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Macro Independence 21.0

Macro Independence lets you create macros to control your Windows applications, automate program processes and assign tasks to scheduled events. With keyboard-mouse macro recorder, and player designed to help you eliminate repetitive operations.

Desktop Operation Sensor 8.0

Designed for scalability and integration between machine and supervisory levels, Desktop Operation Sensor could allows user to trigger and monitor many window processes at the same time (Real Time Synchronization).

Load Balance 10.0

Load Balance is high availability software package with relay tunnel and proxy technology to perform high number of connections, low response time, continuous availability and powerful security. Load Balancing URL (Http://, Https://, Ftp://, Mms://).

IP Relay Server 4.0

IP Relay Server is a program that mapping the incoming connections to a predetermined IP address at real time. This allows Guest to connect a Host PC from the outside without special configurations (Private/Public, Router/Firewall/Proxy Network).

RemoteNet - Professional 12.0

RemoteNet is an automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely .The professional version uses Cluster Monitor technique and lets manager to view all clients' screens at real time. Included Virtual and Macro tools.

RemoteNet 12.0

RemoteNet is an automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely. Your mouse and keyboard control the remote computer so you can work on the remote computer just as if you were sitting right at it.

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