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WordNet-Online dictionary

... WordNet-Online free dictionary and hierarchical thesaurus of English. Very easy to use ... holonyms, derived forms and sample sentences. The handy dictionary software minimizes to your system tray and waits ... You may search any English word in the dictionary and get the definition along with related words ...

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J-Express 2011

... and implementations to provide the latest trends in microarray analysis. Explore the data J-Express Pro contains many ... such as gene ontology groups or metabolic pathways ... such as co-regulation. Stay updated New methods in microarray analysis are frequently presented by the microarray community ... methods are developed. Molmine data servers also provide microarray annotation for most microarrays and ...

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Protégé Desktop 4.3

... An ontology describes the concepts and relationships that are important ... In this model, an ontology consists of ... Web Ontology Language ... An OWL ontology may include descriptions of classes, properties and their ... OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ...

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yEd 3.12.2

... Ready-to-use Diagram Elements yEd comes with an extensive palette of ... elements to get you started with your first diagrams, including ... people and computer network symbols ... let automatic layout algorithms do the heavy lifting for you ...

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