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ChemDBsoft Academic Lite

... ChemDBsoft is chemical database software for management of chemistry databases of any size. Data management features include ... import and export into various formats such as SDF and MOL, searches by structure and substructure, multiple ... comparison by any data field, barcode reader module, chemical web server for exposure of chemistry databases on the Internet. ...

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DownloadRoute excellent award

... Do you need some server side data visualization component? Do you feel the ... LINE,BAR,PIE charts are not enough to show your own professional ... size you specified, and you can draw any graphing by ASP scipt with your complex data. ... powerful graphics component to create server side professionally looking charts in ...

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Chimera 1.9

... Multalign Viewer tool displays individual sequences and multiple sequence alignments. Sequence alignments can be read from external files ... displays three-dimensional electron and light microscope data, X-ray density maps, electrostatic potential and other volumetric data. Contour surfaces, ... the structure. The image includes 2D labels. Morphing Density Maps Related density maps can be compared by morphing ...

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