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Propel 1MB
Propel 1.7.2

Open-source Object-Relational Mapping for PHP

Propel 1.7.2 is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP5. It allows you to access your database using a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and retrieving data. Why? Propel 1.7.2 gives you, the web application developer, the tools to work with databases in the same way you work with other classes and objects in PHP. Propel 1.7.2 gives your database a well-defined API. Propel 1.7.2 uses the PHP5 OO standards – Exceptions...

Propel MAC

ASP & PHP Open source, On March 12, 2014 updated, downloaded 60 times.

Banshee 1.7MB
Banshee 4.1

Banshee is a PHP website framework.

Banshee 4.1 is a PHP website framework, which aims at being secure, fast and easy to use. It has a Model-View-Controller architecture (XSLT for the views). Although it was designed to use MySQL as the database, other database applications can be used as well with only little effort. Ready-to-use modules like a forum, F.A.Q. page, weblog, poll and a guestbook will save web developers a lot of work when creating a new website. Easy to us...

Banshee MAC - Banshee 64bit

ASP & PHP Open source, On August 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 82 times.

MochiKit 0.45MB
MochiKit 1.4.2

MochiKit - makes JavaScript suck a bit less.

MochiKit 1.4.2 is a highly documented and well tested, suite of JavaScript libraries that will help you get shit done, fast. We took all the good ideas we could find from our Python, Objective-C, etc. experience and adapted it to the crazy world of JavaScript. Reliable MochiKit 1.4.2 has HUNDREDS of tests. We build real applications with this thing. So even though development can move fast, we make sure to get tests written. ...

MochiKit MAC - MochiKit 64bit

Java & JavaScript Open source, On February 12, 2013 updated, downloaded 50 times.

ocPortal 9.0.12

ocPortal is the only open source CMS.

ocPortal 9.0.12 is a CMS with many social networking features, for building modern, sophisticated websites. ocPortal 9.0.12 supports many types of content (galleries, news/newsletters, etc.) - and integrating rich media and advertising into them. Community features include forums, member blogs, chat rooms, WIKI, and content commenting/rating. ocPortal 9.0.12 lets you decide how your site will look and behave. Features are plentiful, but also optional. Featur...

ocPortal MAC - ocPortal 64bit

E-Commerce Open source, On March 21, 2014 updated, downloaded 78 times.

phpMyFAQ 3.86MB
phpMyFAQ 2.8.11

Scalable open source FAQ software.

phpMyFAQ 2.8.11 is a multilingual, scalable, completely database-driven FAQ software and offers the following features: Various supported database systems MySQL (libmysql and mysqlnd), PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server and MariaDB. Content Management System You can administrate your users, groups, news, categories, FAQ records, attachments, comments, glossary items, stop words in the password protecte...

phpMyFAQ MAC - phpMyFAQ 64bit

ASP & PHP Open source, On July 23, 2014 updated, downloaded 150 times.

Logstash 59.7MB
Logstash 1.1.9

Tool for managing events and logs.

Logstash 1.1.9 is a tool for managing events and logs. You can use it to collect logs, parse them, and store them for later use (like, for searching). Speaking of searching, Logstash 1.1.9 comes with a web interface for searching and drilling into all of your logs. It is fully free and fully open source. The license is Apache 2.0, meaning you are pretty much free to use it however you want in whatever way. All your logs from all over you...

Logstash MAC

Log Parsers Open source, On January 23, 2013 updated, downloaded 71 times.

Movie Masher 3.2.30

Online video editor in Flash and PHP.

Extensible Flash and PHP online video editor with effects, transitions, titling, timeshifting and compositing. Client side ActionScript provides a robust GUI that interacts with PHP through simple XML protocols for saving edit decision lists, handling uploads and asset searching. XML is also used to describe the GUI itself as well as its underlying functionality - there is no need to recompile the Flash applets! But if you so desire the...

