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My Message 1.0

... or you just literally need to show your message to be heard ... Displays text messages Drawing Generate QR codes Styling Message Tablet ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Television 2013-06-06 downloaded 46 times 0MB

Respond Message 2.02

... Respond Message is ... powerful add-in for MS Outlook that helps Outlook users to automate the process of forwarding emails ... or replying to them. Forward Message to specified recipients. It ... possible to include original message body and attachments, add extra annotations and attachments, ... all recipients as well. Options to include original message body, add extra annotations and attachments, customize subject ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2016-07-24 downloaded 39 times 0.69MB

Save Message 2.60.2

... Save Message Action for InboxRULES can automatically save message body and attachments to the disk folder when ... it arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox. Message body can be saved in ... possibility to customize message header in the save file and to include ... attachments info to the saved file. Save Message can work with attachments which were included or ... embedded to the message or which were included to the message as ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2016-07-10 downloaded 134 times 0.57MB

... Program can send message to any computer. You will only know computer ... must be in the nework or internet connection. Message has 400 symbols and ... send on the selected time. Program automaticaly saves message when you send it. Program saves message by ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2006-12-06 downloaded 120 times 0.84MB

DownloadRoute good awardMessage Smuggler

... Message Smuggler is the leading software on the market of ... kind, which used to smuggle or hide text message into images. Create secret picture message with 256-bit ... encryption algorithm and password protection. This software gives you ... free choice of transfer method Message Smuggler is an ideal tool for individuals who share ... All messages smuggled into images are encrypted with special certified encryption method based ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2009-09-16 downloaded 71 times 1.92MB

Print Message 2.63.3

... Print Message can automatically print email body and attachments to ... specified printer when email arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox. Message body ... possibility to customize message header and include attachments info. Print Message can ... attachments which were included or embedded to the message or which were included to the message as ... OLE object. Print Message has build-in support for printing HTML format. Graphic ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2016-10-14 downloaded 142 times 19.29MB

DownloadRoute good awardSpy Message

... The SpyMessage is easy-to-use, reliable and powerful tool for protecting important information that you don ... want others to see.With SpyMessage you can encrypt and hide your text message ... any changes in its resolution or size.You can view the modified image with any conventional image viewer program, xchange messages ... No one can know if your image contain messages or not, You can type direct messages or ... load the file that holds the message, SpyMessage uses two powerful encryption algorithms to protect your ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2010-03-25 downloaded 196 times 2.93MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMessage Parse 3.40

... An email processing utility that provides an automated way to ... transfer data from email messages to other applications. MsgParse eliminates typing mistakes and eliminates the need for ... copy-paste. With MsgParse you extract the data from the email to ... flat file that is suitable for importing to other programs. Any program with importing capabilities ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2009-04-30 downloaded 81 times 8.24MB

Message Assist 1.0

... and accelerates the process of everyday email tasks. Message Assist allows you to compose, reply, forward messages, insert ... in future correspondence is vital to staying productive. Message Assist is ... your email sessions. Less writing, less clicking, less thinking...Message Assist is your email productivity solution. Once you use ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2011-07-28 downloaded 57 times 4.46MB

DownloadRoute good awardExtract Message 2.14.1

... Extract Message action can automatically extract data from ... when it arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox and store ... file, Outlook folder or Personal Address Book. After saving data ... parameter. Extract Message is often used to save web-form data sent ... website into the file or Outlook Contacts folder. Prior to evaluating Extract Message action it ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2016-07-19 downloaded 152 times 0.5MB

Tiny Message 1.2

... Tiny Message is ... program allowing you to send network messages as fast as possible. Using of it will ... manager can be used just for setting Tiny Message shortcuts. Ariolic Tiny Message is compatible with Messenger ... 2000, Windows XP systems or with programs like WinPopup on Windows 9x ...

Computer Networking - Other Network Tools 2008-01-21 downloaded 74 times 0.62MB

Message Shield 2.0

... Message shield will block those annoying messenger popups for good. One click and your messenger popup ... not intefer with your ability to use any messenger program. ...

Computer Networking - Pop-Up & Ad Stoppers 2008-02-01 downloaded 107 times 0.98MB

Outlook Message Extractor 4.1

... Outlook Message Extractor extracts messages from Microsoft Outlook and .PST files. ... Microsoft Outlook Message extractor tool is ... messages and saves to the specified location. Outlook Message Extractor is very fast, reliable and Affordable tool. Key ... Outlook Message Extractor extracts messages from Microsoft Outlook. ... Outlook Message Extractor gets messages from .PST files. ... Outlook Message Extractor can saves extracted outlook email messages to the ...

Computer Networking - E-Mail User Agents 2015-03-26 downloaded 81 times 0.96MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMessage Boards Browser 2.0

... version 2.0 is designed for New York Times message boards and Microsoft public newsgroup, and is distributed ... MS Outlook, though it works for both NNTP newsgroups and with web based ... organizing searching specific data in large or scattered message boards .etc. ... More then one message board can be downloaded at the same time. ... circle is divided into colored sectors. Messages and newsgroups can also be bookmarked with differnt marks. Some ...

