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Make Contest 3.1.0

PHP script to make design contest site.

Make Contest 3.1.0 is contest software for creating design contest sites just like 99designs in minutes. A design contest site is a marketplace where customers can run a design contest and designers can compete for a prize by submitting their work. Web sites created with Make Contest 3.1.0 software are often called "99designs clone" or crowdspring clone while the software itself is usually referred to as 99design clone script or crowdspring clone script.

E-Commerce Shareware, On December 28, 2011 updated, downloaded 46 times.

VJ Templates 1.0

VJ Templates or Virtuemart Joomla Templates

VJ Templates 1.0 or Virtuemart Joomla Templates is the largest VirtueMart shopping cart templates provider and available in more than 100 languages around the globe. Our designs are tableless, CSS based, W3C valid, professional, elegant, artistic and cheaper than any other shopping cart templates. Our templates also have more than 35 module positions to make them as the most flexible shopping cart templates ever made.

VJ Templates 64bit

E-Commerce Freeware, On January 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 160 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardMDI Browser 2.6

MDI Web Base Application Framework

MDI Browser 2.6 allow you to reproduce exactly what applications (.exe) have been using for a long time, i.e. dropdown menu bars with moveable/resizable child windows in your web browser. Real multiple document interface (MDI) with add-ins menu bar option for fast window resizing. All javascript, xml, xsl, css base (no plug-in). Data management friendly like event trigger when 'X' icon is click, window always on top until event append.

MDI Browser MAC - MDI Browser 64bit

Java & JavaScript Shareware, On March 15, 2010 updated, downloaded 128 times.

SubmissionGate Basic Free 1.8

Directory Submission Software

SubmissionGate Web Directory Submitter Software, Links Submitter Software, Free Web Directory List, SEO Services - SubmissionGate Web Directory Submitter Software For Windows will help your site to Increase traffic form search engines and Rankin - Free Download for Windows.

SubmissionGate Basic Free 64bit

Site SEO Freeware, On January 2, 2011 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Softaculous 3.6

Softaculous is an Auto Installer.

There are lots of script categories like blogs, forums, micro blogs, wikis, social networking, image galleries, ERP, Project Management, Educational, etc. One can also upgrade these applications when new versions become available. Softaculous 3.6 also offers Demos, Ratings, Reviews and screenshots of the various applications.

Site Administration Freeware, On October 1, 2011 updated, downloaded 43 times.

HTMLSqueeze Free

HTMLSqueeze HTML compress optimize files web

It's a command line utility to compress / optimize web pages.The power behind HTMLSqueeze is that if you are building a web site on a local intranet, perhaps using ASP (Active Server Pages) you can pass the URL into HTMLSqueeze along with a parameter, determining the type of compression; then if you add calls for each page in your web site to a batch file, HTMLSqueeze shows is true power.

HTMLSqueeze Free 64bit

HTML Editors Freeware, On February 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 30 times.

ENS SEO Classifieds 2.5

Classifieds Ad Script

Full customizable Classified Ads Program, easy to install, multicity, unlimited categories and subcategories, Google Adsense ready.

ASP & PHP Shareware, On September 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 58 times.

WebsitePainter 3.4

Easily create professional websites

WebsitePainter 3.4 is a Web Editor for creating professional websites, without HTML knowledge and programming. With a few clicks it is possible to create webpages with elements like Web2.0 buttons, gradients, round borders, hover effects, transparencies, continuous text and more. Includes a great variety of templates and supports important Web standards such as HTML, CSS, PHP and ASP. Available for Mac OS X and Windows.

WebsitePainter 64bit

HTML Editors Shareware, On May 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 75 times.

Water Jet Preloader 1.0

When the jet reaches the end of the right sid

When the jet reaches the end of the right side the load is complete. On the left side is the percentage and the right side will display the total size of your flash project. The preview text is not there on the purchased version, it is only for the preview. Package includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; AS Version: ActionScript 2.0;

Water Jet Preloader MAC - Water Jet Preloader 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On May 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 27 times.

Sorc 519.64MB

Sorc Flash Creator is a flash web design tool

Sorc Flash Creator is the great flash web design tool to help web master design animated flash medias. Sorc Flash Creator is a very useful and quite easy to use application which was designed to help you make Flash Files.

Flash Tools Shareware, On October 25, 2010 updated, downloaded 98 times.

Adsense Earnings Tool 2.0

Free and fast tool to monitor adsense.

