Full AVP's XShow report

can_Objects$288321 starting 1%
Try delete: No
Try delete container: No
Exclude by mask: No
Include by mask: No
Objects to scan:
"xshow.zip" Enable=Yes Recursive=No
xshow.zip skipped
xshow.zip archive ZIP
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Images.cpp - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Images.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Images.h - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Main.cpp - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Main.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Main.h - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Options.cpp - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Options.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Options.h - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Project1.bpr - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Project1.cpp - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/Project1.res skipped
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/XShow40_OCX.cpp - OK
Scan_Objects$288321 running 50%
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/XShow40_OCX.dcr skipped
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/XShow40_OCX.h - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/XShow40_TLB.cpp - OK
xshow.zip/C++ Builder demo/XShow40_TLB.h - OK
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Globals.pas skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Images.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Images.pas skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Main.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Main.pas skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Options.dfm skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Options.pas skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Project1.cfg - OK
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Project1.dof - OK
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Project1.dpr skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/Project1.res skipped
xshow.zip/Delphi demo/XShow40_TLB.pas skipped
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm archive CHM
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//affiliates.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//backcolor.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//backgroundstyle.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//borderstyle.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//bugs.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//center.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//clearclientarea.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//credits.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//cursor.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm//delay.htm - OK
xshow.zip/Help/xshowhelp.chm - OK
xshow.zip/Images/Image1.jpg - OK
xshow.zip/Images/Image2.jpg - OK
xshow.zip/Images/Image3.jpg - OK
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Form1.frm~ skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Globals.bas - OK
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Images.frm skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Images.frx skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Main.frm skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Options.frm skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Options.frx skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Project1.vbp skipped
xshow.zip/Visual Basic demo/Project1.vbw skipped
xshow.zip/Xshow40.ocx - OK
Scan_Objects$288321 completed
--- Statistics ---
Time Start: 2009-08-02 16:00:11
Time Finish: 2009-08-02 16:00:24
Completion: 100%
Processed objects: 54
Total detected: 0
Detected exact: 0
Suspicions: 0
Treats detected: 0
Untreated: 0
Disinfected: 0
Quarantined: 0
Deleted: 0
Skipped: 0
Archived: 2
Packed: 0
Password protected: 0
Corrupted: 0
Errors: 0
Last object:

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