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DRS 2006 The radio automation software 4.0

... The DRS 2006 Software Package is ... complete radio automation system. Now you can turn your PC into ... powerful radio station without buying expensive hardware. No need to ... buy two or more sound cards or hardware mixers to get all the mixing and production tools ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2013-08-15 downloaded 183 times 70.15MB

DownloadRoute cool awardSound Byte 4.7.6

... computerized cart machine. It is very similar to the so-called cart ... cartidge, which could be quickly selected and played. Sound Byte brings the cart machine to the computer ... age. You can select up to 75 recordings per rack ... button plays that recording. You can also assign ... so typing that key will also play the sound. This makes Sound Byte perfect for playing sound ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2017-01-29 downloaded 280 times 1.37MB

DownloadRoute good awardRadiocube - Radio Automation DJ Software 2.5.240

... Radiocube is the professional Audio Software Platform for Radio Automation, DJs, Bars, Restaurants, Shops ... All products are based on professional radio automation software. Our primary focus for our products lies on ... great functionality, simple handling and extreme reliability.We, being software developers as well as Radio Station operators, know ...

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CombiWave Jingle Player PRO

... CombiWave is an easy to use multi-file audio/jingle player. It allows you to load and access up ... to 99 audio files at once. Play your MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA files ... professional audio exhibit for your audience. The CombiWave digital cart machine is used in live environments by DJs, musicians ... and showmen, at theatre performances, at presentations and for educational purposes like ...

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Simple Shop

... of features including the adoption of RFID cards, universal support on any POS machine and ... be computer savvy to benefit from this POS program. Benefits of Simple Shop ... to benefit businesses on every level. With this program you will enjoy ... Entry of Invoices. Instead of operating two different program for your retail store and online ordering, you ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2018-05-15 downloaded 609 times 177.43MB