Movie Masher MAC

Weblications Open source, On March 12, 2014 updated, downloaded 105 times.

dotCMS 636MB
dotCMS 2.2

dotCMS Web Content Management.

dotCMS 2.2 Web Content Management (WCM) is designed to allow your company to deliver engaging, multi-channel customer experiences that drive your online business success. From mobile to web to social syndication, dotCMS 2.2 gives you the agility to meet, gather and respond to your users` needs in real-time.  dotCMS 2.2 allows you to deliver targeted and relevant content for increased online conversions. dotCMS 2.2 empowers your marketing team wit...

Weblications Open source, On January 14, 2013 updated, downloaded 68 times.

QF-Test 157MB
QF-Test 3.5.5-p1

The GUI Test Tool for Java and Web.

QF-Test 3.5.5-p1 is ... ... professional, well established, efficient:   Professional tool for automated testing of Java and Web applications with a graphical user interface (GUI)   For testers and developers   Available since 2001, approved by more than 600 customers from 50 countries   Modular, reusable tests in combination with user-friendly handling and a ...

Java & JavaScript Shareware, On March 1, 2014 updated, downloaded 102 times.

HTML5 Builder XE3

The developer force multiplier for mobile&web

Of the seven billion people on our planet, two and half billion now use the Web - a number that has doubled in the last five years. Over one billion now use mobile smart phones, a number that is expected to double by 2015. The opportunity to deliver applications and content to the two widest digital audiences in the world is astounding yet vexing. The challenge for developers is how to address the widest possible audiences, in the shortes...

HTML5 Builder MAC

HTML Tools Shareware, On December 26, 2012 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Ikiwiki 0.06MB
Ikiwiki 3.20140228

Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler.

Ikiwiki 3.20140228 is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Ikiwiki 3.20140228 stores pages and history in a revision control system such as Subversion or Git. There are many other features, including support for blogging, as well as a large array of plugins. using Ikiwiki 3.20140228 Setup has a tutorial for setting up Ikiwiki 3.20140228, or you can read the man page. There are some examples of things you can do with Ikiwiki 3.20140228, an...

HTML Tools Freeware, On April 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Retrospective 2.1.2

Effective log files content searching.

Search Retrospective 2.1.2 allows you to easily identify and configure thousands of huge log files and database tables located on many different servers in your network with as few steps as possible and to create “profiles” containing your personal groups of such data. Retrospective 2.1.2 is multiple times faster than a wildcard grep.   Local You can easily drop local log files into the sources tab and almos...

Retrospective MAC - Retrospective 64bit

Log Parsers Shareware, On November 12, 2012 updated, downloaded 66 times.

Mnemosyne Project 2.3.1

Flash-card tool for learning process.

Mnemosyne aims to be a user-friendly flash card program, with a clean, deceptively simple interface that does not require you to wrap your head around complicated concepts before you can start using it. At the same time, under the hood it is very powerful, and its architecture allows infinite extensibility and customisibility through plugins and a scripting API, for the benefit of power users. Here are some screenshots of Mnemosyne i...

Mnemosyne Project MAC

Flash Tools Open source, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Zen Coding 0.7.1

Set of plugins for HTML and CSS coding.

Zen Coding 0.7.1 is an editor plugin for high-speed HTML, XML, XSL (or any other structured code format) coding and editing. The core of this plugin is a powerful abbreviation engine which allows you to expand expressions—similar to CSS selectors—into HTML code. Current features of abbreviation engine ID and CLASS attributes: div#page.section.main. Custom attributes: div[title], a[title="Hello world" rel], td[colspan=2]. Elemen...

Zen Coding MAC

HTML Tools Open source, On October 25, 2012 updated, downloaded 52 times.

jQuery Mobile 1.3.2

Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones

jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 framework takes the "write less, do more" mantra to the next level: Instead of writing unique apps for each mobile device or OS, the jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 framework allows you to design a single highly-branded web site or application that will work on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms. A-grade – Full enhanced experience with Ajax-based animated page transitions. Apple iOS 3.2-5.0 - Tested on th...

jQuery Mobile MAC

Java & JavaScript Open source, On July 20, 2013 updated, downloaded 73 times.

