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Hibernate 4.2.18

... Hibernate takes care of the mapping from Java classes to database tables, and from Java data ... with manual data handling in SQL and JDBC. Hibernate’s design goal is to relieve the developer from ... of common data persistence-related programming tasks by eliminating the need for manual, ... using SQL and JDBC. However, unlike many other persistence solutions, Hibernate does not hide the power of ...

Coding Software - Java Development 2015-02-05 downloaded 236 times 61.8MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHibernate While Saving Space 1.0

... While you have hibernation enabled Windows creates big files that occupy your disk space on ... without any reason. Having more free space on the drive where Windows is installed means ... that Windows will run better. The software will disable hibernation when it ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2008-01-20 downloaded 45 times 2.43MB

DownloadRoute cool awardXilisoft DVD to Pocket PC Ripper

... Pocket PC and automatically shutdown, exit program or hibernate when all jobs are done ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Conversion 2010-04-20 downloaded 144 times 9.66MB

DownloadRoute good awardSmartSleep 3.62

... Shutdown, Log Off, Reboot, Black Screen, suspend, Hibernate, File Execution and Display Message. The shutdown utility ... also possible to slowly reduce the speaker volume, so if you are listening to music or ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2012-08-07 downloaded 153 times 1.92MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHDD Temperature 1.4.206

... There are many reasons why hard-drives get damaged, and overheating is probably the most ... computers have coolers, fans and other gadgets that prevent overheating. But as fans get plugged, coolers stop ... working, or too many hard-drives get added ... your HDDs and losing data increases drastically. So how do ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-01-18 downloaded 164 times 2.35MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMonitor Control 2.05

... quick change screensaver settings; automatically disable screensaver and power scheme so that ... watching DVD or TV on your computer, etc. (keywords:start screensaver, disable screensaver, stop screensaver, deactive screensaver, launch screensaver, ... turn off monitor, turn off screen, screensaver starter, manage screensaver, screensaver setting, turn off laptop monitor, turn off ...

Mobiles - Cell Screensavers & Wallpapers 2008-01-23 downloaded 126 times 0.93MB

ImTOO SWF Converter

... ImTOO SWF Converter is ... example, shutdown computer automatically when job is done.ImTOO SWF Converter converts any movie file ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Conversion 2010-12-01 downloaded 68 times 28.86MB

DownloadRoute good awardActiveActions 1.25

... ActiveActions is an launch tool that also acts like hotkey manager. You ... can launch documents, links, open folders or desktop objects and ... programming, for easy access to daily Windows function ... like, exit, logoff, hibernate and more ... It also helps you to surfing internet using quick access to your favourite bookmarks. Recent changes ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-11-23 downloaded 85 times 0.86MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGreen Computing Shutdown Scheduler 1.1

Save on your electricity bills by scheduling when your computer should shut down or hibernate. Does not Contain any Adware, Spyware, or other Third Party Software. A brandable (a.k.a. Private Label) version of this software, with full resell rights, is available at

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2010-03-13 downloaded 72 times 3.29MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPowerClick 1.2

... power managment features available in Windows. Those are shutdown, restart, standby, hibernate, log off and station lock. ... sometimes hate to bother, to shutdown or restart system the regular way.This is usually the case ... of applications are running but only the quick shutdown or restart is needed. Windows will refuse to ... the time, which can be quite annoying. With PowerClick you can force all programs to close before ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-01-16 downloaded 59 times 0.07MB

The Best One-click BackUp for WinRAR 2.2020

... powerful but easy-to-use file backup manager for WinRAR. RAR files can usually compress content ... customizable skins. OCB provides all key features of WinRAR: high compression ratio, AES 128bit encryption, volumes and ... can also be used to reboot, shutdown or hibernate the computer immediately or at ... 12, 2010 For Immediate Release One-click BackUp for WinRAR makes daily backups easy. Acritum Software has released ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2010-09-14 downloaded 72 times 1.01MB

DownloadRoute good awardHDD Temperature SCSI 1.4.200

... There are many reasons why hard-drives get damaged, and overheating is probably the most ... computers have coolers, fans and other gadgets that prevent overheating. But as fans get plugged, coolers stop ... working, or too many hard-drives get added ... your HDDs and losing data increases drastically. So how do ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-02-01 downloaded 84 times 2.32MB

iShutdown 1.0

As soon as you load iShutdown it will peacefully establish itself in the notify area of the taskbar. By right clicking on it and invoking the options window you are able to set a duration of time, after which the system should do one of the following: 1) Shutdown. 2) Standby. 3) Hibernate. 4) Restart. After that iShutdown will silently count down the time and even warn you at a specified moment before shutting down. This software is...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2008-01-15 downloaded 42 times 0.33MB

DownloadRoute good awardImTOO DVD Creator

... ImTOO DVD Creator is powerful DVD burn software which can create ... music, title and opening film for customizing. 4.The DVD creator supports DVD-R, DVD ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Burners & Cloners 2013-11-26 downloaded 159 times 43.22MB

DBVA for JBuilder for Windows 4.3

... DDL or direct execute to the database). You can focus on developing business logic and ... user interface without care about the database issue. The persistence layer of the DBVA-JB is ... e.g. MySQL, Oralce, SQL Server, DB2) and Application Server ... about how DBVA-JB can help, please visit the Java ORM resource page at http ...

Coding Software - SQL Applications 2008-08-22 downloaded 131 times 138.98MB

Cheersc MP3 Encoder 1.3

... video snapshot anytime during playing. 9.Allows setting your MP3 converter to work in the background. 10.Saves your time ... to auto exit, shut down, stand by, or hibernate your PC after ...

