it free of charge only for 30 days evaluation period. After that, you must either register your copy product by paying a license fee to the author, or stop using it.
Besides legalizing your usage of WDumpEvt, there`re several other reasons to register DumpEvt. Please, see Registration section for more info.

Regardless of your registration status, you`re encouraged to distribute unregistered version of WDumpEvt. Registered version cannot be distributed at all.

This software cannot be resold or used in any profit-generating activities, including, but not limited to, distributing WDumpEvt as part of commercial products, or in support of commercial services, without the authors expressed written permission.

There is no warranty or claim of fitness or reliability. The program is distributed AS IS, and the author shall not be held liable for any loss of data, down time, loss of revenue or any other direct or indirect damage or claims caused by this software.

You can freely give copy of my shareware if :

1. You inform the authors (mail is the best)

2. The fee charged may not exceed $10, including postage, mailer and any other charges.

3. Your library`s catalog or listing must state that this program is not free, but is copyrighted software that is provided to allow the user to evaluate it before paying.

4. The offering and sale of WDumpEvt will be stopped at any time the author so requests.

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