Computer Networking - RSS and Newsgroup Readers 2007-12-23 downloaded 118 times 2.09MB

STAR Easy Message for OS X SEM1989

... Software for SMS marketing and bulk text messaging solutions. STAR Easy Message is ... single text message to commercial bulk messaging. Send personalized text messages ... can be automatically created. Depending upon the used SMS messaging gateway you ... your text messaging campaign will cost. STAR Easy Message is compatible to most SMS messaging gateways providing ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2017-03-21 downloaded 95 times 8.91MB

Skype Message Sender 2.5.6

... Skype Message Sender ... the unique English skype message sender, let you send message to the filtered ... millions skype online users worldwide. The most powerful message sender ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2008-01-24 downloaded 111 times 1.76MB

Outlook Message Converter 1.0

... Do-it-yourself Outlook Message Converter to convert MSG files to most popular file ... NSF, EMLx, EML, HTML, MHT and DOC. Get Outlook Message Converter, error-free email migration application built up ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2018-04-03 downloaded 7 times 24.3MB

Send Mail Message 1.0

Application for quick and easy sending emails without any registrations. Run - Write - Send. Useful for short messages, greetings, notice. Quick and easy send email Variable email in from contact Send without registration Unlimited email count Easy send email to more people

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2013-06-23 downloaded 35 times 0MB

Change your life using the best subliminal messaging software!

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2006-11-30 downloaded 169 times 0.39MB

Secret Message Math 1.0

... secret message. Each letter of the secret message will then contain an operation to calculate. The ... machines between them and have to decode the message on the machine they got.Notes ... the previous message entered is intentionally cleared to avoid that kids ... could easily find the message you entered by simply clicking the button. ... one message at the time ...

Graphics & Design - Miscellaneous 2013-06-09 downloaded 25 times 0MB

DownloadRoute cool award

... Create Message Pro allows you to configure and create stand ... alone .EXE files for distribution across your network or the ... Internet. Our Create Message Pro adds the ability to specify the message ... appear on the message, and the type of message icon that appears. Once your message is fully ... configured you can save that message anywhere on your computer or on your network ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2006-12-04 downloaded 92 times 4.62MB

Message Toolbar Icons 2011.2

... and appearance of your new project with stock Message Toolbar Icons. Messaging services are ... world of global connectivity. The communications market is growing faster than ever. ... set of readily available icons is the best possible option for your development. ... With Message Toolbar Icons you get icons that are professionally designed and are assembled as ...

Desktop Tuning - Icons Packs 2012-10-25 downloaded 81 times 2.37MB


... sending and one for receiving SDP messages. Ozeki SIP SDK ensures all the background so SDP handling will ... messages. If you want to manipulate SDP or SIP messages during the phone calls, you need to set ... SDP message, you need to set the outgoing message you want to send and press the Apply ... just the same. You type in the modified message and press the apply button below the proper ... to provide the SDP support in Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. It defines an interface, two classes and an ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2012-04-16 downloaded 118 times 16.8MB

DownloadRoute good award

New version! Extra-effective subliminal-messaging time intervals and more than 300 predefined subliminals in 30 categories. Doesn`t slow down system. Software doesn`t require .NET Framework anymore.

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2006-12-03 downloaded 133 times 0.4MB

... utility to automatically record AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Conversations can be conveniently ... time. It also has the ability to record only or ignore specific Screen Names. Additionally, it ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2007-12-23 downloaded 107 times 0.57MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMessage Manager Deluxe 3.03

... Message Manager Deluxe is the only login script messaging utility on the market today. There ... offers. This Deluxe version is intended for network login script usage, it supports Novell, NT, Windows 2000, ... 2003, 2008 login script implementations. We also integrate well with the ... company privacy or usage policy weekly to users when they log in to ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2008-05-24 downloaded 75 times 0.93MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMessage Encryption Application 1.0

... Powerful Messaging Encryption Software for personal privacy protection. Protect your personal messages with encryption keys ... need arises, change the keys to ensure continued privacy. This concept is different in that you can ... actually see the results of using your encryption keys. No more wondering if what you send ... over the internet is actually secured or not. Outstanding ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2008-02-01 downloaded 140 times 3.08MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... IPB Message Checker ... tool that provides notifications about new posts on forums powered by Invision Power Board engine. Want to ... take part in some forum`s topic but don ... want to spend much time to check discussion board very offten ... IPB Message Checker ...

Computer Networking - Searching Utils 2008-01-21 downloaded 192 times 0.83MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... MailBee Message Queue is ... queue-based email-sending system that operates as ... requests from MailBee SMTP and MailBee.NET SMTP components and then sends email in the background. This ... allows the components to operate very quickly because they no longer ... have to wait for email messages to be actually sent. It is especially important ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2010-03-24 downloaded 134 times 0.13MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMessage Organizer Deluxe 4.12

... simple yet complete phone call, phone message, and in-persons visit management software for Windows users. ... software helps to record, track, and manage all messages for your office. For the database novice, Organizer ... intuitive interface and ready-to-use telephone message management solution make it easy to set up ... and use. Message Organizer Simple ... allows you to maintain data about all your messages in ... track visitor or caller name, phone number, company, message to, phone call or visit date and time, ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2017-10-06 downloaded 105 times 6.84MB

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