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Visitor Exchanger

... With VisitorExchanger program you receive the visitors as many as ... can BOOOOST many kinds of rank. Just run VisitorExchanger in your PC, and every 10 seconds, automatically, ... download Go get it. 3. Whats New -. Visitor Exchanger has been newly released.. 4. Getting Started First ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2008-01-21 downloaded 57 times 0.64MB

MAXA Key Exchanger 1.0

... Secure Key Exchange over ... by email or instant message, based on the Diffie-Hellman key exchange procedure, which is ... shared secret key over an insecure communications channel. This key can ... symmetric key cipher. How does the key exchange work ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2009-10-30 downloaded 31 times 0.58MB

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger 1.1

... given heat exchanger initial conditions and geometry predicts outlet temperatures of ... output conditions the program can estimate preliminary heat exchanger design parameters. Program assumes ... heat exchange between counterflow fluids shell insulation heat transfer with ambient air. shell side fluid heating is ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2008-01-18 downloaded 78 times 0.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design

... use tool which demonstrates the thermal calculations of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, The plate dimensions and materials ... can be entered, this includes the size of plate heat exchanger and chevron angle. List of main ... with 200-unit conversion. 3. Full version includes manufacturers plate database containing over 230 plates. 4. Import physical ... 5. Export Results to Engineering Data sheet, pdf or excel format 6. Temperature ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2017-04-06 downloaded 92 times 8.88MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardShell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design 3.2.0

... Step by step design and rating calculations. ... Tube Engineering Data sheet that can be also saved as ... format. Export to .rtf file format for word processing to open in ms word and similar packages. ... Unknown Flow rate on either shell or tube side ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2017-05-17 downloaded 173 times 10.18MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDouble Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

... demonstrate the chemical design calculations of Double Pipe (hairpin) Heat Exchangers.The software will do all the thermal calculations involved ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2012-11-20 downloaded 124 times 14.21MB

Proton Counter Strike Key Exchanger 1.3.1

... old Half-life key number chanced with new key serial. included 50 over key.old Half-life key number ... chanced with new key serial. included 50 over key. ...

Games Play - Other Games 2010-10-14 downloaded 53 times 0.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEngCalc(Full)- Palm Calculator 2.0

... formulae catering to Mechanical Eng., Hydraulic Eng., Structural Eng., Machine Design, Electrical ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2008-01-21 downloaded 89 times 2.98MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGlobex Pro 3.0

... Currency Exchanger tool ... currency into another country`s currency. ... The latest currency exchange rates can be updated automatically from the Internet at the user ... Includes all the world`s currencies ... World Clock tool ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2008-01-15 downloaded 110 times 1MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGlobex 3.0

... Currency Exchanger tool ... currency into another country`s currency. ... The latest currency exchange rates can be updated automatically from the Internet at the user ... Includes all the world`s currencies ... World Clock tool ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2008-01-18 downloaded 67 times 0.82MB

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator 1.30

... Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is ... simulation game of nuclear power generation ... see how much electricity you can generate without causing ... You will run the plant to it ... push the plant too hard it will not break down but ...

Games Play - Simulation 2008-01-19 downloaded 56 times 3.43MB

EngCalc- Engineering Calculator WM PPC 2.0

... Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Pulp and Paper, HVAC, Heat Exchanger and more... ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2010-03-21 downloaded 58 times 4.5MB

Internet Business Advertising Directory

... Web links trade directory software increase your website's traffic and exposure on the web. Website link ... submitter automate exchange links with relevant websites increases your link popularity and in part, improves ... to facilitate only quality websites that actively and neatly swaps links with another ...

Web Design - ASP & PHP 2010-05-05 downloaded 24 times 1.22MB

BestMonitor 2.01

... BestMonitor is designed for monitoring automated Internet exchange points. With it you can view rates and ... reserve online monitor exchangers directly from your computer without going to any ... longer need to wander through dozens of sites exchangers in search of ... better rate and ... and on your screen will display the latest rates from the most popular and reliable Internet exchange ...

