eDocPlus document management software distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

License Agreement

This legal document is an agreement between the legitimate purchaser of a license, hereinafter referred to as licensee and Business Systems International S.A., hereinafter referred to as BSI. Please read carefully the present agreement.
CAUTION: In case of disagreement, please do not proceed to the installation and usage of the present software, so you have to return it back to your supplier. This agreement is valid for the software and documentation.

The present license agreement is the entire and sole understanding between BSI and the licensee with respect to the software and documentation. It supersedes all prior understandings or communications, whether written or oral.

According to the present agreement, BSI gives the right to the licensee to install and use the present software exclusively and solely to ONE personal computer. The licensee has no right to either install the software in any other p.c. or yield its usage to anyone without the prior written permission from BSI.

The licensee shall abstain from reproducing, electronically transferring, copying, translating, modifying or reverse-engineering any part of the software or documentation, except in so far as the electronic transfer of software to a host computer’ s memory is required for the normal software utilization. He may be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual rights caused or made possible by his failure to abide by the terms of agreement.

The copyright of the software and documentation and all further intellectual rights of BSI remain its exclusive property. BSI shall under no circumstances be bound to communicate its source codes. Considering the payment of the license fee, included in the product price, BSI only grants the licensee, under the terms and conditions of this agreement, the right to use the software and documentation within a specific period of time.

The software and documentation are licensed to the licensee and may not be transferred- neither wholly or partly- to anyone without the prior written consent of BSI.

In no event, shall BSI be responsible either for any kind of its product disorder or for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by the usage of any other company’s software. In this case BSI will not be responsible for any warrantee related to its product.

BSI does not warrant that the software will run without interruptions or that it will be free from errors nor that all discovered errors shall be corrected. In no event shall BSI be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage caused by the software or documentation.

BSI may create upgraded versions of the software and documentation. BSI will make such updates available to licensees who have paid the update fee.

The licence of use for this software program is valid for 12 months from the installation date of the present version. In order to renew the licence, the licensee has to pay to BSI an annual support fee, in return BSI will offer free online technical support through email and free revisions or upgrades of the current release of the software. In case that the licensee doesn’t renew the licence, he may continue to use the program but the program will remind him occasionally to renew the licence.

The licence will be automatically terminated without prior notification from BSI, in case the licensee fails to comply for any term of agreement. The licensee will have to destroy all copies of the software and documentation as soon as the usage permission is terminated, or alternatively he will have to return them back to BSI.

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