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Clone My CD 1.2

... Clone My CD can copy all your CD disks to blank CDs, including ... photos, and any other discs you might have. Clone My CD can make multiple copies of any ... CD disk and supports direct disk to disk copying. It makes true copies without any quality loss, ... you can copy your CD to blank CD or copy several ... media. Simply insert the disk you want to copy and let Clone My CD do the rest. ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2008-12-22 downloaded 51 times 1.57MB

... Clone allows you to backup your files. Clone can be run as either ... screen saver or as ... standard windows utility. Run as ... screensave, clone backups up the data that is important to you ... copy of your most important files backed up. Clone copies files from one location to another. This ... network file server. Clone will copy files to any media that can be mapped as ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2006-12-06 downloaded 43 times 3.76MB

Ez Alibaba Clone 5.50

Usage Statistics, Buy & Sell Offers, Banner and Affiliate Ads, Product Image Gallery, Lifetime Support, Multi-level Membership, Customizable Templates, Manage Block-list

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 170 times 5.49MB

Deal Ratecards, Multi-level Category, GMap compatible, Seller Review, Facebook login, Referral Link, Google Login, Unlimited Images

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 129 times 5.49MB

AVS Clone CD

... AVS Clone CD is ... compact easy-to use cd-copy application which allows you to make exact copies ... of your existing audio CDs only in ... few steps. Now you can copy and backup your favourite music CDs, create an extra copy ... your car music kit or easily transfer your audio from scratched or damaged CDs to brand new ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2008-01-31 downloaded 39 times 7.64MB

... Products. Custom Terms and Privacy Page. Ajax Based Shopping Cart. Highly Customizable Interface.User Subscription, Product Review, Unlimited Categories, ...

Coding Software - Other 2017-11-17 downloaded 184 times 5.49MB

... FMyLife Clone v2.6.1 is the best available clone of the actual portal developed in PHP ...

Coding Software - Other 2012-08-18 downloaded 79 times 3.83MB

Main Features: * No Encryption. * No Callback. * Customizable Design * Easily Add Languages * Like Jobs / Gigs * Member Rating * Search System * User Profile

Coding Software - Other 2013-01-19 downloaded 72 times 5.49MB

... delete and suspend users. Add, edit, delete and clone Limits on the number of auctions ...

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 276 times 5.49MB

Tech Specification : Developed using the Magento Shopping Cart (Zend Framwork). The shopping cart can work on any Magento templates (home page needs to be customized as per the Magneto Ecommerce template). Supported in any Linux Hosting (LAMP Environment). 100% customisable source code will be provided without any code encryption. We will provide one-stop solution for all the customizations and the design requirements.

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2011-02-17 downloaded 60 times 32.92MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClone My DVD 1.7

... backup copy of all your DVD and CD disks, copy ... photos and any other disks you might have. Clone My DVD is an all-in-one CD ... DVD duplicator, it can copy any kind of disk media with whatever content. ... An easy-to-use tool, Clone My DVD is designed in the classic wizard ... carbon copy of your DVD and CD disks or to ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2012-04-01 downloaded 83 times 1.65MB

Private Chat, Create Albums, Update Status, Cover Images, Add Advertisements, Private Posting, Block Users, Like Images

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2018-05-18 downloaded 246 times 5.49MB

Chatroulette Clone 6.0

... The top rated Chatroulette Script Chatroulette Clone is the highest rated and most popular script ... and feel. Fully customizable to fit ANY layout Chatroulette Clone is the only script that is ready for ... any layout you see among the chatroulette alternatives. Chatroulette Clone is ready to run using the language of ... CRC is the highest rated Chatroulette clone script ... hidden licensing mechanism Dozens of new features included Chatroulette Clone is coming with new, intuitive features on ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2012-05-27 downloaded 100 times 2.66MB

Escrow System, Instant Alerts, Resume Creation, Upload Portfolio, Messaging System, Membership Levels, Ajax Based Interface, Project Posting

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 196 times 5.49MB

Drive Clone 2009

... computer user will have no problem using it Clone Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 98, ME, NT ... hardware problem or careless deletion Backup the operating system and restore it in the event of ... fatal system crash or virus attack Backup or Restore your ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2009-01-16 downloaded 88 times 19.02MB

Anonymous Posting, Add Custom Fields, Unlimited Categories, Featured Ad, Facebook Login, User Profile, Comments System, Bad Word Filter

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 180 times 5.49MB

Ez IMDB Clone 7.59

... Schedules TV Program Rating Movies on Theatre Listing Video Share System Movie News Section User Rating System User ...

