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DownloadRoute excellent awardHot Lines 1.2

... This nice logic game takes place at the board 12x12 with ... similar to Classic Lines) and Timed Lines ... practice your quick reaction. The game includes three skill levels, so you can play forever improving your mastery. ... The game is completely free, so download and have ...

Games Play - Memory 2008-01-21 downloaded 72 times 1.76MB

DownloadRoute cool awardHot Ice 2.51

... Hot Ice displays dazzling animated crystalline snowflakes with rich beautiful colors, pulsating light, and dramatic ... size and resolution. Hot Ice is ... your eyes and your heart opened wide with Hot Ice. Hot Ice contains two programs in one. ... period of time. With the Hot Ice integrated audio playlist utility you can use ... to accompany Hot Ice whenever it runs. ...

Screen Savers - Visual Arts 2008-01-31 downloaded 74 times 13.71MB

DownloadRoute cool awardHot Checkers 4.1

... Play four kinds of checkers against the computer or human opponent. Two player ... game can be played via Bluetooth or infrared, or locally, using your handheld as ... game board. Hot Checkers features strong AI with five adjustable difficulty levels ... and supports four versions of this classic board game: American Checkers, Pool, Russian Checkers and Giveaway. This ...

Games Play - Board Games 2008-01-18 downloaded 73 times 0.05MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

HotCrypt is one touch text encryption software. Using algorithms Blowfish, DES, Diamond, IDEA, Mars, MISTY1, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, RedocIII, Sapphire, Skipjack, Tea. Support compression and Base64 encoding. Working with embedded in text pictures and objects.

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2008-01-31 downloaded 72 times 0.83MB

Hot Lingo 2.0

... This full featured spell checking plugin, for Microsoft ... Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, includes ... must have for users of free email and other forms based internet services. ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2008-01-24 downloaded 52 times 1.36MB

Hot Racing 2 1.0

Ready! Set! Go! Hot Racing 2 gives you the ultimate racing adventure experience. Pick your favorite car and choose from over four dozen different tournaments. Grab bonuses and be the first to the finish line! Amazing 3D graphics and exciting music enhance your driving experience. Feel the rush!

Games Play - Arcade 2010-05-03 downloaded 47 times 23.35MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHot Racing 1.0

... and skill. So, are you ready for the Hot Racing ...

Games Play - Arcade 2008-01-16 downloaded 102 times 16.89MB

Hot Corners 2.4

... Hot Corners lets you quickly activate or disable your screen ... saver by moving the mouse into any corner of the screen that you set. This is ... anybody to be able to access it. Using Hot Corners, you can turn on your screen saver ... and possibly confidential, the ability to have instant privacy is crucial. Hot Corners is very customizable, and ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2008-01-26 downloaded 65 times 0.23MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPS Hot Folders 2.2

... Tired of endless browsing though folders when accessing Open, Save As and Browse dialogs ... PS Hot Folders lets you skip the browsing and access any ... specified hot key combination. The program builds itself into Windows ... OS shell is available in Windows dialogs Open, Save As and Browse, including Microsoft Office Suite. Using ... PS Hot Folders special easily configured menu, you can quickly go ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-01-22 downloaded 74 times 1.14MB

Hot Tiles 1.0

... casual puzzle game in which you can unlock gradually hotter ... of beautiful women in high resolution Casual gameplay Hot Tiles is ... casual puzzle game in which you can unlock gradually hotter ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2013-06-07 downloaded 25 times 0MB

Hot Jingle Player 1.0

... Hot Jingle Player is ideal for DJs or radio stations to quickly and easily play ... variety of recorded sounds, such as jingles, advertisements, songs ... mp3, wma, ogg, wav) ... Your live shows will never be the ... Play jingles instantly without any delay with hotkeys. You will be able to play 26 jingles ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2012-03-15 downloaded 306 times 0.39MB

Hot Exotic Cars 2.00

... Experience the best of BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari! This high-quality screensaver shows the best exotic cars ... Experience the best of BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari! This high-quality screensaver shows the best exotic cars ... High-quality images from BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2008-01-20 downloaded 75 times 3.02MB

Hot Exotic Cars II 2.00

... Experience the best of BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari! This high-quality screensaver shows the best exotic cars ... today. Fully user-customizable by you, so download this screensaver and enjoy exotic cars today ... High-quality images from BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2008-01-17 downloaded 70 times 3.02MB

Hot MP3 Downloader

... new released singles, piano version to cover version,etc. Hot MP3 Downloader provides you hot songs recommendation like ... USA Airplay Hot 100 every week. Keep with it, you will ... never miss any hot songs any more. Totally Clean ... fairly good quality. As to the intuitive interface, Hot MP3 Downloader is incredible easy to use, just ... Hot MP3 Downloader Being your easy-to-use download manager, Hot MP3 Downloader could perfectly handle the task of ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Library Managers 2016-06-24 downloaded 676 times 6.14MB

Hot Copy Paste 7.5

... Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search. ... Hot Copy Paste works in every program supporting Windows Clipboard, and works in many that don ... Hot Copy Paste will store information you copy to the clipboard ... be lost even after you reboot your PC. Hot Copy Paste is the better Clipboard. Removing built-in ... limitations of Windows Clipboard, the new clipboard utility allows you to copy, ...