HtmlUnit 10.6MB
HtmlUnit 2.15

GUI-Less browser for Java programs.

A java GUI-Less browser, which allows high-level manipulation of web pages, such as filling forms and clicking links; just getPage(url), find a hyperlink, click() and you have all the HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax are automatically processed. Features Support for the HTTP and HTTPS protocols Support for cookies Ability to specify whether failing responses from the server should throw exceptions or should be returned a...

HtmlUnit MAC - HtmlUnit 64bit

Java & JavaScript Open source, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 76 times.

Projekktor 1.2.38

The Free HTML5 Video Player.

A free, open source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in Javascript. It solves cross browser and compatibility issues, adds eye candy and provides extremely powerful non standard features. To explain the mission´s goal simple: Create the best HTML5 centric media player out there - period. Some Features Pre- & Postroll Ads (VAST)* True Fullscreen (where applicable) Build Playlists, stream Channels Flash fallback wit...

Projekktor MAC - Projekktor 64bit

HTML Tools Open source, On August 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Sencha Touch 2.3.1

Build Mobile Web Apps with HTML5.

Built on HTML5 Technology Sencha Touch 2.3.1 2, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework, is the cornerstone of the Sencha HTML5 platform. Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Sencha Touch 2.3.1 2 is the only framework that enables developers to build fast and impressive apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and more. Smoother Scrolling and Animations Sencha Touch 2.3.1 2 provides a user experience unparalleled in...

Sencha Touch MAC

HTML Tools Freeware, On November 15, 2013 updated, downloaded 77 times.

HybridL 4.2MB
HybridL 3.5

HTML Editor/Designer.

Advanced HTML Editor/Designer Sourc...

HTML Editors Shareware, On October 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 56 times.

VRaptor3 42.2MB
VRaptor3 3.4.1

A Java MVC web framework.

Reasons for using VRaptor: High productivity Using VRaptor3 3.4.1 is simple and intuitive. You will reach extreme productivity levels in Java for the web. Learning Curve In very short time, you will learn everything you need to know to develop web applications with VRaptor. Testability Write modular and loosely coupled code with VRaptor. Your application`s maintenability and testability increase will be sensible. Savings Sav...

VRaptor3 MAC

Java & JavaScript Open source, On August 12, 2012 updated, downloaded 44 times.

ID Vault 6.8MB
ID Vault 5.8

Complete protection for your online accounts.

Bank Trojans – ID Vault 5.8 ensures that users log in to legitimate web site, establish an SSL connection with the Web site and are protected from browser-based threats by ID Vault 5.8 SecureView, a hardened browser. Phishing – ID Vault 5.8 checks each time users submit stored credentials to a Web site. If the Web site is not on the white list, a warning is displayed which asks the user to confirm that the Web site is safe before...

ID Vault 64bit

Weblications Freeware, On August 12, 2012 updated, downloaded 63 times.

Wink Toolkit 1.4.4

Wink - Webapp Inovation Kit.

Wink Toolkit 1.4.4 is a lightweight JavaScript toolkit which will help you build great mobile web apps. It is designed and developed to meet the specific constraints of the mobile environment. The toolkit`s core offers all the basic functionalities a mobile developer would need from touch event handling to DOM manipulation objects or CSS transforms utilities. Additionally, it offers a wide range of UI components to help you improve the loo...

Wink Toolkit MAC - Wink Toolkit 64bit

Java & JavaScript Open source, On July 31, 2013 updated, downloaded 69 times.

Adobe Muse 2.0 Build 945

Create websites without writing code.

Adobe® Muse™ software enables designers to create websites without writing code. Planning, designing, and publishing original HTML pages is as easy as creating layouts for print. With master pages, built-in tools for interactivity, and access to over 400 web fonts served by the Adobe Typekit® service, it’s a snap to produce distinctive, professional websites. Quickly lay a smart foundation for your site so you can spen...