Free and fast tool to monitor adsense earnings in realtime. This tool posts all the correct post fields to Googles universal Account Services login and collects information about your earnings. You'll able to see today, yesterday, this month and since last payment earnings. You don't need to log in to the google site anymore.

Weblications Freeware, On July 28, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery 1.0

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery Application

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery 1.0 is considered to be the most helpful online tool for photographers, artists and creators of all types who want to launch high quality striking web photo galleries. XML Flash Photo Gallery by is distinguished by ease at use and configuration so you can install it in no time and start sharing your creative photos and images at once.

Flash Tools Freeware, On July 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 92 times.

Wonderwebware RTF to HTML Converter 1.0

Convert RTF to HTML

HTML to Script Converter is a tool for web developers, designed with one single purpose: to save your time when you need to convert RTF to HTML code. To convert rtf to html, just select the rtf file and save the output html.

HTML Tools Freeware, On July 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardSWF File Vampire 1.0

SWF File Vampire extracts SWFs from any files

SWF File Vampire 1.0 extracts SWF files from popular formats, including EXE, ZIP, RAR extensions and unknown formats. Most of the time we store SWF files into a single file as resources, SWF File Vampire 1.0 can scan SWF files from any format files. You can extract SWF from Flash Player (EXE) easily.

Flash Tools Shareware, On June 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Resizable XML Photo Gallery AS 3.0 1.0

This is an XML based photo gallery. Features

This is an XML based photo gallery. Features included: 1. XML driven flash image / picture / photo gallery. 2. Supports any screen size , the images will adjust based on the screen resolution. 3. Scrollable thumbs. 4.Other cool features. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash CS3, Flash CS4; Viewable with: and above; AS Version: Action Script 3.0.

Resizable XML Photo Gallery AS 3.0 MAC - Resizable XML Photo Gallery AS 3.0 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On June 6, 2009 updated, downloaded 65 times.

FotoQueue CS 1.0

Thinking of ideas to display your product for

Thinking of ideas to display your product for your online store? FotoQueue CS 1.0 provides a sharp idea to you. FotoQueue CS 1.0 is a Flash component which allows you to build a queue of your product for displaying to your customer in a way innovative. With the real time mirror effect, your product can give a smart outlook to your customer. The touch and scroll function allow user to navigate your product easily. Combine with depth of field effect and

FotoQueue CS MAC - FotoQueue CS 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On June 3, 2009 updated, downloaded 114 times.

XenoCrawler 1.6

Crawl websites for source code and graphics

XenoCrawler 1.6 is an application that allows you to crawl websites, servers, and web pages to view source code, style sheets, scripts, html, graphics, documents, and other related information safely, quickly, and easily without opening a browser or running any scripts. Like all XenoSystems products, this application is designed to be flexible yet extremely easy to use.

XenoCrawler 64bit

Weblications Freeware, On April 12, 2010 updated, downloaded 0 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award3D XML Carousel Gallery 1.0

XML base 3D Gallery is very flexible and simp

XML base 3D Gallery is very flexible and simply in use component. User can specify any number of images and set 24 gallery parameters like size, colors etc.. . User can also choose "Auto size" mode and then gallery will adjust its size according to image number and size. No Flash application is needed to take all advantages of the gallery. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash CS4; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Action S

3D XML Carousel Gallery MAC - 3D XML Carousel Gallery 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On May 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 93 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPageTurn 3D 1.0

PageTurn 3D is a Flash component that allows

PageTurn 3D 1.0 is a Flash component that allows you to build a book which looks like a real one. User can turn the page when reading. No Action Script skill and no 3D software needed. With the real time page turning effect, you can build a real book with PageTurn 3D 1.0. The unique touch interaction give user experience the page turning like in the real world. You can build an amazing online publication with this component in the most easily way. You c

PageTurn 3D MAC - PageTurn 3D 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On May 23, 2009 updated, downloaded 144 times.

Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware 2.4

Web log analyzer, daily detailed reports.

Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware 2.4 is a web log analyzer software with detailed statistics, tracking daily changes of different site parameters. Useful website marketing and seo optimization tool for webmasters. Detailed summary report with all major parameters on one screen! Reports: pages, search engines, referring sites, search phrases, etc.

Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware 64bit

Log Parsers Freeware, On October 31, 2010 updated, downloaded 76 times.

