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PanelDaemon GPL 1.5

... free web based Microsoft Windows Service Applications manager. It is designed to run under IIS on ... Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and 2008. It can be used in conjunction ... with FireDaemon Pro or FireDaemon Trinity. PanelDaemon allows you to view, start, stop ... and edit Windows services via your browser or mobile phone. PanelDaemon features simple installation and ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2010-02-24 downloaded 64 times 1.38MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFormat144 1.11

... standard 1.44MB floppy disk in drive ... problem formatting demagnetized or corrupt diskettes: its format function only checks for diskette to ... be readable, and does not perform actual formatting if it is not. Format144 is ... simple command-line tool that formats disktettes to the most common standard. Source code ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-01-25 downloaded 103 times 0.02MB

It is a opensource software(GPL).Software is windows application written in VB6.0The modules which will be incorporated in MANAGE XPS are:* A-O-N genration* Gantt chart genration.* Critical path and various float calculation.* Resource profile genration.* Resource leveling through simulation.* Resource allocation based on various priority rules.* Project crashing under development.* Other financial modules under development.Site Address

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2007-06-26 downloaded 134 times 0.14MB

DownloadRoute good awardWinSCP 5.9

WinSCP is a popular free SFTP and FTP client for Windows, a powerful tool that will improve your productivity. WinSCP can copy files between a local and remote computer using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP or WebDAV. WinSCP offers an easy to use GUI for all common operations with files and directories. Power users can automate WinSCP using .NET assembly. WinSCP documentation is at WinSCP is available in English and many other languages.

Computer Networking - SFTP & FTP Clients 2016-07-22 downloaded 389 times 8.55MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... The LuxAgent SDK includes everything you need to create an AI ... for the RISK style strategy game Lux. It includes API documentation as well as the ... full source code to all the AIs that ship with Lux ... released for non-profit use or under the GNU GPL if you want ...

Coding Software - Other 2008-01-19 downloaded 124 times 0.29MB

OneMX 1.2

... that connects to the eDonkey network. Users can share MP3s, movies, or any type of file on ... second largest p2p network. OneMX supports multi-source downloading, chat, file integrity checks, and ... more in an easy-to-use interface. The more you share, the faster you can download on OneMX. OneMX ...

Computer Networking - File Sharing Programs 2008-01-22 downloaded 75 times 1.57MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardQuick Recovery for Linux on Linux 12.05.08

... Well, Quick Recovery for Linux on Linux Data Recovery Software is the perfect solution of above queries. Software ... folders from Linux Operating System. Linux Data Recovery Software is helpful to recover deleted linux files from ... any other storage media having Linux OS. Linux File Recovery Software easily recover linux files in such data loss ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2009-04-15 downloaded 150 times 4.12MB

DownloadRoute cool awardZipSnap 2.1

... ZipSnap creates archives that are collections of point-in-time snapshots. An archive ... plain text files compressed as ZIP files ... and compressed volumes (ZIP files ... information on the snapshots and contents of the archive. Files are automatically numbered with ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2009-07-07 downloaded 89 times 0.09MB

DownloadRoute excellent awarddhtmlxGrid :: Editable Ajax DataGrid 5.0

... cross-browser Ajax grid component designed to represent, edit, and sort ... cross-browser Ajax grid component designed to represent, edit, and sort ... or created using JavaScript methods. Advanced functionality includes paging support, cells merging ... export, drag-and-drop, and extended server-side support (PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java, ColdFusion, and Rails ...

Web Design - Java & JavaScript 2016-06-11 downloaded 178 times 3.11MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDBDesigner 4

... visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into ... offer the most efficient way to handle your databases. DBDesigner ... but is an Open Source Project available for Microsoft Windows ... is developed and optimized for the open source MySQL-Database to support MySQL users with ...

Coding Software - SQL Applications 2008-01-15 downloaded 142 times 7.19MB

DownloadRoute excellent awarddb4o for .NET 8.0

... db4o (database for objects ... is the open source object database, native to .NET. Free software, available under the GPL ... commercial license. Ideal for embedded use, e.g., in software running on mobile or ... One line of code stores any object ... object schema; Smooth production process ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2011-02-02 downloaded 113 times 22.46MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardInnerPeace Webmaster ToolKit - Assorted Utilities 2.10.04

... The InnerPeace WebMaster Toolkit is ... of essensial tools assembeled and made by the Webmasters of InnerPeace. Some of these essensial tools are ... hexillion color combo picker, PageJumper web page forwarder, EScrambler to scrambler your email addresses and hide them ...

Web Design - Reference & Tutorials 2008-01-23 downloaded 145 times 0.36MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... is an open source custom password filter for Windows 2000. The main feature of this password filter ... good framework for developing your own custom password filter. Development Status ... MS Windows 2000 Programming Languages ...

My Hobby & Education - Dicts & Translators 2008-01-18 downloaded 78 times 0.09MB

DownloadRoute cool awarddhtmlxMenu :: DHTML/JavaScript Menu 4.0

... for web navigation. If you need to integrate Ajax-enabled DHTML navigation system into your web application or ... web site, you can do it easily with dhtmlxMenu. This JavaScript navigation component enables to create attractive ... drop down menus. It ... flexible, powerful, lightweight, and easy to use. dhtmlxMenu allows you to generate completely customizable hierarchical Javascript ...