Sys Utils - Clipboard Utilities 2017-02-28 downloaded 108 times 5.17MB

Register Hot Key 1.1

... Key Combination as Hot Key Register Hot Key ... Open File with with Hot Key The Program sits in System Tray Remove ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2009-08-13 downloaded 0 times 0.28MB

Hot Radio Player 1.0

... app and is in no way endorsed by Hot Radio themselves. Listen to the station even when ... running other apps Hot Radio is ... app and is in no way endorsed by Hot Radio themselves. Listen to the station even when ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Television 2013-06-19 downloaded 44 times 0MB

Red Hot Rescue 1.0

... Red Hot Rescue is an interesting adventure game for free. The ... harness the powers of the remaining rangers and rescue him. But be careful, Dr. Mercer will be ... wisely. They are key to your success. Red Hot Rescue is an action game. There are ...

Games Play - RPG & Adventure 2009-06-11 downloaded 126 times 1.28MB

Hot Strawberry Screensaver 1

... you are not afraid to show it, than hot strawberry screensaver is ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2008-01-20 downloaded 78 times 3.51MB

Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.0

... Create your own virtual keyboard and type like ... mouse or touch screen ... Hot Virtual Keyboard makes previous-generation on-screen keyboards look ancient. Type faster with configurable mouse gestures, ... with any of the 56 keyboards included with Hot Virtual Keyboard. The new virtual on-screen keyboard employs ... one or two letters. Users of Tablet PC, UMPC, Panel PC, Car PC and similar touch-screen devices ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2018-01-25 downloaded 135 times 8.48MB

Hot Chocolate Mahjong 1.0

... from the cold, and sipping on some delectable Hot Chocolate Mahjong ... Warm your insides here at Holiday while playing this fun hot chocolate mahjong ... Stay warm by matching tiles all over this hot chocolate mahjong mug. Match them all to reveal ... fun winter scene and falling snow. Watch for seasonal and ... flower mahjong tiles, which can be matched to any in their ...

Games Play - Board Games 2011-12-28 downloaded 35 times 2.5MB

Hot Alarm Clock 5.1.1

... powerful alarm clock! Wake up to your favorite music or tune ... wakeup. With infinite number of highly configurable alarms, Hot Alarm Clock is super flexible and customizable. Setting ... you up on different days of weeks or calendar dates is not rocket science either. The amount ... Hot Alarm Clock comes equipped with alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown clock and countdown timer, ...

My Hobby & Education - Time Clocks 2016-03-06 downloaded 79 times 12.74MB

DownloadRoute cool awardHot Game Cheater 2009.01

... free hot games cheats utility having biggest database of thousands of up-to-date ... Ringtones. Hot Game Cheater contains thousands of cheats of ... Xbox 360 Cheats Hot Game Cheater also contains ... ringtones have been embedded in this section of Hot Game Cheater. You can play games background music, level and ... which are directly downloadable through Hot Game Cheater server. After downloading ... latest and old Games trainers are linked in Hot Game Cheater. Game trainers ...

Games Play - Editors & Tools 2008-12-29 downloaded 192 times 52.54MB

DownloadRoute cool awardHot Keyboard Pro 6.2.106

... Automate everyday jobs with macros. Set up macros to paste signatures, phone numbers and other frequently ... text shortcut, scheduler, window popup or system startup. Macros can be encrypted to keep safe sensitive data ... and many math or text functions in your macros. You can easily share macros, export and import ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2018-09-19 downloaded 101 times 2.84MB

DownloadRoute cool awardHot DVD Ripper 1.0

... Hot DVD Ripper is ... will be of excellent image and sound quality.Hot DVD Ripper is ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Grab, Record & Capture 2008-01-21 downloaded 56 times 2.29MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPS Hot Launch VVL 1.1

... PS Hot Launch is meant to quickly run different applications, open ... system tray, and also by pressing user assigned hot keys ... and run something that you want now. PS Hot Launch is ... perfect alternative to the Start menu and the Quick Launch panel. Main features ... Quick launch of applications from the menu in the system ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-01-17 downloaded 59 times 0.69MB

Hot Dog Article Tool 1.0.0

... simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique ...simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique ...

Economics - Stocks & Trading 2010-05-22 downloaded 34 times 1.43MB

Red-Hot CD/DVD Burner 4.5.0

Red-Hot CD/DVD Burner is a high-quality easy-to-work-with software with many features and options for CD and DVD recording. It comes with support for data and audio burning, dual-layer DVD and also disc images. Additionally, it offers compatibility with rewritable discs and has the ability to also burn copies on the fly. It does NOT include any type of ADWARE!

Audio & Mp3 - Audio CD Writers 2018-05-08 downloaded 754 times 5.12MB

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