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Math Man 1.5.3

... indulge in the remake of the phenomenal arcade classic and journey through the amazing arithmetical world ... goal in this game is to control the Math Man to consume all the ghosts in the mazes ... after solving the equations. When the game opens, the ghosts will start ... to hunt the Math Man. Each of the ghosts is marked by ... number which represents the answer of an equation. Use the four arrow keys on your keyboard ...

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Math Function Mania 3.0

... Math Function Mania is ... fun multimedia game that teaches functions, algebra and problem solving skills. Functions are very important ... in math! By mastering them, you will greatly increase your ... math skills. This game teaches you by the ...

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DownloadRoute cool award

... Math Mania is ... cute little math learning application that will allow your child to ... short little game for sixty seconds. Math Mania will then ask them five more questions and ... then another short reward. Children are enticed to learn to get their reward. ... crazy antics. Math Mania is ...

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