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DownloadRoute excellent awardMAGI 1.3.2

... cross between RTS and RPG, yet it is very different from other games ... genre of its own. In Magi the player creates ... and immerses in series of magical duels in ...

Games Play - Strategy 2009-07-24 downloaded 169 times 24.68MB

... chosen by Computer Gaming World as the Best Puzzle game of the Year and one of the ... top 10 shareware games of all time. This all new version is ... Rained have crafted their rings to prevent the life force of their world ... to learn and harness the power of the rings. Can you find the hidden easter egg games ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2006-12-12 downloaded 38 times 7.64MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... The Magi Systems Network Library is ... Java-based network library that can be used as the foundation of ... network based Java application, where there is ... central multi-threaded server and multiple clients connecting remotely, either across ... local-area network, intranet or even across the internet. The Magi ...

Web Design - Java & JavaScript 2008-01-18 downloaded 80 times 0.55MB

Magi Toolkit for Java 2.0.1

... The Magi Toolkit for Java provides ... collection of components and utility classes for Java developers to make their life easier. Developers can ... range of add-ons, such as Java Swing components and extensions, Collections extensions, utility classes ... and more. In addition to this, the Magi Toolkit is evolving and expanding, providing more components and ...

Web Design - Java & JavaScript 2008-01-18 downloaded 45 times 0.19MB

Magi Manga Reader 1.0

... America and by Viz Media Europe in Europe.---------And Magi Manga Reader is the best solution for reading Magi in ... America and by Viz Media Europe in Europe.---------And Magi Manga Reader is the best solution for reading Magi in ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Television 2013-06-06 downloaded 34 times 0MB

DownloadRoute good awardFirst Christmas Screensaver 1.4

... The First Christmas screensaver brings ... beautiful classic Nativity to your desktop. The hand-painted scenery comes to ... Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph attend the sleeping baby Jesus. Sheep and donkey watch over the child in ... the manger, as ...

Screen Savers - Christmas & Holidays 2009-04-04 downloaded 83 times 4.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAstral Masters 1.1

... deck of powerful creatures and spells in Astral Masters, the spiritual successor to the hit PC card ... host of opposing magi in Astral Masters` League mode, or confront your friends online via ... or Higher Astral Masters can be purchased stand-alone or as part of ... or Higher Astral Masters can be purchased stand-alone or as part of ...

Games Play - Cards (Solitaire, Poker) 2008-01-23 downloaded 74 times 7.71MB

Globy 1.1

... This game is for those who love 3D-action and fun ... Go through ancient mystical labyrinths. Play unusual card games. Face danger and discover secrets on your adventure. ... prince, Dreamy. He lives in the Globy world, very high up in the sky, in ... attacked by evil demons. He turns to the magi to ask their advice. The magi send Dreamy ...

Games Play - RPG & Adventure 2008-04-04 downloaded 48 times 10.53MB

Magia Electrical Estimating 5.3.6835

... Magia is an estimating software for Electrical Contractors and Electrical Estimators. To aid electrical estimating Magia ... labor hours are input into the spreadsheet the Electrical Contractor must apply their labor costs, other additional costs ... TRA-SER SX Electrical Material Pricing System. The software works in two modes both ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2015-01-26 downloaded 48 times 15.49MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPIMS-Classic For Macintosh 5.9.9

... Sales management system with POS and Accounting that allows ... to the fullest extent possible. PIMS-Classic allows Users to have unlimited searching, sorting, reporting ... and updating capabilities. With over 9,700 functions available, PIMS-Classic meets or exceeds the needs of most any ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2008-01-19 downloaded 429 times 28.02MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGold Heart Clock ScreenSaver 2.4

... Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of ... the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2012-05-18 downloaded 242 times 1.72MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClearBoard 2.02

... piece of paper, or any drawing on ... crystal clear image as if you were actually drawing on ... whiteboard, blackboard, or simply wants to capture ... flat surface and convert that drawing into clear image. Students, teachers, and and those ...

Graphics & Design - Morphers & Animations 2008-01-16 downloaded 280 times 3.18MB

DownloadRoute good awardCollect Magic 1.0

... Collection System for Small Accounts to contact and call for ... overdue invoices. Get one FREE collection by ... professional collection agency for trying Collect Magic ...

Economics - Taxes 2008-01-31 downloaded 119 times 0.01MB

DownloadRoute good awardBankers Bullion

... Double or triple up any win. Play the pokies at home ... emailed immediately upon successful processing of order.Play the pokies at home with Bankers Bullion. ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2008-01-21 downloaded 177 times 2.86MB

DownloadRoute good awardRipples Magic plug-in 1.40

... powerful tool for creating composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, unreal streamline pictures, ... the dice.Powerful tool for creating composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, unreal streamline pictures, ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-01-23 downloaded 113 times 0.16MB

Magic Spin Roulette Bot 1.1

Spin Magic: Automatic Roulette Bot! Integrated Game Strategy! Has unique Roulette Wheel Numbers Identificator, works in more than 5 Casinos, absolutely Free to Use. Detailed manual with illustrations attached + Free Support!