Web Design - Java & JavaScript 2014-07-07 downloaded 115 times 1.84MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBlue dot 1.20

... free GPL licensed Perl CGI tracking and web site activity measurement script which generates ... Apache combined style access log files. These log files can be analyzed with most standard log analysis ... popularity, referrers, hosts, etc. The logging is based on inserting ... small piece of JavaScript or SSI code into every web page. This ...

Web Design - Log Parsers 2008-01-17 downloaded 82 times 0.01MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSnare BackLog 1.2

... central collection facility for ... central collection facility for ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2008-01-16 downloaded 98 times 0.43MB

A.L.A.R.M. 1.01

... Imagine sitting in front of your laptop in an unprotected area ... silently sits in your system tray until you lock your workstation. If now somebody removes the ... power connection to steal your laptop, A.L.A.R.M. will play ... loud sound from your Laptop speakers until power is back again or you ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2009-07-07 downloaded 70 times 0.62MB

DownloadRoute cool awardMixere 1.0.82

... free, open-source application for mixing audio files. It runs on Windows NT ... WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, and Mod audio files. Mixere is ideal for live performance, and ... especially for creating multi-layered sound collages. It ... full of CD players connected to an automated mixer. Features include ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2009-07-07 downloaded 182 times 0.39MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSnare Agent for Windows

... compatible service that interacts with the underlying Windows Eventlog subsystem to facilitate remote, real-time transfer of event ... remote Syslog server with configurable and dynamic facility and priority ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2013-01-11 downloaded 131 times 1.04MB

... dbExpress Borland Delphi/C++Builder driver for MySQL with the highest performance. microOLAP ... dbExpress driver for MySQL (DBX4MySQL) is an independent library that implements the common ... without any third-party libraries and intermediate layers like BDE, ADO or ODBC. As data-access layer thin and ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2008-01-24 downloaded 77 times 0.62MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVirtualDub 1.10.4

... capture device is Video for Windows compatible, then VirtualDub can capture video with it. ... But VirtualDub isn ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Conversion 2013-10-29 downloaded 193 times 1.63MB

DownloadRoute excellent awarddb4o for Java 8.0

... db4o (database for objects ... is the open source object database, native to Java and .NET. Free software, available under the GPL ... commercial license. Ideal for embedded use, e.g., in software running on mobile or ... One line of code stores any object ... object schema; Smooth production process ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2011-02-03 downloaded 127 times 39.94MB

DownloadRoute excellent awarddb4o for Mono 6.4

... db4o (database for objects ... is the open source object database for Mono. Free software, available under the GPL and under ... commercial license. Ideal for embedded use, e.g., in software running on mobile or ... One line of code stores any object ... object schema; Smooth production process ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2008-08-22 downloaded 101 times 7.54MB

AxCrypt 2.1.1494

... Password protection for files using strong encryption for Windows Vista or later using the AES algorithm with ... 256-bit or 128-bit keys. It combines strong symmetric encryption with compression and double-click editing ... viewing. Encrypted files have ... file, right-click it in Windows Explorer and select ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2017-04-30 downloaded 92 times 5.75MB

AWBot - Advanced Web Bot (GPL)

Web Design - Site Administration 2008-02-01 downloaded 75 times 0.12MB

DownloadRoute cool awardJust Color Picker 5.1

... free colour picker and colour-editing tool for web designers, photographers, graphic designers and digital artists. Features HTML, ... RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMYK and Delphi colour code formats ... averaged colour sampling for handling colour noise ... 3x, 9x and 15x magnifier and keyboard control of the mouse cursor movements ...

Graphics & Design - Authoring 2018-11-28 downloaded 245 times 2.11MB

JExifViewer 1.6

... Java program for displaying and comparing Exif informations stored in JPEG files created by digital ... cameras. JExifViewer is an Open Source project released under the GPL. JExifViewer has an ... image viewer in which you can rotate and ... copy, move and delete images. At the moment JExifViewer is localized in English and German. ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Viewers 2008-12-14 downloaded 69 times 4.75MB

DownloadRoute cool awarddhtmlxTree :: Ajax-Based JavaScript Tree 5.0

... dhtmlxTree is an Ajax-based JavaScript tree menu that allows you to create full-featured navigation trees ... to create trees with unlimited number of nodes. dhtmlxTree can load its content dynamically from server using ... directly from on-page XML data-island. Loading data from JSON and CVS is also supported. If the tree ...

Web Design - Wizards & Components 2016-07-01 downloaded 161 times 4.48MB

JSummer native

... platformindependent, open source tool to compute and check MD5, MD4, MD2, SHA-160, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, ... WHIRLPOOL, TIGER, HAVAL message digest. The Program consists of ... nice GUI using SWT. Implemented in Java. This native version is running without ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-03-08 downloaded 76 times 6.75MB

... learning tool for people who enjoy mathematics, are new to mathematics, or struggle with mathematics. ... Secondarily, as this software is distributed with source code, the software may serve as ... demonstration of the Java programming language ... Linux MathTutor only supports console operation. There is no Graphical ...

My Hobby & Education - Mathematical Tools 2007-06-30 downloaded 876 times 0.05MB

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