Economics - Money Management 2015-03-31 downloaded 50 times 0.67MB

Convert Lotus Notes 14.07.01

... PST files or saving them directly to the Exchanger Server. While using the second option, the user ... being converted into the MS Outlook supported format. Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook tool supports MS Outlook 97, 98, ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2016-02-09 downloaded 23 times 9.7MB

OST to PST Converter For VSOFTWARE 6.3

... become inaccessible due to different scenarios, such as Exchanger Server crashes, accidentally deleted files and password-protected documents ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2018-03-03 downloaded 9 times 5.26MB

Convert EDB to PST Tool 14.05.01

... in MS Outlook. What is important in an Exchange recovery is the completeness and accuracy of the recovered ... overcome this restriction. For more details, please visit corruption is no more ...

Internet Servers - Mail 2014-11-03 downloaded 57 times 12.4MB

Exchange Server Repair 15.9

... The Exchange repair tool is programmed with advanced programming algorithms that repairs ... mailbox items are retrieved with complete accuracy. The Exchange repair tool can repair EDB files without requiring log files ... or Exchange services. Exchange EDB repair software can repair multiple EDB files in ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2015-11-02 downloaded 41 times 17.7MB

Exchange Server Mailbox Reports 14.06.01

Keeping an eagle eye on Exchange Server database is an easy task with Lepide Exchange Reporter. It helps you make Exchange server mailbox reports and other essential reports quickly and comprehensively. Exchange administrators can use this tool to optimize the Exchange resources as per the requirements of the organization. If interested, download its free trial version before purchasing its licensed version.

Internet Servers - Mail 2014-07-22 downloaded 35 times 19.3MB

Exchange Server Mailbox Reporting 14.06.01

When you have to monitor many user mailboxes of an Exchange environment, you need an excellent Exchange Server mailbox reporting tool like Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager. It provides comprehensive as well as concise reports on all Exchange activities. With this tool, you can schedule report generation and can get the reports in your inbox without any delay. Try the free evaluation version of Lepide Exchange Reporter now itself.

Internet Servers - Mail 2014-07-24 downloaded 60 times 19.3MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClever Internet Suite 9.1

... HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NNTP clients and servers ... x509 Certificate management ... WebDAV client and many more. When purchasing the Clever Internet ... One year of free updates from the date of purchase ... Remote procedure calls using SOAP WSDL with SOAP Security support ...

Computer Networking - SFTP & FTP Clients 2018-08-22 downloaded 235 times 5.28MB

XMail 1.27

... XMail is an Internet and intranet mail server featuring an ESMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, ... TLS support for SMTP and POP3 ... both server and client side ... real system account, SMTP relay checking, DNS based maps check, custom ...

Internet Servers - Mail 2010-05-06 downloaded 83 times 1.6MB

Magnetic Money Desktop Int 1.0

... Magnetic Money Desktop Int is monitoring of exchangers of electronic currencies. Simple tool for the quick ... search for the most favorable exchange rates and exchangers of electronic currencies, such as ... Pay, Strict Pay, Global Digital Pay and other electronic currencies. Magnetic Money Desktop is ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2010-09-16 downloaded 86 times 4.43MB

CONVAL 8.0.6

... extensive calculation functionalities for components and processes in industrial systems, based on tried-and-tested methods, such as DIN, VDI, ... ISO and ISA. By strictly avoiding all forms of dependence on ... extends from control valves and throttle elements through piping systems to heat exchangers, including integrated property calculations ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2012-07-23 downloaded 115 times 77.5MB


COCO (CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN) is a free-of-charge CAPE-OPEN compliant steady-state flowsheet simulation environment consisting of an intuitive graphical flowsheet environment (COFE), a thermodynamic and physical property package (TEA), a collection of unit operations (COUSCOUS) and reaction packages (CORN). It also comes with various tools geared to CAPE-OPEN development. The package can be used in conjunction with other CAPE-OPEN models.

My Hobby & Education - Science 2016-09-27 downloaded 21 times 52.44MB