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2008-11-29 downloaded 268 times 0.74MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardThe Treasures Of Montezuma 1.07

... The Treasures of Montezuma is as thrilling as an adventure movie and ... The Treasures of Montezuma is as thrilling as an adventure movie and ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2008-01-26 downloaded 121 times 16.43MB

DownloadRoute good award7art Christmas-tree Clock ScreenSaver 2.0

... Decorate your desktop with the Christmas-tree Clock! You will get ... chance to explore the Christmas magic in ...

Screen Savers - Visual Arts 2008-01-16 downloaded 123 times 1.06MB

DownloadRoute good awardMagic Picture Converter 1.3

... Magic Picture Converter converts digital photos and images in BMP, GIF and JPG formats to most ... popular web formats. The process is done in batch mode, ... which means that you can convert all the images in ...

Graphics & Design - Converting Picture Formats 2009-09-04 downloaded 105 times 0.34MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAros Magic Viewer 3.0

... Aros Magic Viewer is world ... fastest photo viewer, with parallel-processing magiXcan technology built-in ... This makes it 10X faster for JPEG file loading on ... your cores. Besides its high speed, Aros Magic Viewer has many other useful features as well, including ... wide variety of photo-enabled websites like Google image search, Facebook ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Viewers 2012-10-07 downloaded 145 times 0.03MB

Happy 3D Christmas Screensaver 1.23

... Christmas always has something special. This magnificent animated screensaver will help you create the right atmosphere for ... gorgeous Christmas tree and lots of beautifully wrapped gifts waiting for ... large fireplace cracking with prime firewood. Feel the magic of ...

Screen Savers - Christmas & Holidays 2012-06-04 downloaded 52 times 1.36MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFunny Chewer 1.72

... into the factory and to fight against the monsters and to collect the lovely product. It was ... iron gates. Unfortunately, signalling apparatus worked and all monsters awaked. Pursuit began ... the monsters like chewing gums too ... minutes to kill all monsters and to collect all gums. The monsters can ...

Games Play - Action / Shooter Games 2008-05-18 downloaded 75 times 3.8MB

Magic Folders XP 04.04.2

... exist. Use Magic Folders to protect your finances, taxes, and personal documents. Others won ... to accidentally delete or modify them either. With Magic Folders you can turn over your computer to your ... to un-hide each file or folder individually. And Magic Folders is totally transparent. No one need know your ... have access to. Keep your important files safe. Protect them with Magic Folders ... ll see why Magic Folders has gotten more awards than you can shake ...

Sys Utils - Clipboard Utilities 2008-01-20 downloaded 152 times 0.63MB

StoryO 1.0.3 Build 31

Use StoryO for screenplays, stage plays, novels, short stories, webisodes, essays, term papers, non-fiction works, and more. Feature Highlights •  Story Outline – Outline your story with a built-in, standardized set of topics and questions, or create custom sets of topics and questions to use as you experiment with different types of projects. • Timeline – Create story timelines with color-coded segments and brea...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2012-08-26 downloaded 98 times 217MB

Magic Audio Converter

... Magic Audio Converter allows you to convert audio files between WAV, OGG Vorbis, MP3, MP2, Microsoft ... ADPCM, WMA, VOX, GSM, G723,G726, a-LAW, u-LAW and other well-known media ... source formats and target formmats. Supporting most popular audio formats ... WAV, OGG Vorbis, MP3, MP2, Microsoft ADPCM, WMA, VOX, GSM, G723,G726, a-LAW, u-LAW ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2010-01-21 downloaded 153 times 7.56MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

Generate barcodes for home, hobby and retail with easy to use Barcode Magic software. Simply select a bar code style and font, enter desired text and numbers, and a barcode is automatically created. Copy your new graphic into a Windows application, save it to file, or print it out for instant labeling. Barcode Magic supports numeric formats like UPC, alphanumeric like Code 128, and even specialized Postnet formats.

Economics - Barcode Programs 2008-01-22 downloaded 100 times 0.58MB

DownloadRoute cool awardEgyptian Dreams 3

... and Egyptian Dreams ... Double or triple up any win. Play the pokies at home ... theme of this game is all about ancient Egypt and pyramids. Win up to ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2008-01-18 downloaded 159 times 2.3MB

DownloadRoute good awardPhotoEchoes 3.10.3

... digital Kaleidoscope that generates awesome animated images based on photographs ... All the magic and awe of kaleidoscopes now on your computer. PhotoEchoes will use your ... digital photos to build an animated kaleidoscope on the screen. With features to control the ... the results either as single images, as seamless tileable patterns and also on digital video ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2013-07-19 downloaded 116 times 1.92MB

DownloadRoute good awardRun Ronaldo, Run 1.0

... In this hilarious game, brought to you by 2DPlay, Ronaldo runs across the field, huffing and puffing ... while kicking the football with Argentinian captain Crespo hot on his studs. Keep Ronaldo away from ... and get to the ball before Crespo does ... All in good humor, we love Brazil really. Run Ronaldo, Run ...

Games Play - Sport Games 2008-01-19 downloaded 97 times 0MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDragon Jumper 1.64

... little Dragon who lives in ... magic lake. The lake is dangerous, but our little fellow loves fruits ... away. He is good in jumping and whenever Dragon sees ... sparkling thing somewhere in the lake he immediately starts jumping from one spot of ... is not so easy to get the diamond. Dragon must jump from one place of the lake ...

Games Play - Arcade 2018-01-04 downloaded 85 times 0.85MB

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