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a.Paper 2.1

... unique program that allows you to put animated themes, based on Flash animations, Java applets, Active ... components and HTML pages onto your Windows desktop. The software includes ... tool for creating your own animated themes as well. You can use the themes either ... simply do away with the dullness of your desktop or for various other purposes, such as to ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2008-01-16 downloaded 89 times 2.12MB

Paper Grid 2.00

... Design and print on paper grids of any size and style ... You can configure line style, width, color. The grid doesn ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2008-01-15 downloaded 59 times 1.39MB

Paper Planes 1

... Ever wanted to learn how to make paper planes? Now you can with this free game ... Ever wanted to learn how to make paper planes? Now you can with this free game ...

Games Play - Arcade 2010-05-03 downloaded 25 times 21.44MB

Paper Tracker 3.0

... copy for yourself without fear of loss. The electronic filing system uses your existing scanner and automatically appends ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2010-09-11 downloaded 84 times 50.17MB

Paper Ball 1.0

... Paper Ball is ... interesting shooting game for free. Play Paper Ball game, Overtime requests coming thick and fast ... paper ball. Hit as many bosses and employees as you ...

Games Play - Action / Shooter Games 2010-11-15 downloaded 40 times 0.96MB

Paper War 1.0

A Tower Defense game with a twist, scrath the baddies off the desktop using a pencil! Fight your way through twenty levels, and unlock many new towers and find different ways to use your lethal pencil. Stop the waves of critters from finding the exit. Build towers and use your pencil to scratch hover over the critters to damage them.As the game progresses you unlock new ways to use your pencil and new towers to build.

Games Play - Strategy 2010-12-11 downloaded 62 times 2.12MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPaper Killer 2016.7.6

... guide, create and manage documentation, reference manuals, HTMLHelp CHM or WinHelp HLP online help for your software. ... HTMLHelp CHM, WinHelp HLP, online help, personal CD ...

Coding Software - Help Authoring 2017-04-28 downloaded 200 times 3.79MB

Paper Valet 2.1.09

... Easily scan, categorize, and store your bills, statements, invoices, receipts, and other documents digitally on your Windows ... ME, NT, 2000, or XP PC using your TWAIN or WIA compatible scanner. ... Automates scanning by bypassing the TWAIN or WIA user interface. ... Documents are stored as multi-page TIFF or PDF files. ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2008-01-16 downloaded 56 times 4.96MB

Paper Race 1.0

... New challenge against Computer ####Paper Race is ... New challenge against Computer ####Paper Race is ...

Games Play - Simulation 2013-06-23 downloaded 27 times 0MB

Paper Folding 3D 1.20

... for folding. The user can design custom model texture by using the frame lines exported by the ... dimensional, view from any direction, multi-view origami guide program. When you use this program, no ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-01-19 downloaded 68 times 9.65MB

Paper 2 PDF 1.6

... want to use modern computers to store the paper hill on your desk in digital form ... PDF you can simply scan the documents and then save them with all the sheets ... file. Now you ever have access with the Acrobat Reader with ease. Now it is easy for ... you to give away or publish your documents in the Internet. This is easy, powerful and ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2009-06-19 downloaded 57 times 0.6MB

Paper Dash 1.0

... This just in... Paper Dash has finally hit the stands ... background music and sound effects This just in... Paper Dash has finally hit the stands ...

Games Play - Arcade 2013-06-10 downloaded 26 times 0MB

... Paper Shredder is an easy to use Privacy utility. An easy to use Privacy utility which ... delete internet cache, history, cookies, location bar address, clear recent documents, media clips ... empty recycle bin, delete temporary files, clear search history on Google Toolbar, block pop-up and pop-under ad ... Automatically delete temporary internet files when browser is closed. Friendly install interface and ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2006-12-06 downloaded 35 times 1.15MB

Calc/Tax/Paper 1.0

This versatile, easy to use app combines a calculator with an addition list to add up calculation results as desired.A row of an addition list is normally used as a price with tax details: Number of units, Net, Tax and Gross. At the bottom of the list are the grand total and the average of addition items.It's also easy to perform tax calculations without using the addition list.Using the calculator factor you can do many kind of conversions: currency, unit and other conversions.You can create many addition lists.An addition list can be sent per email.LITE version: Some limitations of features.- CALCULATOR -Features:- The main display that accepts inputs and displays the results.- The second display that shows the result from the main display, multiplied with a factor.- A third display shows the inputs while the main display shows the results.- A fourth display shows the calculated tax amount.- Factor used to multiply the number in the main display.- Tax calculations: 3 different tax rates (%).- Memory (SET/GET) function that stores and retrieves a value.- Easy to change display precision 0-9 digits.- The calculator always works with an internal precision of 15 digits (double precision).Note: The calculator doesn't use the preceding rules (MUL,DIV over PLUS,MINUS)- ADDITION LISTS -Features:- A row of an addition list is normally used as a price with tax details: Number of units, Net, Tax and Gross.- The number in the calculator's main display can be added to the addition list either as a net or as a gross price, using the current tax rate.- Editable: Description and number of units of an addition item.- At the bottom of the list are the grand total and the average of addition items.- Many addition lists can be created.- Management of addition lists: Add new, Copy, Rename, Remove.- An addition list can be sent per email. Calculator, tax calculations, addition lists.