Smooth XML/PHP/HQ Player 1.0

- XML-Driven (for those without PHP); - PHP

- XML-Driven (for those without PHP); - PHP support chosen to dynamically generate playlist (no need to setup or edit XML, just upload the player folder and videos in "videos" folder); - Smoothing on to improve the video quality; - Video Resizing with effect (fitscreen or video dimension); - Keyboard shortcuts (Right and Left = seek, Up and Down = volume); - Fullscreen mode; - Mouse events in fullscreen (leave mouse idle for 10 seconds when fulls

Smooth XML/PHP/HQ Player MAC - Smooth XML/PHP/HQ Player 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On May 6, 2009 updated, downloaded 56 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCircular Radius Preloader 1.0

Circular preloader animation with a little AS

Circular preloader animation with a little AS2 coding. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Action Script 2.0.

Circular Radius Preloader MAC - Circular Radius Preloader 64bit

Flash Tools Shareware, On April 27, 2009 updated, downloaded 89 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPhoto Slideshow Maker Free Version 5.58

Freeware for making photo slideshow

Photo Slideshow Maker Free is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash slideshow creator and HTML55 slideshow creator. With this freeware, you can create photo slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. Photo Slideshow Maker Free provides user-friendly interface, ready-for-use slideshow templates and effects, and more features. With Photo Slideshow Maker Free Version 5.58, you can create gorgeous photo slideshows in SWF format for watching on

Photo Slideshow Maker Free Version 64bit

Flash Tools Freeware, On November 29, 2014 updated, downloaded 153 times.

DownloadRoute good awardEA Flash Upload 1.0

EAFlashUpload - flash file upload control

Client-side flash based files upload control that allows upload multiple file at once without page reload. It has three different type of user interface. The EAFlashUpload has many advanced features such as: file management before upload; restrict files for upload by size, type, count; assign description for each file; JavaScript API; compatible with any server-side platform such as ASP.NET, PHP, Perl etc. Includes examples of server-side scripts

EA Flash Upload MAC

Flash Tools Shareware, On April 18, 2009 updated, downloaded 130 times.

DownloadRoute good awardZen Flash Gallery CS3 Component 1.0

Zen Flash Gallery CS3 Component

Zen Flash Gallery CS3 Component 1.0 is based on Adobe Flash (cs3) technology. Zen Flash Gallery CS3 Component 1.0 combines simplicity and elegance. Minimalism goes together with functionality and does not distract the user from viewing of images, his main task.

Web Design & Other Tools Shareware, On September 29, 2008 updated, downloaded 100 times.

PHP Form Validator 1.0

Generic, PHP based form validation script

Quickly add server-side form validations using this simple to use PHP form validation script. If you repetitively code same or similar form validations for each of your form, then you would love to have this script. All commonly required form validation types are provided. You just have to mention the type of the validation. Save your time by using this form validation script.

ASP & PHP Freeware, On August 27, 2008 updated, downloaded 88 times.

DownloadRoute good awardColorCatcher 3.6

Color Catcher is an easiest Pick-Color tool.

Color Catcher is an easiest Pick-Color tool, which can pick color from anywhere in the screen. You can use its HotKeys to catch the color code for your RGB, HTML, Flash, Delphi, C++, VB, Hex, Decimal and Website design when you want to do it.

ColorCatcher 64bit

Web Design & Other Tools Shareware, On January 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 104 times.

Syndikut - Visitors Online free Lite

Syndikut Visitors Online Lite

Syndikut Visitors Online Lite is a flat file php script that displays how many users are viewing your website. VOL lite is the free version of our commercial script Visitors Online v3. This version can be used for commercial and non commercial use as long as the copyright info remains.

Syndikut - Visitors Online free 64bit

ASP & PHP Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 68 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardGenerador de ventanas emergentes pop up

Generador de ventanas emergentes

Generador de ventanas emergentes podra usted crear facilmente sus ventanas emergentes, no olvide registrar su empresa en asi podra usted mejorar su posicion en los motores de busqueda

HTML Tools Freeware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 87 times.

Best Flash Menu: easy to use, great looking

FameID Menu 0.11b provides you with a professionally and eye-catching looking, ready to use and easy to set up solution for your website: pre-built menu system that is very easy to use and, yet, extremely powerful. It`s stable, attractive and is surely to catch an eye of your website`s visitors.

Flash Tools Freeware, On February 7, 2007 updated, downloaded 72 times.

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