Adobe Muse MAC - Adobe Muse 64bit

HTML Editors Shareware, On September 1, 2012 updated, downloaded 74 times.

mobl 275MB
mobl 0.4.5

The new language of the mobile web.

mobl 0.4.5 is a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications. Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl 0.4.5 offers you a concise language to build native-feeling web apps in a jiff; great (Eclipse) IDE support (such as as-you-type error reporting, code completion and reference resolving); a rapid save and test cycle. No more lengthy compilations, the mobl 0.4.5 IDE compiles your modules whenever you save, read...

mobl MAC - mobl 64bit

HTML Tools Freeware, On August 5, 2012 updated, downloaded 43 times.

SproutCore 23.5MB
SproutCore 1.8.2

SproutCore HTML5 Application Framework

SproutCore 1.8.2 applications move business logic to the browser so they can respond to your users` taps and clicks immediately, avoiding an agonizing roundtrip across often intermittent network connections. As web application users go increasingly mobile, applications can no longer depend on reliable connections to a remote server to do the heavy lifting. At the same time, web browsers continue to radically improve their ability to quickl...

HTML Tools Open source, On July 30, 2012 updated, downloaded 51 times.

Hazelcast 16.7MB
Hazelcast 2.6.5

Easily design and develop faster Java apps.

Hazelcast 2.6.5 allows you to easily share and partition your application data across your cluster. Hazelcast 2.6.5 is a peer-to-peer solution (there is no master node, every node is a peer) so there is no single point of failure.   Simplicity matters a lot when designing and developing large systems. Simplicity matters a lot more when applications are distributed. It should be a pleasure for a...

Hazelcast MAC

Java & JavaScript Open source, On November 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 81 times.

Node.js 3.8MB
Node.js 0.8.4

Server-side Javascript.

Node.js 0.8.4 is a platform built on Chrome`s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js 0.8.4 uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.js 0.8.4 in brief:I Server-side JavascriptI Built on Google’s V8I Evented, non-blocking I/O. Similar toEventMachine o...

Node.js MAC

Java & JavaScript Open source, On August 1, 2012 updated, downloaded 58 times.

Lilith 13.8MB
Lilith 0.9.44

Logging and access event viewer for Logback.

Lilith 0.9.44 is a logging and access event viewer for Logback, log4j & java.util.logging. It has features comparable to Chainsaw for log4j. This means that it can receive logging events from remote applications using Logback as their logging backend Features receive events using Logback SocketAppender receive events using Lilith 0.9.44 MultiplexSocketAppender receive events using LOG4J SocketAppender receive events using java.util.loggin...

Lilith MAC

Log Parsers Open source, On May 2, 2014 updated, downloaded 76 times.

WebApp.Net 0.5.2

Light weight, powerful javascript framework.

WebApp.Net 0.5.2 has been designed to mimic the actual iPhone and iPod Touch graphic user interface. It provides many powerful and easy to use components, based on javascript and cascading style sheets technologies, to help you design great and must seen web applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, webOS and any other devices with a WebKit based browser. WebApp.Net 0.5.2 can be used with any server side technology (ASP.Net, PHP...

Java & JavaScript Freeware, On July 27, 2012 updated, downloaded 56 times.

PhoneGap 23.8MB
PhoneGap 1.9.0

Take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3.

PhoneGap 1.9.0 is an open source solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with modern, standards-based Web technologies. Based on HTML5, PhoneGap 1.9.0 leverages web technologies developers already know best... HTML and JavaScript. Using the free open source framework or PhoneGap 1.9.0 build you can get access to native APIs. PhoneGap 1.9.0 uses standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices.

PhoneGap MAC - PhoneGap 64bit

Web Design & Other Tools Open source, On July 23, 2012 updated, downloaded 50 times.

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