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... Winner of three major industry awards, Dweep Gold is ... creative puzzle game with ... Dweep. Now put Dweep into ... give Dweep any weapons at all -- no guns, no ... no shields. And now for the goal -- Dweep`s utterly defenseless little babies are trapped in this ... environment, and your challenge is to safely guide Dweep to rescue them. The colorful challenges will have ... navigate past the obstacles with the available tools. Dweep moves where you want, but you have to ...

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PegIt 1.0.9d

... unique and challenging level-based logic puzzle game. Originally inspired by the classic board game ... The object of the Peg Solitaire game is to remove all the Pegs by jumping ... one peg over another. In this game, the Pegs are replaced with little yellow-haired people ... The PegIts can leapfrog over each other, bounce on Trampolines, catapult each ...

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