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Mnemonic and speed 1.1

Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. You needn`t practice sophisticate exercises; it is just enough to study this training.

чMath for kids 1

Educational math software for school or personal. 4 elementary math action covering math with numbers, fractions, decimals.

Eidetic game 7.3

Ppuzzle draw pictures and you memorize them. Eidetic memory puzzle can develop your memory and imaginary ability.

Good memory eidetic game 5.2

A random of lines will appear in the table of frames. The player then tries to memorize all the shown lines and the location of each image. The player using the mouse takes lines from the table of examples and set them up on the table of frames. Then

Meorize tracery 1

Memorize all lines location and repeat them. This game draw different lines and you memorize (try to use eidetic memory) them. Memorize all lines location and repeat them.

draw_nintendo-nintendo 0001

Nintendo Wii commercials both funny Wii commercials, Wii trailers and Wii see what Wii video clips of Nintendo Wii channels are available . update new york times interview with missing from internet avid shoppers sharp elbows print version november t

Memorize digits 02 1

Memorize the nombers. You can do it! Suppose we assigned each of the digits 0 through 9 to a consonant. Then, when we want to remember a number, we convert the number into consonants, insert vowels, and form a word. This word can then be used to form

Color eidetic 1

Ppuzzle draw colur box and you memorize them. Eidetic colur memory puzzle can develop your memory and imaginary ability.

Memorize digits 01 1

Memorize the nombers. You can do it! Memory is one of the activities of the human mind. It is the capacity to retain an impression of past experiences. There are multiple types of classifications for memory based on duration, nature and retrieval of

Simon - Memorize sequence of lights 1

This game test your memory, and, ultimately, your sanity. The object of the game is to memorize sequence of lights. On that note, does anyone remember those Simon commercials in the `80s?

Digits chains 1

Try memorize digits and improve memory. Try to memorize the digits chain and improve your memory.

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