Web Design - ASP & PHP 2017-11-17 downloaded 156 times 5.49MB

Unlimited Channels, Unlimited Categories, Video Upload, Ajax based interface, Create Channels, Like/dislike System, Editable Design, Multi Format Upload

DVD, Video & DivX - Youtube Video Tools 2018-05-18 downloaded 217 times 5.49MB

PC Image Clone 5.0

... PC Image Clone Server 5.0 is designed to manage hundreds of ... hard drive backup images, backup and recover Systems of computers, laptops and ... other hard drive images over ... reinstalling system, applications and documents manually. However, PC Image Clone make the life easier by using the ... able to manage all the corporate computer hard drive images in the most easiest manner and fastest recovery ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2013-03-01 downloaded 23 times 22.21MB

PC Network Clone 5.0

... PC Network Clone 5.0 is ... of interaction. The biggest advantage of PC Network Clone is to save time and money by eliminating ... installation process. However, you can use PC Network Clone to install ... others are not. This feature allows PC Disk Clone to copy blocks or selected block depending upon ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2013-02-28 downloaded 40 times 21.86MB

... display general info Past 15days transaction Receive payments Send payments Transaction history Edit account profile Edit ...

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 177 times 5.49MB

Main Features: * No Encryption. * No Callback. * Facebook Login * Image Upload * Paid Listing * Comments System * Unlimited Categories * Customizable Templates

Coding Software - Other 2013-02-25 downloaded 64 times 5.49MB

Main Features: * 100% Secured * Integration with cPanel, * Versatile billing system, * Create packages, * Support for Free and paid hosting, * Support for subdomain, * Customizable Templates * Ajax Based Interface * Lifetime Support

Coding Software - Other 2013-02-25 downloaded 67 times 3.29MB

FT DVD Clone 4.1.0

... FT DVD Clone include the high speed DVD Copy Engine, FT DVD Clone has the abllity to ... Perfect DVD copy software to backup your DVD movies to DVD ... Languages. DVD to DVD copy directly, Clone DVD coming true. Copy DVD to Hard Disk and ... RW.Supports all SCSI,IDE,USB DVD burners/recorder on the marketing.Supports both home ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2008-01-19 downloaded 59 times 2.53MB

Main Features: * 100% Secured * Ajax base file upload system * Multiple file upload * Create folders * Free/ paid membership * Report abuse option * Ajax based countdown system * Admin controlled waiting limit * Captcha integrated * Paypal integrated * Lifetime Support

Coding Software - Other 2013-02-25 downloaded 56 times 3.29MB

... admin. Custom terms and privacy page. Ajax based shopping cart. Customizable template.User Inbox, Upload Images, User Store, Unlimited ...

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 199 times 5.49MB

321Soft Clone CD 1.20.4

... Copy and Backup your important Data CD, Audio CD, Video CD ... 321Soft Clone CD can clone Data CD, Video CD, Audio CD on-the-fly. Do ... worry about it, download and try 321Soft Clone CD get all your valued CDs cloned with ... numerial copies for backup. Just use the cloned copies and keep your original CDs in ... 321Soft Clone CD is designed for backup your CDs. It runs fast, stable, and easy ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2011-03-08 downloaded 40 times 0.63MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClone Hunter 1.2

... Looking for an easy way to get more space on your hard ... Many of those files are identical and simply waste your hard drive ... space. The Clone Hunter introduces ... With this handy tool, you can scan your entire hard drive or selected folders only, ... locate identical files using different search criteria and remove those files from your system. To avoid the ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-01-20 downloaded 64 times 0.42MB

Any DVD Clone 1.4.4

... Any DVD Clone can decrypt and copy DVD movies, and make ... DVD copier for Windows Vista and XP to clone any non-protected or remove copy protection from DVD. ... The cloned and decrypted DVD can be played well with both computer and ... an easy use DVD decrypter as well as ... fast DVD decrypter for Vista and XP. No special skill or ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Burners & Cloners 2015-12-03 downloaded 90 times 5.33MB

Instant Alerts, Messaging System, Profile Creation, Job Posting, Group Creation, Paid User Addon, Album Creation

Coding Software - Other 2018-05-18 downloaded 180 times 5.49MB

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