Computer Networking - Searching Utils 2014-07-15 downloaded 50 times 3.38MB

Catalog Hot Files Pro 1.51

... Catalog Hot Files Pro is ... if you smartly use this utility. Besides this, Catalog Hot Files Pro can also be used to ... control CD-ROM, Winamp, run applications ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2008-01-21 downloaded 43 times 0.79MB

skinable power manager for windows with a timer mode for logoff,shutdown,reboot and hibernate/standy mode. configuration is easy and skins are limited only by teh authors imagination. one skin, BM/Brushed Metal is sheipped with neoshut, more can be found on the neoshut neoshut doesn`t use teh windows registry, thus preventing any uninstallation problems, this means you simply delete neoshut and it`s files...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2008-01-20 downloaded 45 times 0.33MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardImTOO Audio Encoder

... The definitive audio conversion and extraction specialist. ImTOO Audio Encoder is all you will ever need to convert ... the many different media formats supported by ImTOO Audio Encoder include videos ... 4.Convert several files in one go with ImTOO Audio Encoder’s batch conversion functionality. 5.Simultaneously convert ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2011-08-16 downloaded 562 times 26.67MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPC Auto Shutdown 6.9

PC Auto Shutdown is a handy software that help you automatically shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time you specifies. It can shut down computers at schedule time when no user is logged on or when computers are in suspended power conservation mode. It gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown event for your needs.

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2019-02-02 downloaded 145 times 0.82MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardImTOO CD Ripper

... ImTOO CD Ripper is capable of ripping CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, ... PSP directly after ripping, and allows you to add effects to audio ... CD to audio files of different formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE. 2.Ability to ... files to iPod, iPhone and PSP directly after ripping CD. 4.Audio effects available include fade-in, fade-out, normalize, ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2011-08-15 downloaded 189 times 26.61MB

DownloadRoute good awardNet Monitor for Employees Professional 5.1.14

... activity of all the PCs in your company remotely. Plus you can share your screen with your ... easier. Here are major benefits of using this employee monitoring software: -Installation and use of the application is very ... mouse clicks. -You have complete control over what remote users are doing. -This spy software provides you ...

Computer Networking - Network Monitors 2016-04-26 downloaded 289 times 30.86MB

DownloadRoute cool awardImTOO DVD to PSP Suite

... powerful PSP movie converter pack to convert video files to PSP movies ... convert DVDs to PSP videos. This DVD to PSP converter suite comprises two PSP converter tools ... ImTOO DVD to PSP Converter and PSP Video Converter allowing you to rip DVDs to PSP videos ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Conversion 2010-12-30 downloaded 90 times 61.42MB

DownloadRoute good awardRSHUT PRO 2.9.2

... system shutdown utility for Windows ... 2003 Server) that allows quickly and automatically shutdown and wake ... up your computer, remote computers in your home LAN domain ... workgroup or large corporate network. Key Features ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2017-10-24 downloaded 104 times 0.76MB

ImTOO Music CD Burner

... MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE and many others, ... on CD players. And you can also create MP3 CD or WMA CD from all supported media ... CD from audio files of different formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE and many ... into music CD. 3.Also allows you to create MP3 CD and WMA CD. 4.Burn multiple copies of ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2011-08-15 downloaded 55 times 26.67MB

HDD Thermometer 1.3

... HDD Thermometer is ... hard disk temperature monitoring tool. It has all the features needed ... to prevent overheating and possible data loss. HDD Thermometer use S.M.A.R.T. technology to get access to the ... hard disk temperature. Most of modern hard disks provide self temperature value through S.M.A.R.T. So if ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-01-20 downloaded 102 times 0.27MB

Slam 1.2

... This program provides the ability to perform any shutdown operation via the command line. Slam can easily ... shutdown, restart, log off, power-down, suspend or hibernate your computer. Slam can also be used to ... remotely shutdown other computers, and for shutting down windows automatically ... set time using Windows built in Scheduler. Force can be used to closed crashed programs, plus ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2008-01-16 downloaded 33 times 0.02MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGood Night PC Shutdown 1.9.0

... utility to automaticly shut down, restart, lock or hibernate your computer. Ideal for saving electricity and cut ... off your power bill. Automatic shutdown, hibernate, restart, suspend or lock your PC. Configure execution ... An alternative hotkey to just for suspend or hibernate or hide ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2009-12-03 downloaded 58 times 0.68MB

iToolSoft Blu-ray to iPhone for Mac

iToolSoft Blu-ray to iPhone Ripper for Mac, a professional Blu—ray ripping tool for Mac users, can convert Blu-ray to both video and audio formats. In other words, with this Blu-ray to iPhone ripper, Mac users can convert Blu-ray discs to not only to iPhone, iPod MPEG-4, but also to audio files like music and dialogues, thus providing multiple conversion choices from Blu-ray to iPhone and other media players.

DVD, Video & DivX - Convert Ipod, Ipad & Iphone 2010-10-11 downloaded 39 times 8.18MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardXilisoft DVD to iPhone Suite

... Including Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Covnerter and Xilisoft iPhone Video Converter, Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Suite allows you to ... including Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Converter and Xilisoft iPhone Video Converter. The DVD to iPhone Converter can rip and ... DVD to iPhone music MP3, WAV, M4A. The iPhone Video Converter can convert all video files to iPhone video ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Convert Ipod, Ipad & Iphone 2011-04-20 downloaded 81 times 59.57MB

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