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Kybtec World Clock 2.04.03

... all over the world on this attractive desktop world clock. World Clock lets you see the time and ... any area of the world. You get two world clocks, one graphic clock, and one list clock, and ... your own locations. Daylight saving time is supported. World Clock can be digital, analog, or both, and it ...

My Hobby & Education - Time Clocks 2008-01-16 downloaded 59 times 0.94MB

SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib for Power Basic 7.5

... MarshallSoft SMTP/POP3/IMAP Power Basic email component library ... API to send and receive mail, including HTML, MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments, from within ... Receive any email on your server including MIME attachments. ... Download email from your server, automatically decoding MIME attachments. ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2017-10-21 downloaded 196 times 1.56MB

Whizlabs CCNA (640-801) Preparation Kit 6.0.1

... Success Rate, since year 2000. Still not convinced ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2008-01-18 downloaded 41 times 5MB

World Geography Tutor 1.9

... As modern communications technology shrinks the world year by year, the nightly news brings the ... hazy knowledge of the nations of the world. Enter World Geography Tutor. Now you can learn ... the nations of Asia, Africa and Europe, South and Central America, and the states of ... the USA, with the aid of ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2010-07-20 downloaded 45 times 2.34MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMy Photo Calendars by DigiLabs 5.0.2

... This Calendar software from enables the user to create fully ... customized Photo Calendars, easy to use, point and click interface that ...

My Hobby & Education - Calendars & Time Organizers 2009-05-25 downloaded 39 times 6.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardExl-Plan Micro (UK-I edition) 2.62

... Business plan projections for new ... Ideal for preparing business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Based on user ... assumptions, Exl-Plan generates fully-integrated three-year projections ... Ls, cashflow statements, balance sheets, ratio analyses etc. ...

Economics - Taxes 2008-01-16 downloaded 49 times 4.77MB

Exult XML Conversion Wizard 2.5

Converts XML to MS Excel(XLS),MS Access(MDB),CSV,HTML & Text.Easily handles large & complex XML files.Elements & attributes are automatically mapped to columns.Builds relationships between tables to mirror XML structure using primary and foreign keys. No user intervention required for shredding XML to tables.Exports XML tables as Excel worksheets or Access tables.New! Merge data from two or more tables for extraction.Speed improved in version 2.

Economics - Business Databases 2008-04-02 downloaded 57 times 2.66MB

Calendar Refill Templates TimeWorkX 8.5x11-US-2012

... Calendar Refill Templates. Use this dated planner to customize or update your organizer. Day-Week-Month-Year-Planner-eBook with ... Planning System, Desk Planner, Personal Organizer or Loose Leaf File Binders. Select from over ... premade printable time planning PDF Templates. Select from various Design Templates which ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2011-11-08 downloaded 105 times 18.76MB

DownloadRoute cool awardRemodelCOST Estimator for Excel 14.1

... and time-savings while increasing your bidding success. Remodel Construction Cost Estimating System for Excel. Designed specifically for ... home remodelers, builders, cost estimators and architects. RemodelCOST Estimator contains extensive industry standard user-modifiable unit cost data ... for all cost categories covering remodel construction as well as local city indexes that automatically ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2015-05-21 downloaded 134 times 4.62MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPayWindow Payroll System 16.0.0

... Winner of Best Business Application Award, and the People ... Choice, Best Business Application Award at the Shareware Industry Conference Awards. ... hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers ... restore with file compression. You can pay an employee in as little as three clicks of the ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2017-12-03 downloaded 336 times 34.95MB

MidiCart ASP Shopping Cart 7.10

... Try-Before-You-Buy Shopping Cart Software, that provides all you need to create, operate, ... professional Internet shop. MidiCart ASP Shopping Cart is extremely easy to use, ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2011-04-03 downloaded 70 times 1.11MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardorangeNettrace 2009-4.14

... high accurate network-, system- monitoring tool which is perfectly adapted to the screen. ... host-bandwidth limits of websites, web services or other network based applications. In combination with your current CPU ... in an area-chart at real-time. In addition all traffic data will be stored and can be reviewed ...

Computer Networking - Network Monitors 2009-06-12 downloaded 122 times 6.4MB

DownloadRoute good awardAdvanced MP3 Manager 1.5

... Advanced MP3 Manager is an MP3 audio file manager and playlist organizer. If you have over 100 ... audio files, then Advanced MP3 Manager can help by automatically scanning your hard drive ... Manage your MP3 files on ... find all MP3 files on ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Library Managers 2008-01-17 downloaded 137 times 0.77MB

DownloadRoute cool awardMagic Date Picker 2.0

... very easy-to-use utility for changing the date on your computer. ... time-limited demo of ... shareware program that check computer date. If the date is too big or ... the evaluation is expired the program won ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2011-06-06 downloaded 60 times 0.21MB

Year Round Screensaver 3.0

... common home, it is beautiful and amazing all year round ... Install our new seasons screensaver and you will find that it ... certainly decorate your desktop. Winter with our favourite New Year and Christmas holidays. Spring is the time ... common home, it is beautiful and amazing all year round ... Install our new seasons screensaver and you will find that it ...