Economics - Money Management 2013-06-17 downloaded 25 times 0MB

Rock Paper Scissors 1.5.2

... Rock, paper and scissors ... clenched fist), paper ... two extended fingers). Click the gesture you would like to play, ... shown. Rock defeats scissors, scissors defeats paper, and paper defeats rock. After the result is displayed, it ... in each round you need to select your gesture within the given time limit, as indicated by ...

Games Play - Play Online 2016-07-31 downloaded 28 times 0.64MB

Graph Paper Generator 091010

... Graph Paper Generator generates Cartesian ... Multilevel Cartesian, and Hexagonal graph paper. It has ... window that allows fast, interactive specification of the graph paper. The display updates in real-time as you ... in millimeters, and line thicknesses are specified in printer pixels. You can customise line color, thickness, style ... background color for the page. Multilevel Cartesian allows larger grouping cells to be subdivided by ...

Sys Utils - Printing Applications 2009-10-19 downloaded 48 times 0.2MB

Paper Wallet Generator 1.0

... Create and print paper wallets for the safe long-term storage of your Bitcoin, ... Litecoin, Bitcoin Reference line and Reference line coin. If you store your coins on ... be stolen from your computer. You can use Paper Wallets for ... new paper wallet. You can then print the paper wallet. You can create ... needed to spend the coins. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and also the Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Reference ...

Economics - Stocks & Trading 2018-06-12 downloaded 7 times 2.73MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPaper Peel Banner Ad 1.0

... -- Smooth and nice paper peel banner ad block. -- All layers and ...

Web Design - Web Design & Other Tools 2008-10-06 downloaded 66 times 0.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPaper Icon Library 1.71

... Paper Icon Library contains images of various kinds of documents ... multimedia file, video document, binary file, sound file etc. ... copy, paste, preview, search, refresh, edit, export text etc. ... The collection includes nearly 100 images, with each image presented ... Icon Empire announces the release of Paper Icon Library, ...

Desktop Tuning - Icons Packs 2015-03-23 downloaded 132 times 8.18MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardThe Paper Money Collector! V8

... includes the Paper Money Collector, this template and is designed to be ... the only collecting software program you will ever need to catalog ... and collect any type of Paper Money. K8 ... and customize to exactly fit your style of collecting. With K8 ... splash screen image, create, customize, export and import collecting templates. K8 ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2008-01-19 downloaded 116 times 0.01MB

Paper Christmas Tree 1.0

... to decorate your house and not forgetting your desktop also. Paper Christmas Tree on your desktop keeps ... the Christmas spirit alive even when you are working. Simply ... as the On Top or type of the animation. Paper Christmas Tree can be set to start ... option. Does not appear to affect PC performance. Paper Christmas Tree for Desktop is ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2014-12-10 downloaded 118 times 0.41MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardThe Book Magazine and Paper! V8

... includes the Book Magazine and Paper Collector, this template and is designed to be ... to catalog and collect any type of Book Magazine and Paper Collector. K8 ... and Insulators-Beanie and Plush Toys-Beer Can and Breweriana-Business Inventory-Books-Paper-Cameras-Coins-Comic Books-Civil War Relics-Die Cast Car-Doll and Figurines-Elvis Collectibles-Fishing ... s-Knives-Knife, Sword and Daggers-Lighters and Lighter Cases-Magazine`s-Map and Document ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2008-01-23 downloaded 88 times 0.01MB

Screen Tracing Paper 1.0

... Screen Tracing Paper overlays ... over your PC desktop so that you may trace diagrams and designs, giving you measurement capability in ... working with blueprints and plans who need to measure irregular distances. Engineers and Designers can see the ... exact measurements of each shape that is traced so that position, area and circumference can be ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2008-01-25 downloaded 53 times 3.6MB

DownloadRoute cool award

... Guide for write research paper.Guide for write research paper. ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2008-01-22 downloaded 109 times 0.06MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPaper Label Maker 1.10

... professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, ... software and product labels. Main advantages are ... tolerance of printed content on labels is within 0.1 to 0.5 mm for the ... most of recent printers, so labels can be printed at exact positions as you ...

Coding Software - Other 2008-01-18 downloaded 113 times 3.06MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPaper/Picture 2 DXF 3.0

... Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files for ... editing in your CAD application. Scan ... time and money if you need to import paper drawings into your CAD application. ...

Graphics & Design - Converting Picture Formats 2015-10-10 downloaded 80 times 0.6MB

Replacement of Wall-paper 3.0

... one of the best wallpaper manager for Windows. ROW is intended for management of desktop wallpapers. ... work with it many times more conveniently and fastly!! Features of the program ...

Desktop Tuning - Wallpapers & Backgrounds 2008-01-18 downloaded 81 times 0.72MB

DownloadRoute cool awardGraph Paper Maker 3.0.1

... Create your own custom sheets of graph paper. You have complete control over the graph characteristics. ... axis can independently be set for linear or log scale. Selection from ... dozen standard paper sizes, or custom create your own. Graphs saved ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2018-11-26 downloaded 99 times 1.4MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPDF Paper Stats 1.02

... PDF Paper Stats is ... version of Acrobat which is used to generate statistics on page size usage in your pdf ...

Sys Utils - PDF Software 2008-01-19 downloaded 43 times 1.69MB

Dinamalar - Tamil News Paper 1.0

... .First Tamil Newspaper to launch Windows ... publication portal from India, is the first Tamil Newspaper to launch Windows ... dedicated team.Dinamalar Windows ... app gives you latest news from Tamil Nadu, India, World ... important districts news, Cinema news, reviews, sports news ...

My Hobby & Education - Maps & Weather 2013-06-07 downloaded 22 times 0MB

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