Screen Savers - Cartoons 2016-03-10 downloaded 37 times 3.58MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAntiCutAndPaste 2.2

... tradition of copying and pasting source code. This is the single most widely distributed method ... millions of identical or nearly identical fragments of code costing millions of dollars per year for additional ... support and maintenance. Enter AntiCutAndPaste! AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for plagiarism ...

Coding Software - C Sharp & C Plus Plus 2011-03-25 downloaded 89 times 0.6MB

DownloadRoute cool awardXML Sitemap for CRE Loaded 3.5.2

Generates XML Sitemap, REQUIRED for search engine optimization for Google, MSN, Yahoo - all at once! 4 Step very easy installation, start using in 5 minutes! Completely dynamic - no additional support required. Supports UNLIMITED number of pages (when million is not enough). Supports XML Sitemap Index. Support Google, MSN, Yahoo at ONCE. Advanced Admin Section available for advanced users. 1 year FREE module upgrade included.

Web Design - E-Commerce 2012-12-07 downloaded 65 times 0.03MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardGetDataBack Data Recovery for FAT 4.33

... system restore. GetDataBack will recover your data if the hard ... partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data ... virus attack, the drive was formatted, fdisk has been run, ... system crash, files were lost due to ...

Sys Utils - Data Recovery 2013-08-19 downloaded 85 times 2.56MB

DownloadRoute cool awardActual Installer 6.8

... Actual Installer simplifies the job of the software developer and ... what can easily be created with the Actual Installer. Additionally, the software can package auto updaters, feedback ... and more to provide even greater usefulness to software developers. This program has an easier to use interface, ...

Coding Software - Installers 2017-10-13 downloaded 190 times 12.78MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAPSW Budget Planner V4 Enterprise

... progress chart so you can assess throughout the year just how well you are budgeting. But best ...

Economics - Money Management 2010-01-05 downloaded 60 times 2.93MB

Carnival Jackpot 1.00

... ve added some unique new tricks and ... our most popular game for 24 hour, all year long, bell ringing excitement.Breakout your beads and step ... ve added some unique new tricks and ... our most popular game for 24 hour, all year long, bell ringing excitement. ...

Games Play - Memory 2008-01-17 downloaded 58 times 0.55MB

WinCal 4.9.0

... frequently it should also be used for your personal pleasure. WinCal is your personal calendar design and ... publishing tool. Using your own photographs, or photographs sent to you by family or friends, you ... stunning calendar in minutes. The memories of special events, such ... as holidays, are no longer hidden in photographic albums but before you every day. ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2008-01-24 downloaded 46 times 15.94MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPHP Site Lock Pro 2.0

Most powerful yet easy to use script to protect your web pages and other web assets (html files,images,downloads,text files,audio and video files) -Create Password protected areas on your site -Create secure and time limited downloads -Create automated memberships and charge a subscription fees -Secure membership areas -Customized signup with custom fields -Give exclusive links for the members -Secure login script with user Authentication

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2008-01-23 downloaded 100 times 2.38MB

OGG TO RM Converter 2.70.10

... OGG TO RM Converter supports batch conversion between RM, RMVB, OGG files. ... of WAV files to RM format very easily. OGG TO RM Converter is capable of Converting RM ... and RMVB file to OGG. Converting OGG to RM, RMVB. it adopts advanced LAME Encoder ... and OGG codec, allows you to generate high qualities of ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2009-10-31 downloaded 169 times 5.67MB

DownloadRoute cool awardAmortization Schedule Software 3

... user-selected time interval. Use our Amortization Schedule Software for real estate mortgages, contract sales and ... support and updates are FREE within the first year from the date of purchase. Unconditional money back ... user-selected time interval. Use our Amortization Schedule Software for real estate mortgages, contract sales and ...

Economics - Taxes 2008-01-31 downloaded 108 times 0.64MB

Xmas Clock screensaver 2.8

... Decorate your desktop on the eve of Christmas. Experience ... nice clock screensaver, full of the Christmas spirit and joy for the upcoming celebration of ... great and uniting holiday. We wish you ... merry Xmas and ...

Desktop Tuning - Wallpapers & Backgrounds 2009-11-28 downloaded 171 times 1.09MB

Market Bees 3.3

... site that averages the past 50 days of stock market activity to produce ... actual stock trading can be done at online brokers like ...

Economics - Money Management 2008-02-20 downloaded 54 times 3.09MB

MP3Producer FR 2.57

... full-featured software to convert and manage your WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA files. With the help of ... MP3Producer you can with no effort rip your numerous CDs to various formats such as ... MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA; encode WAV to MP3, OGG and WMA ... decode MP3, OGG and WMA to WAV with the excellent output quality at ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2008-12-16 downloaded 115 times 2.4MB

DownloadRoute cool awardWindows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++ 6.0.1

... Supports virtual serial ports ... 256 ports, control multiple ports simultaneously, modem control, virtual serial ports ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2017-04-07 downloaded 235 times 2.01MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ 2.2

... reads and decodes industry standard GPS NMEA 183 navigation sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as ... Works with Bluetooth serial. ... Work with USB ports that have ... .NET, and Visual Studio ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2011-06-12 downloaded 115 times 0.55MB

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